Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Louis Tomlinson - Update 2019

At the end of January 2019 transiting Jupiter began a conjunction to Louis' natal Mars. Lasting until October 2019, this will bring him enormous potential. Opportunities for success will be abundant during the next few months but his main challenge will be overcoming a lack of patience and not over-reacting. 

With transiting Neptune in a square aspect to his natal Mars until February 2021, Louis may go through periods of intense discouragement, becoming disillusioned about his career path and confused about his direction in life. Louis' Solar Arc Sun changed signs recently and when this happens it indicates a change in lifestyle, outlook and attitude. This is a very long-term influence, so therefore, this transformation will unfold over many years into the future. 

The Solar Arc Moon is in conjunction to Louis' natal Jupiter and trine Uranus and Neptune until 2020. Under this planetary influence he is likely to feel more optimistic and will want to be surrounded by people he can trust. He'll probably be in the mood for adventure or excitement during the next few months and this period could bring some pleasant surprises - including the reappearance of an old friend. However, because of the unexpected events which are likely to occur, it means that things might not go as expected. Although Louis may feel like escaping his normal daily routine for a while and because he is very creative, this could mean taking time out in order to put his imagination to good use. 

With his Solar Arc Mercury in conjunction to his natal North Node from now until 2021, there will be an emphasis on transport and communication. Important travel plans will be made. There could also be issues surrounding official agreements, discussions and negotiations. This planetary influence can sometimes signify events connected to young people and children; so could this all be something to do with his younger siblings, or perhaps Freddie? 

Louis' Solar Arc Mars will be in conjunction to his natal Neptune until 2020. Under this planetary influence, Louis' confidence may be low and he could easily feel disappointed or discouraged. His physical vitality will also suffer and a lack of energy could make him feel lethargic. It might be more difficult to express himself to other people or he could be on the receiving end of someone else's deception. This will not the best time to initiate a new business project.

With his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his natal Mars until 2021, Louis will be driven by ambition and a desire for power, wealth and success which may lead to conflicts with other people. His ego will be stronger under this planetary influence, giving him a need to prove himself, but he could become involved in a few battles or confrontations. Other people's opinions could put him in the mood to fight and he might have to deal with intense anger - either his own or from someone else.

With his Progressed Ascendant opposite his natal Sun until 2021 Louis will have more interactions with other people or be involved in negotiations or signing contracts. He could also initiate a new partnership or revamp an existing one. He might be asked to advise other people or to seek advice for himself. 

There is an extremely important and major planetary influence coming up for Louis in a couple of years when transiting Pluto conjuncts his Natal Midheaven from February 2021 until the end of 2023. This will bring an exceptionally transformative period in his professional life and public image when the issue of how he handles power will be severely challenged. It may come about through an intense need for greater influence in his work that will lead him to take on an enormous project that he would never have attempted before. On the other hand, he may become involved with someone in a very powerful position who could make him feel overwhelmed or threatened in some way. Ruthless behaviour is a common trait with this planetary combination and Louis will find it hard to compromise. 

Transiting Pluto conjunct the natal Midheaven could also bring a profound change in Louis' career path, perhaps due to his own actions or forces beyond his control. Being fired or severing a contract is a distinct possibility. His passion, determination and willpower could become very hard to handle and self-control will be needed in order to preserve the positive situation he currently enjoys as a much-loved performer. Whatever happens, Louis will be breaking with the past and dramatically altering the direction of his life. 


  1. Thanks Sue!! :)

  2. I've been looking forward to this. Not disappointed x

  3. Thank you so much Sue.

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  5. Hello sue,, re “Transiting Pluto conjunct the natal Midheaven“ do u have an exact date to when will this happen?

    1. Hi, Dora,

      The Pluto transit to Louis' natal Midheaven will last in total from February 2021 to the end of 2023. This is because the major transiting planets move very slowly and therefore their influence has a stronger effect when approaching a point or planet in someone's natal chart.

      The effect of a major transiting planet like Pluto will be felt for quite a while before it actually makes contact with Louis' Midheaven and because of retrograde motion it will cross back and forth over his Midheaven several times.

      However, there are actually SIX dates when Pluto will be exactly conjunct Louis' Midheaven:

      9 March 2021

      19 June 2021

      9/10 January 2022

      18 & 19 September 2022

      29 October 2022

      Each 'hit' will intensify the influence, with the final hit on 29th October 2022 being the strongest. After that date the energy will gradually fade away towards the end of 2023.

  6. hi sue i know its been awhile but i wanted to ask, ive been reading louis chart and saw Uranus (& a few other planets) was transiting into his 12th house early next year when i looked it up it said that its about "secrets" being revealed and then him dealing with it as the year goes on - did you see anything about this in your reading of him and if you did can you see what kind of secrets they might be ?

  7. Uranus has been in Louis' 12th house for a few years and will be there for a few years yet. The transiting Venus will enter his 12th house on 15th April 2021, followed by the Sun and Mercury on 20th April.

    However, the most important one is transiting Mars which will enter Louis' 12th house on 7th January 2021, staying until 5th March and then conjuncting his Ascendant before transiting his 1st house until 24th April.

    Basically, from January to April 2021, he may experience health issues - possibly insomnia. He will prefer to be out of the spotlight during this period and take advantage of an increase in creativity. His imagination will be overactive and he may have vivid dreams.

    After that, his energy levels will surge and he'll be keen to make new beginnings. However, he could be impulsive and possibly accident-prone when Mars moves into his 1st house.

    It's true that he may have secrets exposed while Uranus is transiting his 12th house but it won't necessarily happen in 2021.

    1. oh okay that makes sense, it seems like next year is gonna be alot for him - this year he was supposed to tour and had to cancel so ive been wondering how he handles next year career / tour wise, his baby mother and her family have been a mess publicly too lately so it seems like he has alot going on in public and in private and i was wondering if things get better for him but i guess not atleast not anytime soon

    2. It's important to remember that, although planets transiting through houses are part of the analysis, the aspects they make to planets in the personal chart are far more relevant.

      So, for example, while transiting Uranus passes through Louis' 12th house it will form aspects to all of his natal planets. The triggering of personal planets activates the houses that the planets (including the transiting planet) are in.

      It's also worth noting that although Uranus transiting his 12th house is a once in a lifetime event, the Sun, Mercury and Venus do it every year, and Mars does it every two years.

      However, there's an unusually long Mars transit through Aries starting at the end of this month which doesn't end until the second week of January. This is far more likely to make an impact on Louis by forming hard aspects to his natal Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Nodes and MC. Particularly Mars square his MC (Midheaven) fom late August, all through September until late October. Then moving away before coming back for the final hit at the end of December.

      At the same time as all the Mar action, transiting Saturn will be conjunct Louis' natal Midheaven from the end of July to the first week in December. So, forget 2021, the next six months are the ones to watch.

    3. wow thats actually really interesting with everything going on right now, thank you so much sue you are amazing !

    4. You're welcome ;-) Let me know what happens.