Wednesday, 16 November 2016

President Trump - The First Year

Donald Trump’s first year as president will be erratic. With his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his natal Jupiter (exact in December 2016) and tr Pluto square his natal Jupiter in January 2017, then again from July to early September, and finally during November 2017, his confidence will soar. He'll make several more outlandish promises which will possibly create a significant backlash, legal problems and conflict with authority.

However, with transiting Saturn in opposition to his natal Uranus at the end of November 2016, and then conjunct his natal Moon and in opposition his natal Sun from the end of December 2016 until late January 2017, a severe reality check could shake him up when the responsibilities he’s acquired will suddenly dawn on him. These negative planetary influences will return from July to October 2017 when his public image will take a nosedive. In turn, this will impact unfavourably upon his personal life.

There's a very interesting planetary influence coming up for President Trump when his Progressed Moon enters the 12th sector of his natal chart in April 2017. This planetary influence will last until June 2019 and will bring a period of endings, emotional confusion, escapist tendencies, and a longing for solitude. Being in the spotlight continually will begin to be a problem for him. I experienced this personally when my own Progressed Moon entered sector 12 in February 2013. I actually wrote an article about it for the blog last year just as it was coming to an end. Here's the link:

For everyone who goes through this, it is a very tough time, and for me, it began with two very personal and stressful events. After that, I was plunged into a state of depression. I would definitely not have wanted to be in the spotlight or in a position of great responsibility during that period in my life. It will be interesting to see what happens to Mr Trump. Having said that, he is very adept at putting on a positive face, so, in public, it may seem like business as usual.

Starting in 2017, and continuing for two years, President Trump's Solar Arc Moon will be in an opposition aspect to his natal Ascendant. This planetary influence may bring adverse publicity and a possible loss of popularity. He could experience an increased need for security during this period, and there will strong links with women. There will also be a powerful feeling of deja vu - maybe another encounter with Hillary?

In May and October 2017 and then again in March 2018 transiting Uranus will be in a trine aspect to Mr Trump's natal Mars. This planetary influence will bring the inclination to make snap decisions, and he will have to try to channel his impulsive urges.  However, this is a positive aspect which could bring favourable results.  He will be more courageous when facing new challenges and have great confidence in his abilities.

In January, February and March 2018 Mr Trump's Progressed Moon will be conjunct his natal Pluto - and at the same time his Solar Arc Uranus will be conjunct his natal Mars. Intense but buried feelings could emerge under this planetary influence which could result in extreme reactions. A few secrets may be revealed. This will be a very feisty and potentially explosive period. Certain people or events may trigger fundamental changes in his life and he will either become much more - or much less - popular. 

Monday, 14 November 2016

President-elect Donald Trump

We're all still reeling from the shock that Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States on 20th January 2017. I know of only ONE astrologer who correctly predicted that Trump would win this election. The rest of us studied the charts and although the indications were roughly 50/50 it seemed to point slightly more towards Hillary Clinton. Even that  famous publication The Astrological Journal had a headline on the front cover a few weeks ago entitled: Why Hillary Clinton Is About To Become America's Next President. For the past few days I've seen many astrologers posting apologies on their websites for 'getting it wrong', and I feel I must add my own apology too. 

During the next few weeks, I will attempt to discover what the future holds for the USA, and for Donald Trump. I'll also take a look at the chart of Mike Pence who is now (probably) destined to become the new Vice President. However, the question remains: How did everyone - astrologers, political experts, the media - get this election result so wrong? Could it be that when Trump announced the election was rigged, it actually was - possibly in his favour? Should there be an inquiry? Should America overhaul its voting system? 

It's important to get this situation in perspective. As I said in a previous article Donald Trump is a performer and he loves being in the spotlight. During his election campaign he spouted a lot of controversial things and soon realised that this brought him the attention he so clearly craves. So, he continued being controversial and attracted the kind of individuals who really do believe those things. If these really are Trump's opinions, then there will be trouble from the people who didn't vote for him. But if, as some commentators are suggesting, this was just 'campaign rhetoric', then his supporters will turn against him. 

It's a well known fact that politicians are not straightforward or completely honest. They target a certain group in society and tell them what they want to hear. This is the way they increase their own popularity and garner votes. However, once they have achieved the power they desire, those pre-election promises tend to evaporate. This is very likely to be the case with President Trump. Not only is much of what he said probably just a bluff, he will not actually be allowed to implement many of his dubious policies.

More soon.....

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Candice Brown

Candice Brown, winner of The Great British Bake Off 2016, was born on Friday, 21st December 1984 in London, England. No birth time available. Intriguingly, she is only four days older than last year's winner, Nadiya Hussain who was born on 25th December 1984.

As there's no birth time for Candice, it's not possible to know whether the Sun was in Sagittarius or Capricorn on the day she was born as the Sun changed signs on that date. If she was born before 4:30pm she'll be a Sagittarian, after 4:30pm a Capricorn. However, it is safe to say that her natal Sun was conjunct a World Point - along with her natal Neptune - so she was destined to be famous. With the Sun conjunct Neptune in her natal chart, she is sensitive and highly emotional, and possibly also lacks self-belief and confidence which is usually the case with this planetary combination. The Sun is in a sextile aspect to Mars which will give her enormous vitality, physical fitness, and the ability to channel her energy in a very constructive way. 

Without a birth time it's not possible to calculate the exact degree of the Moon, but I do know that it's in the sign of Sagittarius. This shows that Candice has a strong emotional attachment to moral values which were instilled in her during childhood. She has high ideals and is very optimistic. The Moon in this sign brings restlessness and the urge to travel. I have a feeling that, in the future, she will live in more than one country. With excellent intuition, she has the ability to tune in to future trends and gauge public opinion. She should trust her instincts.

