Thursday, 26 July 2018

One Direction - Reunion?

At the beginning of this week, on One Direction's 8th Anniversary, something very peculiar happened online. An advert sent fans into a frenzy after a comeback show at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium scheduled for December 31, 2020, appeared on the website – before the listing was quickly removed. Around the same time, unreleased songs appeared on Spotify. 

Both these events have now fuelled speculation that a One Direction Reunion is on the cards. Although the announcement on Ticketmaster has been dismissed as an error, it does make sense that the guys would want to celebrate what will be their 10th Anniversary year with a temporary get together in 2020

I decided to take a glimpse into the future to find astrological clues. What I've found is very intriguing and there is a lot to write. So, starting with the current planetary influences for this year which are the precursor to what's coming in 2019 and 2020, here is Part One of my analysis.

Transiting Pluto conjunct the One Direction natal Ascendant - which was the astrological catalyst for the Hiatus - will remain a powerful influence until January 2019. After that date, Pluto will begin to move away from the Ascendant and the pressure will start to ease. Could this trigger the desire to get back together again?

During 2018, transiting Saturn is in a square aspect to the 1D Jupiter. This planetary influence has a restricting effect, particularly in business and finance. Could money problems drive 1D into a reunion?

Also during 2018, transiting Saturn is in conjunction to Pluto in the One Direction natal chart. This planetary combination brings significant changes and the inevitable conclusion of a situation. During this year some things will come to an end. Will this mean the finish of their solo careers and a return to the band?

Transiting Jupiter will be conjunct the 1D natal Midheaven throughout 2018. This will bring confidence, career success and the need to influence others. However, the negative side of this planetary effect could bring disillusionment if they don't get the recognition that they feel they deserve in their present circumstances. So could that lead to reforming the band?

At the end of May 2018, transiting Uranus began to form a square aspect to the 1D natal Sun. This planetary influence will continue until April 2019 and will bring sudden, unexpected events that will test the guys' ability to withstand change and to stay on the path they have chosen. Some out-of-the-blue incident could occur which will force them to re-evaluate their current situation. 

All of the above planetary influences will be over by this time next year. Then, there will be some interesting developments in 2019.


  1. Some members need to sort out problems between them. Otherwise no one is coming back. Or they come back as a trio at best. Did you see Louis is a judge on the X factor this year? He’s doing so well. He’s so empathetic, lovely, gives amazing well contradicted advice. Once it airs, he’ll be Britain’s sweetheart. He’s really lovely.

    1. Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing Louis as an X-Factor judge.

  2. Personally, I think this is just a computer glitch which has been hijacked by some fans and turned into something it's not. The biggest clue to it being phoney is the name of the tour. "On The Road Again". Why would a new tour be given the name of an old tour?

    I'm not saying they won't reunite because as you say, the 10th anniversary would be the ideal excuse for a come back, and many bands have done that before. However, I don't think anyone would know about a come back yet when it's actually 2 years into the future.

    1. I agree. The OTRA title is proof that this is not new. But I'm not entirely convinced that their 10th anniversary will pass without some sort of celebratory performance.

  3. I also think it’s a computer glitch or it’s for a tour for another 1D memeber. I remember during 2016-2017 there were mumblings and even 1D tours on ticketmaster but it actually ended up being for Harry’s Live On Tour shows.

    If anything, 1D will comemorate their 10th anniversary maybe in the way that NSYNC did it in a 1 time performance / medley and close the chapter for good.

    Harry finished his first solo era and still has 2 more albums under his contract.. Who knows if he doesn’t have more acting gigs lined up? Harry for the time being doesn’t seem so keen to reunite. While he hasn’t had that JT moment where his solo start is so big and has crossed over that he has eclipsed his band, he still did very well as a solo artist.

    Niall will finish his tour in September take a bit of a break and go back to write his 2nd album. Niall has also been doing really well solo wise. He has exceeded the expectations that people had of him and is widening his fanbase.

    Liam will release his album on September 14th 2018 (if things are still on track) he also will likely want to tour this album which would mean in 2019.

    Finally, there is Louis who has yet to give out a release date for his album and is now an X-Factor judge... This should be going all the way until December 2018.. In the meantime he might release his album but he will have to promote and probably tour the album in 2019.

    The boys will definitely at some point have to come clean about the tensions that were within the band. Especially between Louis & Harry. Lilo recently reconnected and that means in 2016-2017 there may have been some issues between the two. Liam has been spilling some tea here and there... Louis as well has shared some insights. The boys will have to have a proper sit down and hash things out. Look at McBusted/McFly. Even if they are on hiatus and are doing their own thing, they hangout and publicly support each other. The 1D boys keep on saying that they are friends and talk but I feel that there is still some lies and it’s their media training to keep things ok and keep their fanbase as much as they can since they are supporting their solo endeavours thsinking that the boys will comeback and all is good.

  4. Hi Sue. I was just re-reading this post and noticed something intriguing. You said that an out-of-the-blue incident happening before April 2019 could force them to re-evaluate their situation. Louis' sister Felicite died suddenly in March 2019. Could this bring the boys closer again and make them want a reunion?

    1. Anything's possible, but we don't know how close the boys are or if the even still talk to each other. We also don't know what they might have discussed in connection to a reunion. We'll have to wait until 2020 to find out....