Thursday, 2 February 2017

President Trump - Update

I've already published a few articles in the blog about Donald Trump, and during the next few months, I intend to write several more. This is an update article, so please also read again President Trump - The First Year. 

Transiting Uranus will form a trine aspect to President Trump's natal Moon in February 2017. During this time he’ll feel more comfortable with himself in his new role and will work on improving his relationships and communication. Making long-term plans and bringing an end to old situations will be uppermost in his mind. In March 2017, transiting Uranus will be in a sextile aspect to the President's natal Sun. Under this planetary influence, he'll want to break new ground in various projects and will be very original in his thinking - although other people may not quite understand, or agree with, his vision of the future.Transiting Uranus will be in a square aspect to President Trump's natal Venus from 8th April to 9th May 2017 - repeating in November 2017, and making it's final contact in February 2018 - bringing emotional shocks and upsets. His close relationships may require greater flexibility. 

In August 2017 his Solar Arc Uranus will be in conjunction to his natal Mars, though it’s not exact until 2018. This will bring an extremely unpredictable and volatile period during which he will experience intense restlessness. He will have a great need to break free of situations that have limited his actions, and his reactions will be sudden, passionate and often filled with anger. It's possible that he might make a sudden break from a restrictive situation. Unexpected circumstances may arise that will force him to act quickly. Patience will not be his strongest trait during this time, so he should take great care when making changes, as he could overreact to minor frustrations and act on impulse.

The Solar Eclipse on 21st August 2017 at 28° Leo will be conjunct President Trump's natal Mars and Ascendant bringing a significant shake up to his image. He will experience lot of anger - either towards others or from them. He will also be argumentative, accident-prone and overly stressed. Eclipses can reveal what has been hidden, so will there be secrets coming out in connection to the President himself? When a Solar Eclipse conjuncts the Ascendant, there tends to be an increase in self-awareness during the following 12 months, so he may experience a new way of connecting to the world, or he might enter a different phase of existence. In conjunction to his natal Mars, there will be a growing need to get fully motivated and for new ways of doing things.