Natal Mercury in Sagittarius indicates that Candice has a finely tuned, philosophical outlook. She has very powerful, almost visionary, insight. Mercury is in a sextile aspect to Venus in her natal chart giving her an elegant way with words and a wonderful sense of humour. She is very charming and sociable. Natal Mercury in conjunction with Uranus shows great intellect and originality. Candice may sometimes feel misunderstood but, make no mistake - this young woman is very clever.

With her natal Venus in the sign of Aquarius, Candice needs personal freedom and will resist being tied down by anything or anyone. She has many friends and people are drawn to her sparkling personality and sense of fun. Venus in a sextile aspect to Uranus shows tremendous creative talent. She may be attracted to unusual people or interests. One of the things which people found alluring about Candice - apart from her talent for baking - was her sense of style and her penchant for lipstick. This is a trademark of Venus in Aquarius.

In Candice's natal chart, Mars is situated in the sign of Aquarius giving her a stubborn streak and a taste for the unusual and unorthodox. She will be an asset to any group of people who are working towards the same goal, as she contributes well as part of a team. However, as is often the case with planets in Aquarius, she will also feel a powerful need to act in her own way, which will, in turn, make her very competitive. Mars is in a square aspect to Saturn which indicates that she is someone who is very disciplined, hard-working and persevering. However, this planetary influence could bring a tendency towards being accident-prone. Her natal Mars is also in a square to her Nodes giving her the courage to follow through on new ideas, and a tendency to take risks. Her personal independence will be extremely important to her.

Transiting Pluto made a brief conjunction to Candice's natal Jupiter in Spring 2016, probably around the time she actually won 'The Great British Bake Off'. This is a long-term aspect which will return at the end of December 2016 and will remain until February 2019. This planetary influence brings major accomplishments and provides a powerful boost of self-confidence. She may feel the urge to drastically change her circumstances, but she should use her potential future success very carefully. With a new desire to achieve, this young woman will become a huge public influence. Candice will develop a new perspective on what she wants from life, and what she is willing to do to get it will undergo a fundamental change. The next two years will become a time when her hard work will be rewarded, which, in turn, will help her to make even bigger plans for the future. The need to expand her horizons and break free from the limitations of her current life style will be the major theme during this period.

Transiting Jupiter in a positive trine aspect to her natal Venus from November 2016 until July 2017 will bring a generous and romantic phase into Candice's life. This positive attitude will help her to attract positive experiences and situations. Her social life will be greatly enhanced. Under this planetary influence, she is likely to start a new job or project. It's also possible that she will begin a business partnership. The only potential problem associated with this transit is the tendency to pass up chances for advancement. Candice will need to keep her eyes open to potential opportunities.

With transiting Saturn conjunct Candice's natal Sun from March 2017 until January 2018 she will become more serious, ambitious and dedicated. This planetary influence will greater responsibility, but it is very good for making investments and for career promotion. During this period, she will be busy planning new ventures.

In Candice's Solar Arc chart Mars is square her natal Sun and in conjunction to a World Point this year and in 2017. This planetary influence is the driving force behind her current popularity and success, heightening her will to achieve, bringing initiative and motivation. Both Solar Arc Mars and the Nodes will move into new signs in 2017, and in 2018, events will bring a major change of direction in her life.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Trump, Hillary, USA - The Final Countdown

This has been one of the toughest astrological projects I've ever undertaken, for many reasons. I don't usually do politics or politicians, so I'm out of my comfort zone with all of this. Also, there were so many charts to study in order to find all the relevant information: Trump's natal chart, Hillary's natal chart, the USA natal chart, the Election Day chart, the Inauguration Day chart.  - and all their predictive charts including transits, progressions, etc, as well as comparing each of the charts with all of the others to see how they interact. An added problem was there's no accurate birth time for Hillary. However, here is my interpretation of who may the next President of the United States.


On 8th November 2016 - transiting Mars will be in opposition to Donald Trump's Progressed Midheaven. This indicates frustrated goals, disruptive influences, and a struggle to get what he wants. There may also be setbacks through upsetting other people. There will be many arguments and accusations. Transiting Uranus will be in conjunction to his Solar Return Midheaven. This shows that there could be a sudden twist of fate for Mr Trump on Election Day. An unexpected event which will turn everything upside down. Having said that, the transiting Moon will be trine his natal Sun and also his natal North Node, both of which indicates popularity. 

Hillary Clinton has many astrological connections to the Election Day chart. On 8th November 2016 the transiting Sun will be in conjunction with her natal Venus and in a square aspect to her natal Pluto. This shows a positive outlook and optimistic attitude. As a result of this election, there will be a major change of direction in her life. Promotion to the highest office? Or retiring from politics? The Midheaven in the election Day chart will be conjunct Hillary's natal North Node. This shows an increase in status and events running smoothly in her professional life. There will also be beneficial relationships with superiors and authorities. This transit often coincides with a new professional position or promotion. 


Using Synastry to analyse Donald Trump's connections to the USA, his natal Sun is conjunct the USA natal Mars. This indicates an action-packed and volatile relationship. There is a lot of anger bursting to get out with this planetary influence. Whatever happens on 8th November, there is likely to be a rather fiery response if he doesn't win - and a fiery response even if he does. This connection between the Sun and Mars brings impulsive decisions and a fiercely combative attitude.

