Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sheridan Smith


Award-winning and multi-talented actress, Sheridan Smith OBE was born on Thursday, 25th June 1981 in Epworth, England. I don't know her time of birth, so this horoscope will be less detailed than normal.            


On the day Sheridan was born the Sun was in the sign of Cancer, so she is definitely in touch with her feelings and emotions. Instinctive, sentimental but with a tough exterior, this is one shrewd lady! Sometimes she may be too sensitive but she will do anything to protect those she loves. She has very strong family ties and places great value on her childhood memories. The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury in her natal chart, giving her an independent mind. She is mentally alert and very talkative with a fantastic sense of humour. The Sun in a square aspect to both Jupiter and Saturn gives Sheridan high expectations. She is a very reliable and honest person who has great optimism, patience and dedication.

Sheridan's Moon is in the sign of Aries. The Moon in this position brings fiery emotions, hasty reactions and perhaps a short-fused temper, but her anger will just as quickly burn out. With a sense of heightened perception, she will have the unique ability to tune in to her immediate surroundings and be able to detect the emotional 'atmosphere'. She is very intolerant of people who try to interfere with her life or invade her privacy. Strong-willed and direct, Sheridan has tremendous courage and a fighting spirit, but she is also very kind and warm-hearted.
Mercury and Mars in Gemini makes Sheridan a fun person to be with. Articulate and witty, she has a logical, versatile mind. If you need advice or someone to cheer you up, she is the perfect choice. She is good at problem-solving and has razor-sharp perception. Sometimes she may be too impulsive and say things she shouldn't. Mercury in opposition to Neptune in her natal chart indicates that she has a rich imagination and is very creative. However, I get the feeling that she occasionally struggles with unnecessary worry and a lack of self-belief.
With her natal Venus in the sign of Cancer, Sheridan is compassion personified. Her home is definitely where her heart is and domestic harmony is vitally important to her as it's where she feels most secure and content. It's possible that she has an interest in history and ancestry. Venus in a trine aspect to Uranus emphasises her creative talents and gives her tremendous charisma. Romantic, and naturally affectionate, she has many friends. However, Venus in a square aspect to Pluto in Sheridan's natal chart suggests a tumultuous love life with many emotional upheavals. This planetary combination indicates that she is someone who is deeply passionate and devoted in relationships.


A major planetary influence involving transiting Pluto in a quincunx aspect to Sheridan's natal Mars began to emerge in Spring 2013. This will continue until the end of 2016 and while this aspect is in effect, she may feel compelled to compete over everything, and it will feel as if there is always someone who has something that she wants. This planetary effect can bring strange compulsive emotions and behaviour. Negative thoughts could become overwhelming as powerful feelings take over rational thought perhaps involving aggression and jealousy. There will be changes and separations too.
In her Solar Arc chart, Sheridan's Mercury is in conjunction with the natal North Node indicating issues surrounding communications and agreements throughout 2015 and 2016. There will also be an increase in news connected with her personal life. Important discussions and negotiations are likely to take place, possibly in relation to young people or children.

Solar Arc Venus is in a square aspect to Sheridan's natal Uranus until 2017. With this planetary influence she'll change her mind about a lot of things. She may find herself being drawn to a completely different type of relationship that will inspire her in some way. It's also possible that she will feel the need to become part of an unconventional group of people. This may put strain on existing relationships as changes in her outlook will come as a complete surprise to those who know her. If she is unattached she will meet a person with an electric personality totally different from what she's used to. It's also possible that Sheridan will become professionally associated with some kind of international organisation, maybe as an ambassador.

Solar Arc Jupiter in Sheridan's chart is in a trine aspect to her natal Sun making 2015 a great year for expanding her projects and furthering her goals. This planetary influence will give her more confidence in her abilities and also added optimism. Luck will be on her side and she will seem to be in the right place at the right time. If she is involved in any legal matters, they will likely be successful. Sheridan will find herself exploring new places, meeting interesting people and having educational or enlightening experiences.

Progressed Mercury in a square aspect to natal Pluto until July 2016 will make Sheridan more conscious of the power of words - written or spoken - to heal or to wound. I get a feeling that she may be writing soon - perhaps an autobiography - and she might be grappling with the problem of how to tell the truth without upsetting people or committing an act of libel. There is great potential for a piece of writing that is both insightful and moving. Even if there isn't some kind of literary project on the go, this planetary influence is often associated with getting involved in some sort of in-depth study, research or investigation.

In Sheridan's Annual Degree Projection chart Venus will be in conjunction with natal Neptune for the next 12 months. Under this planetary influence, she could find herself giving comfort to other people. She may crave a break away from work and look for an escape from responsibilities and demands. If possible, she would much rather be in a romantic setting with someone special. During the next 12 months, her perceptions about people will generally be accurate, but a tendency to see them through rose-tinted glasses might cause her to be a bit gullible and trust too easily. She should give some time to consider someone's motives before making any final judgements or decisions. Feeling generous, compassionate and very idealistic, it's possible that she might initiate a charitable venture and use money to help other people.

