Thursday, 7 May 2015

Aneurin Barnard - Part Three


Saturn in the Solar Arc chart is in a positive trine aspect to both the Sun and Mercury in Aneurin's natal chart for the next two years. This period of time will bring opportunities to advance in his career, but he’ll need to work hard and stay focused on his goals. His responsible attitude and appreciation for discipline and organization in his work will help him to gain more experience. It's highly likely that Aneurin will be recognized for his mature and professional attitude. This planetary influence will bring mental clarity and stability bringing greater confidence in his abilities. He'll be logical, accurate and precise when performing. Advice from someone older will help him to gain insight, knowledge, and to perfect his skills.

The South Node in Aneurin's Solar Arc chart will be conjunct his natal Pluto during 2015/2016. He will experience new strength in confronting and overcoming limitations. He will be able to come to terms with difficult situations once and for all. The next two years could be a time of reckoning with deep and powerful psychological issues. On the domestic front, there could be transformations or some kind of reorganization taking place within the home or family. Circumstances might be fairly chaotic. The ending of some significant issue is likely under this planetary influence.                       

Solar Arc Chiron in an opposition aspect to Aneurin's natal Sun may bring circumstances that bring self-doubt and make him question his own thoughts and feelings. Chiron symbolises courage and bravery. During this period, he may have to face some painful issues especially in connection to his father, or another, possibly older, male. Feeling insecure may be a problem and he may also need to deal with his own wounded pride. This planetary influence could bring people into his life who are very willing to offer him advice. But he'll have to be careful about who and what he trusts. Under this planetary aspect, Aneurin might encounter those who doubt his character, making him feel as if he's being forced into a situation where he has to prove himself. This could be either professionally or a personal level. He will have to stand up for himself by not taking the bait, just being who he is and preserving his self-respect. 

In the Annual Degree Projection chart, the Sun is in an opposition aspect to Aneurin's natal Jupiter for the next 12 months. With this planetary combination, he could overdo things, spending too much energy and enthusiasm on projects that are not worth the effort. This aspect brings a tendency to waste opportunities, time, or resources. As long as Aneurin doesn't get carried away and over-reach himself, he might find that he receives a much-needed ego boost. It's possible that he might consider plans for a significant journey under the influence of this planetary aspect. The Sun is also in conjunction with his natal South Node which may indicate that major circumstances or obstacles could occur, making progress difficult, and Aneurin is likely to be thwarted in some way by the actions of other people.  

Projected Mars is in an opposition aspect to Aneurin's natal Sun and Mercury from now until May 2016. This planetary influence will bring either a time of triumph or defeat. He may feel a sense of competitiveness, as if he should be doing something but he won't know exactly what that is. The result of this frustration could mean conflicts, arguments and impulsive behaviour. There is a danger of getting into arguments at home or at work with this aspect. He should careful while driving, as this planetary aspect can trigger a tendency to speed or become involved in a road rage incident. The Mars Mercury combination is high-risk and confrontational.

Annual Degree Projection Pluto is in a square aspect to Neptune in Aneurin's natal chart until May 2016. This planetary influence will have a strong effect on the subtle areas of his life. His sensitivity may intensify and he might attract extreme situations. Upheaval can sometimes occur - although more on an internal level, but external circumstances could provide the trigger. This may include coming to terms with personal fears, as this aspect can reveal vulnerabilities. He may have to face a few misconceptions as well as finding the root of some particular anxieties. Doubts might become stronger during the next 12 months, and he may struggle to fight his way through a mass of contradictions. He will have to contend with people who might attempt to coerce him in some way. Generally, this planetary effect will bring contemplation rather than action, but Aneurin may be forced to reflect on major questions that could significantly reshape the way he thinks. A very eventful year lies ahead.                 


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  2. Claire Maxwell8 May 2015 at 18:23

    It seems as if Aneurin will have some tough times coming up. Really interesting horoscope.

  3. Some deeply psychological stuff in these predictions. I love how your horoscopes go beneath the surface and unlike fake astrologers you don't just state the obvious.

  4. Do you think Aneurin Barnard success as an actor will increase?

  5. I can't say for sure because I don't know his time of birth, so the chart isn't as detailed as it should be. However, from the information I've got, I can see that four years from now, in 2019, Aneurin will receive a major boost to his confidence and optimism when Solar Arc Jupiter forms a conjunction to the Sun in his birth chart. This influence indicates the beginning of a new project which will bring major success and recognition.
    Aneurin is a multi-talented actor and singer, but his chart shows that he would also be a brilliant writer. So, lots of potential for future success.