Monday, 12 September 2016

Jupiter in Libra

Transiting Jupiter has just entered the sign of Libra where it will remain for the next 13 months from 10th September 2016 to 10th October 2017. This is the first time that a major planet has been in Libra since 6th October 2012 - and there will be no major planets in Libra again until Jupiter returns there on 25th August 2028. So, what does it mean to have the planet of good fortune in the sign of love, peace and harmony?

Well, we should expect to see an upsurge in everything to do with marriage - including divorce. Libra rules relationships and partnerships. Jupiter rules religion and law. So, people are going to want their romantic relationships to be officially recognised by making a public commitment. For people who are already married, there will be a trend towards renewing wedding vows, and for those in unhappy marriages, there will be the urge to take legal action and file for divorce. Generally, there is about to be a more positive and romantic attitude. 

I recently mentioned the 6-year cycle involving aspects between Jupiter and Uranus which brings new, exciting and phenomenally successful people connected to show business and science. An opposition aspect is due to begin at the end of December 2016 which will continue, on and off, until the end of September 2017, so during that period we can expect to see the emergence of some very spectacular new stars. Although the singers which are produced under this cycle tend to be groups or boybands, some of these new big names will be double-acts. This is because Libra is all about partners. Liberation is a big theme for Jupiter in Libra and this will be reflected in music, film, television and fashion. 

Jupiter symbolises freedom and Libra symbolises peace. Does this indicate an improvement in world affairs? It will definitely bring a glimmer of hope. On the world stage there will be a stronger sense of fair play, striking a balance and promoting equality. However, when Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus, this could result in acts of rebellion against authority, with public protests, etc. Jupiter - the planet of justice, in Libra - the sign of judgement, should set the scene for some very positive international diplomatic decisions.