Friday, 13 October 2017

The Duchess Of Cambridge - Update

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on Saturday 9th January 1982 in Reading, Berkshire, England, UK. During my recent break I was able to catch up with a lot of people I don't normally have time to talk with, and chatting to fellow astrologers, I discovered that there has been a correction of the Duchess' time of birth. Apparently, a very reliable source claims she was born at 7pm. So, using this information, here is an updated astrological profile.

As a Sun sign Capricorn, Kate is no stranger to hard work and ambition. She has enormous staying-power and perseverance. This lady knows what she wants. She has a strong sense of self-discipline and a deep respect for tradition. In sector five of her natal chart, the Sun brings a need for intellectual stimulation, travel and a love of adventure and sporting activities. With her natal Sun in this position, she has an inner desire to prove her strengths and abilities. The Sun is in an opposition aspect to the Moon in Kate's chart - just before a Lunar Eclipse. This indicates that in her private life she may experience inner tension and conflict, causing her to become argumentative. There is also a sense of striving to break free from the past. The Sun in a square to Saturn suggests that Kate may be - or have been - very cautious, self-conscious, serious and perhaps even pessimistic. This planetary configuration often shows the tendency towards an inferiority complex. The Sun in Kate's natal chart is conjunct her South Node giving her strength of will, good self-expression, and leadership qualities. On the negative side, a sense of entitlement, or bossiness could hamper her progress.

With her natal Moon in the sign of Cancer, Kate has great emotional strength and sensitivity. Highly responsive to the moods of other people, she can sometimes be easily offended by over-reacting emotionally to what is said or done. In sector 11 of her chart, the Moon will bring emotional investment to good causes and charities. She will be a true supporter as she cares about others and genuinely wants to help in any way she can. The Moon is in a square aspect to Saturn in Kate's natal chart, and this indicates a fear of failure. She wants to be taken seriously as a member of the royal family - both by the public and the royals themselves. With her natal Moon conjunct the North Node her need for home, family and emotional security is very strong. 

The Duchess's natal Ascendant is in the sign of Leo. Interestingly, not only is Leo the sign of royalty, but it's also a very prolific influence within the astrological charts of the British Royal Family. Her father-in-law Prince Charles also has a Leo Ascendant, as does his wife Camilla, so Kate should fit in rather well. With Leo rising, she knows what she wants and will be very focused on her goals. People who have a Leo Ascendant are obsessed with success and they are very ambitious. She is very self-aware, body-conscious and mindful of her own image. She wants to excel in everything she does, to achieve the highest level possible whilst at the same time be seen as a generous, magnanimous, and honourable person. On the negative side, she may want to out-do everybody else and be 'special'. 

Mercury and Venus conjunct each other in the sign of Aquarius in sector six of Kate's natal chart indicates that she is very charming, sociable and humorous. With Mercury and Venus there is always an air of insincerity and superficiality, so to a certain extent - probably because of the circles she moves in and her public duties - her personality will be pleasant and friendly but non-committal. Having said that, this planetary combination gives her an elegant way with words. She is an excellent public speaker - indeed, making speeches is definitely one of her special skills. Her natural gifts - intelligence, beauty, style, charm - will be used in order to advance her career. 

The Duchess has Mars in the sign of Libra in sector two of her natal chart. This suggests that she is a very good mediator, a peacemaker who has a talent for handling other people's disagreements and quarrels. Although she has already attained a lofty position and a high social status, Kate will be keen to continue learning new skills which will enhance her pride in her work and royal duties. Mars in a square aspect to the Vertex shows that she loves a challenge and is fiercely determined. However, there is a risk of being over-worked, making hasty decisions, and possible disputes with people in positions of authority.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Back To Work!

I'm back after a very productive break which has given me time to think about what I want to do - not just with my astrological work but with my personal life too. I've been under a lot of stress during the last couple of years and things were getting worse, not better. A combination of health problems, family issues, and a ton of work had me at breaking point. That's why I took time off from here. Before I left, I was seriously considering deleting the blog but decided against it. This blog is a showcase for my work and for that reason it's very important that I don't give up on it. 

Obviously, I wasn't able to sort out my life and eliminate all of my problems during September, but certain situations have become much clearer. Taking time to think things through has proved to be very useful. I now realise that I don't have to be 'all things to all people'. Unfortunately, I'm someone who finds it hard to say no. I want to help people, but it's not always possible or practical to 'be there' for everyone who needs it. So, with that in mind, I have decided to cancel the Private Horoscope Readings. All of your information will be deleted from my files. I just could not keep up with the extra work involved in analysing and writing personal horoscopes. It was a huge mistake offering free readings in the first place, but seemed like a good idea at the time. I just did not expect so many requests. I apologise for disappointing you all.

A lot has been happening while I've been away. Hurricanes and earthquakes - and to answer the many messages I've had - yes, they were an effect of the August 21st Solar Eclipse. Also, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) has announced that she is pregnant with her third child. Interestingly, I was recently able to catch up with some fellow astrologers and during our discussions, I learned that a new and accurate birth time has emerged for her. So, my first project for October will be a new, updated astrological profile of The Duchess Of Cambridge.