Trump's natal Sun is in a square aspect to the USA Neptune. This planetary influence shows that, in some way, Donald Trump is causing America to feel confused about it's own identity. His famous slogan throughout this campaign, 'We'll Make America Great Again' is somehow implying that America is in a downward spiral and needs to be 'rescued' - by Trump, of course. Interestingly, in synastry, an aspect between the Sun and Neptune indicates a tendency towards a saviour-victim mentality. In other words, one side - Trump - is making the other side - USA - believe that it is weak and helpless. He is trying to convince the people that he is the one to save them. He wants to be an anti-establishment hero. 

With his natal Moon in an opposition aspect to Mars in the USA chart, Donald Trump has a tendency to over-react. This is bad enough right now but imagine if he was the President. An over-reaction then could trigger all kinds of problems. Together, DT and the USA would be irritable, intolerant, and short-tempered. This planetary combination indicates explosive conflicts - and not just with other nations. There is a strong indication that the citizens of the US will turn against Trump as the USA natal Mars is also in opposition to his Moon. There is a very real possibility that 'President Trump' could end up being 'at war' with his own nation.

Donald Trump has several strong connections from his natal Venus - conjunct Mercury, sextile Neptune, opposite Pluto, and conjunct the Vertex - to the USA chart. This shows his popularity. The people love and admire Mr Trump. because he symbolises everything that Americans aspire to be - successful, rich, and famous. These positive connections to the USA are the reason he is already mega-wealthy and living the American Dream. But will that qualify him to take on the nation's top job - President of the United States? 

However, most of Donald Trump's connections to the USA chart involve Mars, and one very important aspect is a conjunction from DT's natal North Node to the USA Mars. This indicates a fiery and fated relationship between himself and the population. This association will make a strong impact on both - whether as allies or enemies. It suggests that, together, Mr Trump and the USA could become involved in a dramatic showdown. Whatever happens, it is destined to change the course of their lives, in particular that of Mr Trump. But will this be for better or worse? Either way, Donald Trump has already whipped up a storm and divided the nation. 

While Trump has crossover aspects of the Moon opposite Mars and Mars opposite the Moon with the USA chart, Hillary Clinton, by comparison, also has a crossover to the USA chart. However, hers involves the Sun trine Venus, and Venus trine the Sun. There could not be more of a contrast. Trump's represents over-reaction and aggression. Hillary's represents peace and harmony - and it's also good for financial dealings. 

Trump's Mars connections to the USA are all negative - but Hillary Clinton's are positive and progressive. Her natal Mars is in a sextile aspect to the USA Saturn, and her natal Saturn is sextile the USA Mars - another crossover! Her Mars is also in a trine aspect to the USA Ascendant. These influences show a practical, organised and disciplined partnership between Hillary and the nation. Together, they will initiate decisive actions calculated to bring tangible results. Where Trump would bring conflict, Hillary would bring compromise. This would be a hard-working, dynamic leadership.


In the USA Solar Return chart for the year in which a new president is elected, the sign on the Ascendant tends to symbolise the background of the new president, or the type of person they are. For example, when President John F Kennedy took office, the sign on the USA Solar Return Ascendant was in Cancer. This sign represents close families - especially those whose cultural background is very strict or religious. This year [4th July 2016 - 4th July 2017], the Solar Return Ascendant is in Sagittarius - the sign which represents lawyers. Hillary Clinton is, by profession, a lawyer. 

In the Annual Degree Projection chart for the USA this year [4th July 2016 - 4th July 2017] every planet, asteroid, and point in the chart has rotated though 180 degrees. So, in effect, the whole chart is the opposite way round. Does this mean that the president will be the opposite of what America is used to - i.e. a woman? The Projected Moon is conjunct the fixed star Regulus - the Royal Star. Centuries ago, when all world leaders were descended from royalty, this star would symbolise kings. In modern times we are also ruled by presidents and prime ministers, so Regulus indicates all world leaders. With the Moon in conjunction to this star, does this suggest a female leader? Another intriguing clue is Projected Pluto conjunct the Vertex. Pluto rules Scorpio - Hillary's Sun sign.

These two candidates are both so close to winning the election, it's almost impossible to predict which one will become the next president. However, the chart information does tend to slightly favour one in particular, and since my fellow astrologers agree with this, I'm going to stick my neck out and say....... Hillary Clinton.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

King Richard III

Richard Plantagenet was born on 2nd October 1452 at 9:02am in Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire, England. He was the 12th of 13 children and the youngest son born to Richard, Duke of York and his wife Cecily. At the age of eight, he became Duke of Gloucester, and in 1483 he ascended to the throne as King Richard III. I had always been vaguely aware of the myth and legend surrounding Richard III and his place in history which was tainted by stories that were not necessarily true, of his involvement in the alleged murders of his two young nephews. However, the story of Richard's life - and death - became headline news in 2012 when archaeologists were granted permission to excavate a car park in the city of Leicester. What they found there became the basis of one of the most astonishing discoveries of the 21st century. The remains of King Richard III.

When Richard was born in the 15th century, there was a different calendar system in use - the Julian Calendar. It would take too long to explain, but gradually over the following centuries, countries all over Europe changed to a new, updated, more astronomically accurate method of measuring the passing days and months. This was called the Gregorian Calendar and is still the calendar system we use in the 21st century. When calculating a birth chart for someone born during the period of the Julian Calendar, there are a few complications and controversies involved. This was something I'd never encountered before, as I hadn't done a horoscope for anyone born in the Julian period. Some astrologers use the Julian date as a basis for the birth chart, while others convert the date into Gregorian. Also, the astrologers who convert to Gregorian sometimes completely adjust the date too. However, after a few months of research, I finally decided that the best and most accurate method is the unadjusted Gregorian date. So, here is my astrological profile of King Richard III.

