Friday, 8 February 2019

Relationships: Part 3 - The Marriage Midpoint

A Midpoint is a sensitive point in a chart where the influence of two planets combine their energy into a single degree. In Synastry - the analysis of attraction - the most important of these is the Sun/Moon Midpoint which is often activated in significant relationships. If another person’s personal planet, especially the Sun or Moon, forms a hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) to your Sun/Moon Midpoint, then that person represents a potential partner. Therefore, it is a strong indicator of attraction. Special relationships that lead to marriage or a long-term commitment often contain at least one person’s personal planet aspecting the other’s Sun/Moon Midpoint.

When you meet someone who has planets aspecting your Sun/Moon Midpoint, the feelings you have towards this person seem very fated – you will want them to become more involved in your life and your destiny. One drawback is that the Sun/Moon person is likely to be more affected and influenced by the relationship than the person with the planet. This could be very disappointing for the Sun/Moon person, as they won't feel as appreciated by the planet person as much as they would like. Therefore, the ideal scenario should be both partners' planets aspecting each others' Sun/Moon Midpoints.

The aspects being made to the Sun/Moon Midpoint must be hard aspects - not soft ones like the sextile, trine, semisextile, etc. This is because hard aspects make things happen. They initiate and instigate events and experiences. They don't go with the flow - they start the flow. They activate and amplify the energy of the planets they're connected to.

Once established, a relationship can go through major changes when a transiting planet comes along and makes an aspect the Sun/Moon Midpoint. If you're single this can trigger a new relationship but if you are already attached, then the transit could alter your relationship in some way and even bring about a separation or divorce. 

So, how do you find where the Sun/Moon Midpoint is in your - or anyone else's - natal chart? Firstly, I need to emphasise is that if you don't know your time of birth there is no way to calculate the Sun/Moon Midpoint. This is a specific point in the birth chart, so the chart itself has to be completely accurate. If you have access to your birth chart, take a look at the images below to see how to find your Sun/Moon Midpoint. If you have problems working it out, let me know your Sun and Moon signs and degrees, and I will tell you where your Midpoint is.

In this chart, the Sun and Moon are only 6° apart, so therefore, the Sun/Moon Midpoint is halfway between them at 25° Capricorn.

If there is only one midpoint in your entire birth chart you decide to use in astrological analysis, it should be the Sun/Moon Midpoint, as it plays an active role in relationship beginnings, changes and endings. Once you’ve calculated your own Sun/Moon position, look at your relationships with others and see how this degree of your chart works.