Thursday, 24 October 2019

Nicola Sturgeon: Forecast - Part 2

The main theme in Nicola's chart for the next few years is: Change. BIG change. Three major transiting planets - Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto - will form a quincunx (an angle of 150°, often referred to as the inconjunct) aspect to a very important point in her natal chart  - the Midheaven. This point represents her public persona, her status and her professional image. This process started early in 2019 and will continue until the end of 2021

The quincunx aspect symbolises potential that is difficult to attain. A sort of misdirected energy flow which can't quite hit the target. For this reason the quincunx is a very awkward aspect to deal with. However, on the positive side, because it takes someone in a different and unexpected direction, the quincunx can sometimes herald new possibilities or alternative methods of achieving the original goal. One thing's for sure, during the next two years, Nicola's life will undergo a major transformation.

The three major transiting planets forming the quincunx aspects to Nicola's chart will bring a source of disappointment or aggravation. This will have a powerful effect on her status or identity. It indicates an unbalancing development in the position she holds on the world stage. During this period, Nicola will struggle mentally, becoming angry or obsessed and adopt a 'my way or the highway' attitude..

When under the influence of a quincunx, it's impossible to do something about the situation it creates because there is nothing straightforward in the circumstances surrounding it. It's like fighting an invisible enemy as there is no opportunity to 'face your foe'. Therefore, it is frequently found in people's charts when they are in some sort of trouble, struggling to overcome a worrying issue, or being undermined by other people. The areas of Nicola's chart affected by transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto as they form their quincunx aspects are sector three and sector 10. This represents communication and publicity in all its forms -  letters, documents, emails, phone calls, conversations, etc. Also commerce, education, and the media. So, will her problems be created by leaked information? Or perhaps by a revelation in the news? Certainly, the quincunx aspect connects to analysis, scrutiny, criticism, subversive tactics and the unearthing of secrets, so there is a distinct possibility of scandal.

When someone has more than one quincunx aspect being made to their chart, especially involving Saturn or Pluto, there's an indication that stress might cause illness or trigger circumstances which can force a withdrawal from daily activities. This is the case with Nicola's chart during the next few years. Major quincunx aspects often show up whenever there is a crisis, or whenever someone is about to give up their normal schedules. 

The very first effects of quincunx activity began in February 2019 when transiting Pluto made contact with Nicola's Midheaven. It will continue, on and off, until the end of 2021. However, in January 2020, Pluto will be joined by Jupiter and Saturn and together they will bombard this highly personal point in her chart. She will find herself embarking on a new chapter in her life which will involve coming to terms with her responsibility to others, learning from the past and adjusting her attitude towards power. Whatever happens, 2020 will be a year that Nicola Sturgeon won't forget....

Monday, 14 October 2019

Nicola Sturgeon: Forecast - Part 1

Since March 2019, Nicola Sturgeon has found increased optimism due to a trine aspect from transiting Jupiter to her natal Midheaven. However, she should be careful not to become over-confident and bear in mind that this feel-good factor will not last forever as this planetary influence - and everything that goes with it -  will come to an end in November 2019....

In July 2019 a very powerful planetary influence began when transiting Uranus formed a square aspect to Nicola's natal Moon. Continuing until mid-March 2021, this influence will create tension and sudden changes in her personal and emotional life. Feelings that she may have suppressed over the last few years will suddenly surface and need to be released in some way. In her close relationships, problems that she may have been ignoring will reach the point where she is forced to deal with them. There is a suggestion of someone suddenly breaking away, a departure of some kind - could this be her, or someone else? Nicola's domestic life may be the source of unexpected upsets during the next two years. Mishaps, or other sudden problems on the home front are likely. Being forced to change residence is a key factor. Her actions and responses during this time could be totally out of character.

During this same period - July 2019 until mid-March 2021 - transiting Uranus will be in conjunction to Nicola's natal Descendant. This influence will bring disturbing encounters with other people who seem to be trying to disrupt her life. Partnerships of all kinds will be prone to hidden tensions and startling changes could trigger more arguments and disagreements than usual. She could also become involved in very disruptive legal disputes.

The events of the next two years will test the way Nicola handles partnerships, personal as well as professional. Commitments may suddenly feel too restrictive, and she’ll rebel against the expectations that others have imposed on her. Her reactions could become quite volatile, From now until Spring 2021 will not be the best time to initiate contracts or agreements, but if she does, she will have to 'expect the unexpected' as external factors beyond her control could cause major problems. In any astrology chart the Descendant represents not only one-to-one relationships and partners, it also symbolises opponents, rivals, competitors and even known enemies. A certain situation in Nicola's life is becoming increasingly unstable. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Nicola Sturgeon: Personality Profile - Part 2

Mercury in the sign of Leo in Nicola's natal chart indicates that she is someone who speaks with authority. Good at seeing the bigger picture, she may sometimes ignore the finer details. Skilled in the art of persuasion, she is excellent at promoting ideas and getting her message across, often in a dramatic way. She can be very attached to her opinions and takes pride in her beliefs, which are often very idealistic. She is confident and stubborn, with a tendency towards over-sensitivity to anything less than praise. Mentally arrogant - and with intellect and ego so closely tied - the ability to separate fact from fiction could be a problem. However, Nicola really does believe what she says and speaks from the heart.

Natal Mercury in sector 10 of Nicola's chart shows a high level of verbal expression. This position of Mercury gives an authoritative air and a talent for communicating and negotiating. She requires frequent changes of environment

or activities in order to remain stimulated and challenged through her work.

With her natal Mars in the sign of Leo, Nicola has a need for significance and a determination to live a life that is not ordinary. (Donald Trump also has this planetary influence). In possession of well-defined ambitions, she will act with authority and power, demanding both loyalty and admiration. She will get fired up easily when she feels she's  been humiliated, and will become extremely defensive. Her ego is tied up with her actions, and whatever she chooses to do will be a source of great personal pride. 

Nicola's natal Midheaven is situated in the sign of Leo. People with this influence have a strong desire to be noticed. They need to be centre stage, to be in the spotlight and to attain public prominence. She is very ambitious professionally and this Midheaven sign gave her the potential for leadership. She may feel that she was destined for greatness in some way.
She may take everything too personally and can be easily insulted. Being persuasive rather than being demanding might prove difficult for her. She will need to watch out for overconfidence, arrogance, or impatience. Above all, Nicola wants glory.