Richard was born with the Sun in the sign of Libra, making him very congenial and diplomatic. Very idealistic too, and at times, lacking in self-confidence. The Sun in sector 12 indicates that he worked behind the scenes and gained recognition through service to others. He had powerful secret enemies. The Sun was in a trine aspect to the Moon when Richard was born and this shows a contented nature and good relations with those closest to him. This aspect between the Sun and Moon adds strength to the other positive influences in his chart. It indicates a strong mind and body (yes, he had a disability, but he dealt with it admirably) and an ability to take the ups and downs of life in his stride. This planetary influence gave Richard a powerful resilience to bounce back from any personal difficulty.

The Sun in a wide-orb conjunction to Mercury in his natal chart imbued Richard with an independent mind. Mentally alert and talkative, he had no trouble communicating his opinions. Rational and intelligent, he found the exchange of ideas to be very stimulating. The Sun in a sextile aspect to Pluto shows that his dealings with others could often be very intense and powerful external forces obstructed his path throughout his life. This planetary influence would have given Richard tremendous creative potential. 

Richard's Moon is in the sign of Aquarius. Many iconic figures have been born with the Moon in this sign: John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Muhammad Ali, Angela Merkel, Pope Francis..... The list is endless. Famous people born with this Moon sign are held in very high esteem by the public. They have the ability to influence the masses and are very humanitarian in their outlook. They will fight for other people's rights and campaign for equality. Not only that, but they are still hero-worshipped years, decades, and even centuries after their death. However, on top of all that, there is also often controversy surrounding their lives. Very idealistic and progressive, people with this Moon sign often grow up feeling different in some way, the odd-one-out. Although they are sociable, their inner sense of loneliness makes them feel —that they don’t quite fit in—.

Richard's Moon is in sector three of his natal chart and this suggests that he was someone who was very communicative, curious, and may have had a talent for languages. He could have been prone to rationalising his emotions rather than attempting to deal with them, or he may have expressed himself in an excessively emotional manner - probably both. It's possible that he was quite nervous and restless, and also very sensitive to other people's opinions. The Moon is in an opposition aspect to Pluto and this indicates that Richard's mother would have had a very powerful influence in his life. It also shows the sort of forces which shaped his outlook  and destiny: jealousy, violence, obsession, emotional blackmail, and family crises.

In Richard's natal chart the Ascendant is in the sign of Scorpio. This gave him a deeply instinctual and passionate nature, as well as an inner strength of will which could have been used for regeneration - of himself, other people, or society. Powerful in a quiet and understated sort of way, he was a force to be reckoned with. He knew instinctively who to trust, who his allies were - as well as his enemies. Richard was born to be a leader and a pioneer. He was both a fierce competitor and a warrior. Scorpio is the sign of intense feelings and deep emotions. Extreme issues are associated with this sign, such as: wealth, power and death, and all three featured prominently in his life. People with Scorpio Ascendants display intense reactions and they provoke powerful reactions in other people too. 

With both the Moon and Pluto square to his Ascendant, Richard had many emotional upheavals within his family and many upsetting changes in his personal life. Interestingly, the Moon, Pluto, and the Scorpio Ascendant all symbolise death - or matters connected to death. In fact, death was - and still is - a major theme surrounding the legend of Richard III. His one and only child, Edward, died at a young age, and his wife, Anne died soon after. This meant that when Richard himself died only five months later, he left no heirs, thus ending the Plantagenet dynasty. 

With his natal Mercury in Libra and sector 12, Richard had a sharp, active mind, capable of weighing up all the options and reaching balanced decisions, as well as a very fertile imagination. Mercury in an opposition aspect to Mars suggests he could have been irritable, critical, and somewhat sarcastic at times. Although argumentative and outspoken, he was a skilled communicator. With Mercury conjunct Saturn, Richard was a deep and logical thinker. He was reliable and honest and did not suffer fools gladly.

In Richard's birth chat, Venus is in the sign of Scorpio. This shows that he was a highly passionate man with a great capacity for self-sacrifice. His feelings in all of his relationships - including his marriage - would have been 'all or nothing'. He was very loyal and would have been devastated by any form of betrayal. Venus is sector one shows that he was very refined, harmonious, charming, and has now been discovered, very handsome. Venus in a square aspect to Jupiter indicates a love of luxury.

Mars in the sign of Aries and sector six indicates that Richard had tremendous courage and determination. He also had an aggressive streak and was very competitive. It's important to remember that, in the 15th century, kings didn't just sit on a throne and hand out orders to their armies. The king himself was a warrior who had to lead his troops into battle. So, Richard would have needed to be tough. He was enthusiastic, sometimes impulsive, but also very focused. He was a man who took control of his own destiny. Mars in an opposition aspect to Saturn indicates Richard's disability - he had scoliosis. This condition causes the spine to bend and twist, pushing other parts of the body out of alignment, and gradually compressing the internal organs. He would have been in constant pain. This planetary combination also shows a fear of being cowardly, but Richard was no coward. He experienced life as a fight for survival, and he fought until the end.

Intriguingly, Richard's natal chart has Neptune, Chiron, and the Nodes all positioned on World Points. He also had his Midheaven in the royal sign of Leo, conjunct the regal star, Regulus. He was destined to be a king, destined to rule, and destined to make his mark upon history.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Jupiter in Libra

Transiting Jupiter has just entered the sign of Libra where it will remain for the next 13 months from 10th September 2016 to 10th October 2017. This is the first time that a major planet has been in Libra since 6th October 2012 - and there will be no major planets in Libra again until Jupiter returns there on 25th August 2028. So, what does it mean to have the planet of good fortune in the sign of love, peace and harmony?

