Sunday, 29 December 2013

Trouble In Paradise

Synastry is one of my favourite areas of astrological analysis. I love comparing one person's chart with the chart of another and discovering the connections they have between them. However, there are other astrological tools you can use to analyse relationships. The Composite Chart, the Davison Chart and even Draconic Charts are extremely useful. Not to mention the First Meeting Chart - although a lot of people can't remember exactly when they first met their partner, so this isn't used that often. However, for couples who have tied the knot, the Marriage Chart is an added bonus for relationship analysis. Recently, I've been studying a couple who have been married for nearly 14 years. They have three children, a large house and are financially 'comfortable'. On the surface, they appear to be blissfully happy. The ideal couple. But their Marriage Chart tells a different story!
In the marriage chart there are four planets - plus the North Node - all in the sign of Gemini. Two of these planets are Mercury and Venus and they're in conjunction. Gemini is a flirty, friendly sign but it's not deep and meaningful. It's superficial and tw0-faced. Mercury and Venus are very sociable but, again, they too, are insincere and project a surface image of cheerfulness. This is exactly what this couple are doing - to the outside world everything looks happy and perfect, but in private things are much more serious. There is a dark side to this marriage.
Alongside the happy-go-lucky Mercury Venus in Gemini is another conjunction - Mars conjunct Saturn. Not only that - it's opposed by Pluto. I'm not a doom and gloom merchant but this makes my hair stand on end. If this couple had asked me for an auspicious wedding date, I would definitely not have chosen this one as there are too many 'dodgy' astrological influences. Mars conjunct Saturn both opposite Pluto is a heavy duty influence. No wonder these two people display their Mercury Venus side. If people knew what was really going on with this couple they'd be totally shocked. This planetary configuration reveals a very controlling relationship. There's passion for sure, but as most people know, strong passion is often intertwined with jealousy and irrational thoughts. I see control, manipulation and suppressed anger. Someone in this marriage is seeking to dominate the other. They want power over their partner. On the surface, this couple look like equal partners in a modern relationship but behind closed doors there lies the potential for a major emotional explosion. 
The  Marriage Chart Sun in Taurus is solid, steady and stubborn. This couple will stay together until something really drastic takes place and almost literally blows them apart. They'll cling on no matter what until they reach the point of no return. But the point of no return could be just around the corner. During this year - and continuing until summer 2015 - Solar Arc Uranus is in an exact square to the Marriage Chart Venus. The planet of peace, love, and harmony is being challenged by the planet of chaos, shock and sudden, unexpected events. When Uranus makes a hard aspect to Venus it destabilises it and throws it off-balance. In other words: even if this couple had a perfect marriage - which I'm sure they don't -  it's about to be thrown into turmoil. Rocked on its axis. When a marriage begins to show signs of strain, the couple concerned tend not to discuss it with anyone until it's pretty far gone. Unfortunately, I'm not close to this particular couple, so I'm not in a position to follow the their relationship. However, I am close enough to know if they have separated or not. This is going to be very interesting.


  1. How does a marriage chart differ from other relationship charts? I'm still learning astrology and haven't come across this yet.

  2. Hi, Jess,
    The Marriage Chart is basically just another chart which shows the relationship connections between a couple from a different perspective. When you get married, the marriage itself has a 'birth' chart - the time, date and place of the wedding. Being married to each other has a strong influence on your existing relationship and this is reflected in the Marriage Chart. Sometimes couples have a fantastic relationship until they get married - then it all goes downhill. This is often due to the marriage being astrologically 'incompatible' with the married couple.

  3. Hi. This is my first visit to your blog. I'm not a One Direction fan but I am an astrology fan so I was thrilled to find some hidden gems amongst the 1D horoscopes. This one is very interesting! I hope I'm not being rude but have you considered the passion, control and domination could be connected to this couple's sex life? Maybe they are into S&M?

    1. Yes, that thought did cross my mind. I've lost track of that particular couple now, so I don't know if they're still together or not. But, who knows what goes on behind closed doors.....