Projected Venus in a sextile aspect to natal Pluto shows that Sheridan's interactions with other people will have more passion and intensity than usual, and she'll enjoy some very in-depth conversations. She'll be more concerned with being honest and real in her communications and will want to avoid superficial discussions. Again, she could establish a financial partnership or receive support for a particular venture. Sheridan will be very creative during the next 12 months and her projects will have more impact through intense subject matter or dramatic presentation. 


Thursday, 11 June 2015

House Of The Rising Sun

In October 2014 I published an article entitled 'War Of The Worlds: Astrology versus Astronomy' about the way in which astronomers are constantly deriding astrologers and mocking astrology. A few months ago, I came across a piece written by a famous astrologer who, like myself and many others, is a fully-trained professional astrologer. However, unlike some of us, she's a big advocate of Sun Sign horoscopes. As you'll see from this blog, I promote Real Astrology. So, in this article, I'll be writing about how astrologers can be 'at war' with each other....

Unless we have a family member or a close friend who is a practising astrologer, most of us have our first encounter with horoscopes through the media - internet, magazines, newspapers, etc. For most people it's just a fun activity, but for some, it fires our curiosity and enthusiasm for learning more about how astrology really works.That's how it was for me many years ago. When I was a teenager, I became curious about astrology after reading a weekly Sun Sign horoscope page in a well-known women's magazine. I was lucky, because the horoscopes were written by a professional astrologer - and not just some random journalist (which used to be a common practice). But the best bit was that she also had a section devoted to real astrology at the bottom of the page. In it, she explained how astrology worked and what it was all about. This information was like gold-dust for me and I used to save everything she wrote. Although it took a few years before I finally decided to actually study astrology, the small but tantalising pieces of astrological insight provided by this amazing astrologer were what really planted the seed of inspiration in my mind. The Sun Sign horoscopes on their own probably would not have had the same effect. 

In her article, the astrologer who advocates Sun Sign Astrology argues that Sun Sign horoscopes are just as important as real astrology. I disagree. Although this branch of astrology has made the subject popular with the general public, it has also diminished it. Sun Sign horoscopes are a poor imitation of the real thing and give people totally the wrong idea about what astrology is. Imagine going into a top Italian restaurant and being served spaghetti hoops from a can. You would want - and expect - genuine, Italian cuisine expertly cooked by a professional chef, wouldn't you? This is the difference between Sun Sign astrology and Real Astrology - one is cheap, instant and doesn't take much effort to produce.The other is personally prepared just for you. Is a can of spaghetti hoops an accurate representation of Italian cuisine? No. Neither is Sun Sign astrology an accurate representation of Real Astrology.

So why do professional astrologers write Sun Sign horoscopes if it gives astrology a bad name? Well, the Sun Sign astrologer hits the nail on the head when she tells us how much she earns every year. £70,000. Yes - seventy thousand pounds. And that is what she gets from the various magazines she writes horoscopes for. Ten times what she earns from doing real horoscopes for individual private clients. This is the reason why some astrologers have sold astrology down the river - to make a fast buck. Easy money. As I've said in this blog before, I only charge for face-to-face personal astrology readings. Any private horoscopes I do for people online are free. I hope this never happens, but maybe one day I will also be tempted into doing simple Sun Sign horoscopes for a large financial reward. For now, however, I will continue to practise and promote Real Astrology.

Friday, 5 June 2015

New Beginnings

I like to keep my private life separate from my work so I don't really talk about anything non-professional on the blog. However, what I'm about to say has astrological connections, so I thought I'd share something very personal. 

On 27th June 2015, my Progressed Moon will finally leave sector 12 of my chart after more than two years, and cross my Ascendant. This will put an end to a very difficult period in my life, and bring new optimism and opportunities.

The Progressed Moon positioned in sector 12 is difficult for everyone and I would have gone through a hard time anyway. But the effect was compounded by the fact that I had been through so much in the months leading up to it, including a potentially fatal illness and the end of a relationship with a man who I thought was 'The One'. 

When the Progressed Moon enters sector 12, it's the astrological equivalent of being thrown into a prison cell and having the door slammed and locked behind you. I felt trapped, lonely, and depressed. The first six months were the worst. I knew I was 'in a bad place' emotionally and psychologically, and I also knew it was up to me to sort myself out. I set up this blog in July 2013 to distract my mind and get back into being an astrologer. I remember the exact day I began to feel normal again - 28th August 2013. For the first time in more than six months, I suddenly realised that I'd survived a whole day without having a single thought about my ex-boyfriend. That was a turning point. I began taking an interest in life again. 

Sector 12 is an area of the chart that deals with confinement - physical, emotional or psychological. So, when your Progressed Moon (which rules emotions) spends time in this area, it feels as if you can't move forward. But, after a few months you start to experience what once seemed like a 'prison' as being more like a sanctuary. Somewhere you can retreat to and re-assess your life before a new cycle begins when the Progressed Moon leaves the 12th, conjuncts your Ascendant, and allows you to forge ahead with a new and positive attitude. 

That moment is now almost here and I have so many plans for the future. So, on Saturday, 27th June 2015 I will be celebrating my freedom. The prison door is about to be unlocked and I'm ready for a fresh start. Here's to New Beginnings!