Well, we should expect to see an upsurge in everything to do with marriage - including divorce. Libra rules relationships and partnerships. Jupiter rules religion and law. So, people are going to want their romantic relationships to be officially recognised by making a public commitment. For people who are already married, there will be a trend towards renewing wedding vows, and for those in unhappy marriages, there will be the urge to take legal action and file for divorce. Generally, there is about to be a more positive and romantic attitude. 

I recently mentioned the 6-year cycle involving aspects between Jupiter and Uranus which brings new, exciting and phenomenally successful people connected to show business and science. An opposition aspect is due to begin at the end of December 2016 which will continue, on and off, until the end of September 2017, so during that period we can expect to see the emergence of some very spectacular new stars. Although the singers which are produced under this cycle tend to be groups or boybands, some of these new big names will be double-acts. This is because Libra is all about partners. Liberation is a big theme for Jupiter in Libra and this will be reflected in music, film, television and fashion. 

Jupiter symbolises freedom and Libra symbolises peace. Does this indicate an improvement in world affairs? It will definitely bring a glimmer of hope. On the world stage there will be a stronger sense of fair play, striking a balance and promoting equality. However, when Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus, this could result in acts of rebellion against authority, with public protests, etc. Jupiter - the planet of justice, in Libra - the sign of judgement, should set the scene for some very positive international diplomatic decisions. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Drama and Destiny

While you are learning astrology, you require the charts of real people to practise on, but you don't always want to use friends or family. So, celebrities are a very good alternative, mainly because after you've made predictions, you can 'monitor' what happens to them via the media. It's usually very straightforward - unless the celebrities you use are from the world of drama..... 

Many years ago, when I was still a student of astrology, I decided to do a forecast for a famous television actor. He had a very interesting chart, but something really worried me - there were indications that he would become aggressive, commit an act of violence, be arrested and go to jail. I was shocked. The prediction was for almost a year in advance, so as the months passed, I began to search newspapers and watch news programmes on TV - this was before the internet. When the year was almost up, still nothing had happened, but then one evening I was watching a drama on TV - and there he was! The character he was playing was very aggressive, and by the end of the story, he had been arrested, charged with a violent crime, and was on his way to prison. 

It was at that point that I suddenly realised something very important..... Actors spend a large amount of their time 'being' someone else, and when they do, whatever is happening in their astrological charts is 'lived out' or expressed through the character they are playing during that period.  In other words, the planetary energies taking place in an actor's chart are manifested in the form of dramatic art. So, for example, if I was doing a forecast for an actor and the planetary influences suggested that they would be involved in a dangerous situation, then it's highly likely that the 'dangerous situation' would appear on TV, film, or stage as part of the story. Of course, it's also possible that the danger could come directly into the actor's life from an actual source - falling scenery on stage, or an exploding spotlight, for example. This is a very curious situation that I'd never expected to encounter. Everyone experiences their current chart activity in various areas of life, including work, but for people whose career actually involves becoming another person, it seems as if they are living half of their existence in a parallel universe.

This phenomenon arose again recently when, through curiosity, I decided to glance at the chart of Harry Styles. I'd seen photos of him on the set of his new World War 2 movie 'Dunkirk'. His forecast chart for 2016 contains Solar Arc Mars square natal Pluto, and Annual Degree Projection Mars in opposition to natal Pluto. These planetary influences tend to bring explosive and destructive energy which can result in traumatic experiences. Acts of violence and the need to overcome difficult situations through sheer effort and willpower are also indicated by the effects of these planetary aspects. If I hadn't known about Harry's current activities, I would have been seriously worried about what might be about to happen to him. But, as he is living out this potentially destructive energy in a safe environment - i.e. a film set/studio - it should have minimum impact on his personal life.

Another curious scenario associated with actors and astrology is that the characters they portray always have a strong astrological connection to their own charts. Also, the character an actor is most associated with will be described in the actor's natal chart. For example, if you have read my astrological profile of British actor Aneurin Barnard, you will have seen this mentioned. If you haven't read it, this is what I said:

"Mars is in an opposition aspect to Saturn in Aneurin's natal chart. This is really interesting for many reasons - particularly as it is also present in the birth chart of King Richard III, whom Aneurin so beautifully portrayed in the TV drama 'The White Queen'. I have come across this phenomenon frequently when studying the charts of actors. Particularly if the role they play involves the portrayal of a real person, the actor's chart resonates with that person's own chart. In Richard's chart, Mars is in a Fire Sign opposite Saturn in an Air Sign - in Aneurin's chart Mars is in an Air Sign opposite Saturn in a Fire Sign. A mirror image of the same elements with exactly the same planetary aspect. Not only that - Richard's Saturn is located at 20 degrees, and so is Aneurin's!"

It's a well-known fact among astrologers that any actor who has played - or will play - the role of the Timelord in the BBC sci-fi drama 'Doctor Who', always has strong astrological connections to the chart of the very first episode - which, of course, is the natal chart. I suspect this would also be true of the actors who have played 007 in the Bond movies. 

In a curious twist, the chart of a fictional character will also show their personality and destiny - even though that person is not real. A traumatic story in the BBC serial drama 'EastEnders' has just reached it's conclusion after more than two years. It involved the murder of a character called Lucy Beale who was killed by her 10-year old brother Bobby. The identity of the killer was not revealed until the first anniversary of Lucy's death. After two years of his family's vain attempts to keep him 'safe' and avoid seeing him being punished for the crime, Bobby was sent to prison a few weeks ago after confessing everything - murdering his sister, attacking and almost killing his friend, as well as his own step-mother. When Bobby Beale was in court he stated his date of birth - 22nd July 2003. That was all I needed to set up a chart (obviously it's very rare to get a birth time with a fictional character), and it was absolute dynamite! 

