Friday, 26 October 2018

The Strictly Curse - Part 1

Ever since the BBC talent show 'Strictly Come Dancing' began 14 years ago, there have been many rumours - and confirmations - of affairs taking place between the professional dancers and their celebrity partners, and also of relationships ending.  Occurring 11 times over 15 series - that's 73% so definitely not within the law of averages - this phenomenon has become known as 'The Strictly Curse'. But do curses exist and if so, can we see a 'curse' in the astrological chart? Astrological charts contain positive and negative energies. When these are triggered by other planets - transits, progressions, or the planets from another person's chart - positive or negative experiences tend to occur. If we define the word curse as the manifestation of negative energy, then it should be possible to find that influence in an astrological chart. 

Strictly Come Dancing first started on 15th May 2004 in London, England. Although I actually watched the very first show all those years ago, I cannot recall what time it began and I've been unable to find that particular piece of information. However, I do know that it was broadcast at primetime on a Saturday evening, so that means it began sometime between 6pm and 9pm. This narrows down the potential rising sign to either Libra or Scorpio and pinpoints the Moon's position as 16° - 17° Aries. In the chart below, I've split the difference and gone for a 7:30pm starting time. (Your comments on this would be very much appreciated)

The Sun was in Taurus, the sign of music and talent, so perfect for a dance contest. However, Taurus is also the sign of earthy sensuality and earth religions such as witchcraft. The Strictly Sun is in a conjunction to the fixed star Capulus, a combination which brings endurance, determination, and an ability to focus energy. Definitely qualities that are required by the dancers! The Capulus influence also brings the ability to achieve a prominent position in any field of expertise, and indicates success in dealing with the public. So, no prizes for guessing why Strictly Come Dancing has been so popular for the last 14 years!

With both the Moon and Mercury in Aries - and Mercury in a sextile aspect to Venus - it was obvious that the show would be an immediate hit with the viewers. But Mercury is also in a square to Chiron which represents teaching - a vital part of the show - and also symbolises 'forbidden love'. Could this hint at the numerous affairs taking place within the show?

Venus in an opposition aspect to Pluto in the Strictly chart indicates the discovery of hidden talents - which is what this show was designed for - but also upheavals in love, emotional intensity and sexual desire. Of course, Venus also rules music and dancing, and combined with Pluto the whole concept becomes much deeper and more complex with hidden undercurrents of unrequited lust.

Strictly Come Dancing - 'natal' chart
In the Strictly Come Dancing chart Mars is in conjunction with Saturn. This planetary combination really puts the STRICT into STRICTLY! Participating in this show is something of an endurance test, and you really feel the need to prove yourself. There's physical suffering - mostly due to exhaustion and unaccustomed exercise - as well as the risk of potential injury. This show is extremely hard work. Discipline, perseverance, and a strong survival instinct are required to stave off the frustration felt by many of the contestants - and possibly the pro-dancers too. Mars in aspect to Saturn gives strong determination and sustained effort in the pursuit of goals. The creative energy of Mars is positively influenced by Saturn’s strong work ethic. Because this aspect is very authoritative, being judged, standing under a spotlight, and listening to that 'boom, boom, boom' music of the potential dance-off, are all symbolised by this planetary influence.

Mars in a trine aspect to Uranus shows the high physical energy required by both the contestants and professional dancers. This planetary combination indicates an exciting, adventurous experience with the unexpected opportunity for overnight success. This is very true for many of the celebrities who take part in Strictly. Although they are already famous for their own brand of entertainment, they often go on to achieve so much more after the contest has ended. Strictly is a high-octane show whose mass popularity propels even mediocre celebrities into media superstars.

Pluto in an opposition aspect to Lilith is a really big indicator of what could symbolise the 'Strictly Curse'. Pluto represents transformation and within the context of Strictly Come Dancing we see this being manifested as celebrity contestants who have never danced before emerging as confident performers. Many of the female contestants describe the whole experience as a process of liberation, allowing them to freely express their sexuality (symbolised by Lilith) in a positive way. Primitive instincts which are normally suppressed because they are socially undesirable can be released 'safely' through dance. However, when spilling over into real life, they can result in negative behaviour such as compulsions, obsessions, jealousy or secret affairs.

The 'Strictly Curse' has been evident throughout the history of the show, but 'Strictly Come Dancing 2018' has been the most controversial ever - because this time we have video evidence of the 'curse' in action.

More in Part 2....


  1. Oh wow!! Can't wait for part 2!!

  2. Absolutely fascinating.

  3. This is so interesting, Sue.

    Both of the possible rising signs seem realistic: Libra for the gracefulness of dancing, the costumes, make-up, and it's the sign of partnerships too, of course. But Scorpio appears to chime as well: big money (the reason they're really doing it), emotional intensity, and the curse.

    1. Thanks, Sam. Exactly what I thought - both of those signs seem very relevant. I guess if a very late degree of Libra was on the Ascendant, then much of sector one would be under the influence of Scorpio. That would make sense, don't you think?

    2. It does make sense.

  4. Doesn't Mars conjunct Saturn mean 'physical hardship'? They really do suffer in this show.

  5. I know many people mock the Strictly Curse but there is obviously something strange going on. Other talent/reality shows don't have these relationship scandals happening so frequently. Thanks for the analysis, Sue.

  6. It's not just the dancers and celebs who have been struck by the curse. What about Tess Daley? Her husband has had at least 2 affairs.

  7. Looks like the 'curse' is biting back since Seann was booted out last weekend. Apparently, at least 3 dancers have been injured during rehearsals this week.