The character of Bobby Beale - brilliantly portrayed by talented young actor Eliot Carrington - is a Sun sign Cancerian which indicates that he is a very sensitive little boy who feels very deeply both his own emotions and those of the people around him. His Moon is in Taurus and shows that he needs security and comfort, and can be stubborn and obstinate. Mercury in an opposition aspect to Neptune reveals that Bobby is very clever but has a very troubled mind capable of serious deception. But the most interesting of all is the conjunction of Mars and Uranus. When someone has this planetary influence in their natal chart, it brings a high level of tension and impulsive urges. Wilful and undisciplined, this planetary aspect is potentially explosive.

When Bobby Beale killed his elder sister Lucy (she was 20 years old) the date of the murder was 18th April 2014. On that day, the transiting Sun was in a square aspect to Bobby's natal Sun. This tends to bring annoyance and irritation. Transiting Mars - planet of physical aggression - was in conjunction with natal Vesta, one of the asteroids which symbolises 'sisters'. Transiting Uranus - planet of sudden and unexpected events - was in opposition to Vesta. So, it showed in Bobby's chart that his sister would encounter a sudden, physical attack on that day. Add to that transiting Pluto - planet of crime and death - in a square aspect to Vesta, and a definite indication of potential murder is revealed.  

Also very interesting are the astrological connections between Bobby and his sister Lucy who was born on 9th December 1993. Bobby's Pluto is conjunct Lucy's Sun indicating power games. People with this planetary connection between them often have their lives changed on a very deep level - for better or worse. With his Uranus in a square to her Mercury, Bobby would have rebelled against Lucy and they had many arguments. Bobby's Mars in opposition to Lucy's Chiron suggests she would be physically wounded by him. And amazingly, Bobby's natal Mars is conjunct Lucy's natal Vesta - triggered on that fateful day by the transit of Mars in conjunction to Vesta in his natal chart. 

They say that 'truth is stranger than fiction' but when you combine them, that's the strangest of all.....

Monday, 30 May 2016

Donald Trump: Part 2 - What Now?

At the end of November 2015, transiting Jupiter began to form a square aspect to Donald Trump's natal Moon. Lasting until the beginning of August 2016, this has enhanced his sense of patriotism, bringing with it a concern with social justice. He has been easily outraged, self-righteous and intolerant under this planetary influence. However, when this aspect ends, he will need to adopt a different outlook in order to clear up any conflicts that have occurred during the past few months. Unfortunately, this planetary aspect has made him harshly critical, unfairly judgemental, and driven by his emotions. 

During the same period, transiting Jupiter has also been in a square aspect to Mr Trump's natal Sun. This influence tends to bring a lack of self-restraint. We've already seen him going overboard and in the coming months he will have to learn to control himself. He will also have to know when to stop. I get the feeling that by September his confidence may suffer a setback. Will this make him give up his ambition to become president? This planetary influence can sometimes trigger conflicts or legal problems. Over-confidence may lead to loss.

In mid-December 2015 transiting Saturn began to form a positive trine aspect to Donald Trump's natal Pluto. Lasting until the end of September 2016, this influence will have given him the ability to move towards fulfilling his ambitions. He has the capability to work harder than at almost any other time in his life. His level of self-assertion has made others realise that he is a shrewd operator. They know they have to take Donald Trump seriously. This planetary influence brings remarkable powers of endurance - but it ends in September. So, will Mr Trump be able to sustain the momentum until the election in November?

At the beginning of May 2016 transiting Uranus began to form a sextile aspect to Mr Trump's natal Sun. This planetary influence will continue until April 2017 and may bring him a sudden impulse to change course and improve his circumstances - but in what way? He could experience considerable unrest and inner tension, as well as unexpected setbacks. However, this planetary aspect mostly has a positive effect during which he will be seeking change and progress. Ever dramatic, forthright with his opinions, and showing leadership qualities, Mr Trump will promote himself as a supporter of the underdogs of society - or, at least, those he considers to be the underdogs of society.

By the end of May 2016 transiting Uranus will be square Mr Trump's natal Saturn. This aspect will last until the end of January 2018 and it will be a very testing time. Certain events will challenge his sense of order, discipline, duty, and his opinions about the world. He may encounter disruptions that will make it hard for him to understand what is going on. He could be forced to revise some of his ideas, and he might become frustrated by what he sees as unbearable restrictions. It's possible that Mr Trump may suddenly change his mind about something, and his actions will come as a surprise. This planetary influence will bring a lot of tension, and this could have consequences for his health. 

Since 2015, the Solar Arc Sun has been in conjunction with Donald Trump's natal Ascendant. This is about to reach its peak, but its effects will continue until 2018. This planetary influence will see Mr T strutting like a rooster and propelling himself even further into the spotlight. The Sun represents power, success, ambition, and the ego, and in this position could bring increased recognition and personal achievement. He will have the opportunity to promote himself - and his agenda - by demonstrating great confidence in his own abilities. The Solar Arc Sun is not only in conjunction with Mr Trump's natal Ascendant, but in 2017, it will also change signs. When this happens, there is likely to be a dramatic change in many areas of his life.

The Solar Arc Moon is in opposition to the natal Ascendant in Mr Trump's chart from now until 2019. This planetary influence could bring adverse publicity, loss of popularity, or dashed hopes. When the Progressed Moon hits the angles of the chart, emotional changes often arise. He may experience uncertainty about how to present himself, finding it hard to be completely honest. He may form a strong contact with a woman - but in what context, I'm not sure, although there could be some sort of emotional attraction.

Solar Arc Jupiter in a quincunx aspect to Donald Trump's natal Midheaven, Venus and Saturn, from now until late 2017, suggests some kind of loss. This planetary influence could indicate too much success and not knowing how to deal with it. It also suggests he may get what he wants but he'll have a huge price to pay. There is always something unbalanced with a quincunx aspect, so if he becomes President, will the level of power be too much for him to handle? It's possible that Mr Trump could overextend himself and take on more than he expected. Overindulgence and exhaustion may result from feeling too optimistic about his own abilities. Learning to fulfil his obligations without having an over-inflated sense of his own importance is the only way to success. However, I feel that he is now trapped into believing that only he can do a certain job, and he might very well end up having to prove it. If he gets to the White House, will 'President Trump' have bitten off more than he can chew?

With his Solar Arc Uranus in a square aspect to the natal Midheaven, from now until Spring 2017, Mr Trump may experience dramatic changes in status or reputation. This planetary influence will bring both excitement and upsets There are likely to be conflicts with authority figures who will view his behaviour as irresponsible or disrespectful. He could rebel against what others think and may even become more flamboyant. A complete career change or relocation is indicated by this planetary aspect. Impatience and a willingness to take bold risks could suddenly alter the entire course of Donald Trump's life...... But in what way?

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Donald Trump: Part 1 - Born To Rule?

Donald John Trump was born on Friday, 14th June 1946 at 10:54am in Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York, USA.

The Sun in the sign of Gemini gives Mr Trump a talent for communication. Gemini's are compulsive talkers, texters and Tweeters. However sometimes, as we've seen, they say so much it's hard for them not to occasionally end up offending people. Their words are more quantity than quality - but they also have a 'silver tongue' and are able to talk their way in or out of any situation, and are experts at convincing others that they are right. Mentally agile and inquisitive, Mr Trump is a very intelligent man. The Sun in sector 10 of his birth chart shows that he has a need to be taken seriously in connection with his work, or to be seen as authoritative in some way. Mr Trump is dependent upon the outer trappings of success, i.e. money and fame, and one or both of his parents will have been powerful or ambitious. 

The Sun is in opposition to the Moon in Mr Trump's natal chart. He was born approximately two hours before the Full Moon - which also just happened to be a Lunar Eclipse. This is not uncommon in the birth charts of very wealthy and influential people. Having the Sun in an opposition aspect to the Moon will make him somewhat highly strung and argumentative. He may find it difficult to change his habits, and there could also be a constant need to attempt to overcome family patterns of behaviour. Inner tension and conflict is highly likely. With his natal Sun in a positive trine aspect to Jupiter, Mr Trump has very high expectations. He is optimistic, generous, and indulgent. But also boastful and showy. This planetary influence can bring misplaced idealism - he has dreams, but are they realistic?

With the Sun conjunct Uranus in Mr Trump's natal chart he is eccentric, stubborn and unorthodox. Anarchy and rebellion come naturally to him - Donald Trump seeks change and he wants progress. He is dramatic, and at times, overpowering. He has charisma and a magnetism which draws people to listen to him, and his zest for what he believes in is the reason for his popularity. The Sun is in conjunction with the North Node in Mr Trump's chart, and this shows that his ego and pride are tied to his security needs. He will feel at his most confident when he's on stage or at the centre of attention. He needs praise and admiration.  

Mr Trump's natal Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. Many people with this Moon position have foreign connections - they either become migrants or they are the descendants of migrants. In the case of Mr Trump, he is the son of a Scottish mother. The Moon in Sagittarius shows a strong emotional attachment to childhood moral values. His emotional responses reveal a child-like 'innocence' and he seems to lack objectivity. In sector four of his natal chart the Moon indicates a powerful sense of belonging within the family. However, childhood patterns or issues may re-emerge in later life. Interestingly, in Mundane Astrology, Sagittarius represents the USA and sector four symbolises patriotic ideals. Mr Trump may be many things, but no-one could accuse him of not being a proud and patriotic citizen.

The Moon is in a positive trine aspect to Mars in Mr Trump's natal chart. This shows that he enjoys vigorously good health and has endless energy. He's strong-willed, courageous and isn't afraid to say exactly what he thinks. He is highly restless and loves to travel. The Moon is conjunct the South Node which indicates emotional vulnerability, and he may have felt a lack of unconditional love. It's possible that Mr Trump has a deep fear of being dependent upon others. The Moon in an opposition aspect to Uranus could make him prone to stress.and difficult to live with. 

Donald Trump's natal Ascendant is in the sign of Leo which is all about pride and ego. People with this rising sign tend to be brash, confident, bossy, opinionated and stubborn. What they want most is to be noticed, admired and to dominate everyone around them. Self-promotion comes easy with Leo rising, and basically it brings the need to be centre stage. Mr Trump is a performer. He loves drama and theatrics - no matter where he is, or in what context. If he was in a circus, he'd be the ringmaster. The desire to shine and to stand out as an individual will be ever present. He wants to achieve at the highest level possible and to be seen as a bighearted, generous, and honourable person. No-one could accuse Mr Trump of being boring - he definitely has a larger-than-life personality. He radiates self-confidence and he seeks fame, but taken too far, this could make him deeply unpopular. By trying too hard to get what he wants, he could end up ruining his chances of success. He feels the urge to make his mark and leave some kind of historical legacy. He does possess natural leadership qualities and is already in a position of authority. To some people he may seem assertive and enthusiastic, but to others he will be perceived as aggressive and overbearing.  

The most outstanding feature in Donald Trump's natal chart is the degree of his Leo Ascendant which is in exact conjunction to the fixed star Regulus. This elevates the whole chart and energises his destiny with great power.  People with this influence in their chart tend to become extremely famous. The fixed star Regulus is often known as the 'Heart of the Lion', and its name literally means 'the star of kings,'. It is associated with royalty and people in positions of power – independent, outspoken, and wealthy. Born leaders. When the Ascendant is conjunct Regulus it brings tremendous influence over other people, amazing success and great honour, but it also has a very negative side too - trouble, scandal, disease, and sometimes violence.

Mercury in the sign of Cancer gives Donald Trump a very good memory and a great head for business. His thoughts tend to be shaped by emotional responses, and he is susceptible to what others think. In sector 11, Mercury shows that he has an intellectual concern with humanitarian or social issues. He thrives when in a group of like-minded people, and Mercury in this position brings the ability to be a group spokesperson. Mercury in a square aspect to Neptune indicates that despite his outer image, Mr Trump is a worrier. However, this aspect also shows a tendency towards dishonesty and deceit, even if he may only be deceiving himself. Mercury square Eris suggests that he can't really trust anyone - especially his friends and associates. He is changeable and flamboyant. Mercury in a square aspect to Neptune can also symbolise a lack of self-belief..... Yes, I know what you're thinking. But it's important to remember that Donald Trump is a Gemini with Leo rising, therefore much of his outer personality is a performance, it's his public image. Gemini people, just like their sign, always have two faces - so in private, he's probably a different person.

With his natal Venus in the sign of Cancer, Mr Trump will be highly protective of his partners and children. Financial and domestic security will be be vitally important to him. He may be moody and hyper-sensitive, but he can also be compassionate. With Venus in sector 11 of his chart, he has many acquaintances, although not necessarily close friends. He possibly has a tendency to keep people at a distance, and will feel 'tied down' in relationships. Venus is in a conjunction with Saturn indicating a strong sense of duty, but perhaps sacrificing emotional connections for professional ambition. 

Natal Mars in the sign of Leo is a very energetic and dynamic influence. It gives Mr Trump a love of sport, and amazing vitality - his enthusiasm knows no bounds. Tirelessly and consistently enterprising, he has the ability to uplift and inspire other people. He has a passion for speculation - definitely not someone who is afraid to take risks. With his natal Mars situated in sector 12 of his chart, Mr Trump may have trouble discriminating between his own and other people's aims. In other words, he will expect those around him to conform to his wishes and won't understand why they don't share his interests. This position of Mars can be very self-destructive. Mars in a square aspect to the Midheaven shows determination, fierce ambition and a love of challenge. Mr Trump has excellent organisational skills, but his hasty attitude may bring many disputes and conflicts.

Jupiter is in a very positive trine aspect to Uranus in Donald Trump's natal chart. This planetary influence gives him tremendous leaderships qualities, radical thinking, and unconventional beliefs. He is wilful, dogmatic, argumentative and outspoken - but above all, he is lucky.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Unaspected Planets

In an astrological reading we talk a lot about aspects. These are the angular connections between planets and points in the chart. There are several major aspects: the conjunction (0 degrees); the sextile (60 degrees); the square (90 degrees); the trine (120 degrees); the quincunx (150 degrees) and the opposition (180 degrees). There are also minor aspects such as the semi-sextile (30 degrees) and many more obscure aspects including the semi-square (45 degrees) and the sesquiquadrate (135 degrees). However, if your chart contains a planet which does not form any major aspects to any other planet or point, it is classed as an unaspected planet.

Not having any aspects is quite rare, so before you analyse an unaspected planet in your chart, you must first make sure that it really doesn't form any major connections to anything else. All aspects have a few degrees on either side to allow an aspect to take place without being exact. This is called an Orb. In a natal chart, the maximum allowable orb is seven degrees, although some astrologers use a narrower or wider orb. So, for example, if your natal Sun is positioned at 6 Aquarius, any planet at any degree from 29 Capricorn to 13 Aquarius will be in conjunction with your Sun. 

A person with unaspected Sun will have a strong emphasis on self expression and leadership, as well as a strong need for ego recognition.

An unaspected Moon suggests emotional disconnection from parents, and in later life, from other people. On the positive side, there may be a need to express a caring attitude or behaviour in order to connect with other people.

Unaspected Mercury tends to emphasise an over-active mind, which could result in non-stop talking, thinking, or worrying.  If  this energy is focused in a productive way, the person will be imbued with impressive mental and communication skills.

Venus without aspects emphasises emotional expression in relationships – either as emotional drama, or an ability to care deeply for others. However, because Venus also represents possessions and money, the person may have great talent for becoming financially successful. There may also be an emphasis on being admired and appreciated.

Unaspected Mars is powerful and potentially dangerous. Directing your energy positively might be a problem, especially anger. A special talent for sport is also indicated.

Jupiter with no major aspects suggests an interest in philosophy, education and higher learning.

Unaspected Saturn tends to show problems connected to the father, and a very powerful sense of ambition. A lack of support from the parents may result in excessive self-discipline to compensate for emotional insecurity. 

Natal Uranus with no aspects shows an intensified need for individuality, and a talent for invention and science.

Unaspected Neptune is very rare but when it occurs there is usually heightened sensitivity - including ESP - and a strongly idealistic outlook.

Pluto without major aspects suggests prominence, power and influence. A special ability to investigate anything hidden or secret is often present.

It's important to remember that any planet with no aspects is out on its own. It's energy is more powerful because it's not being influenced by any other planets. Therefore, if it can be used in a very positive, productive way, it could become your strongest asset.

Friday, 1 January 2016

How Did You Discover This Blog?

☆☆☆ Happy New Year ☆☆☆
I'm always amazed by the number of page views
and comments my blog has attracted, particularly
during the last two years. So, I'm intrigued to
know how you first found me. Google, Twitter,
a general internet search, etc. I'd love to hear
your story.