Friday, 26 October 2018

The Strictly Curse - Part 1

Ever since the BBC talent show 'Strictly Come Dancing' began 14 years ago, there have been many rumours - and confirmations - of affairs taking place between the professional dancers and their celebrity partners, and also of relationships ending.  Occurring 11 times over 15 series - that's 73% so definitely not within the law of averages - this phenomenon has become known as 'The Strictly Curse'. But do curses exist and if so, can we see a 'curse' in the astrological chart? Astrological charts contain positive and negative energies. When these are triggered by other planets - transits, progressions, or the planets from another person's chart - positive or negative experiences tend to occur. If we define the word curse as the manifestation of negative energy, then it should be possible to find that influence in an astrological chart. 

Strictly Come Dancing first started on 15th May 2004 in London, England. Although I actually watched the very first show all those years ago, I cannot recall what time it began and I've been unable to find that particular piece of information. However, I do know that it was broadcast at primetime on a Saturday evening, so that means it began sometime between 6pm and 9pm. This narrows down the potential rising sign to either Libra or Scorpio and pinpoints the Moon's position as 16° - 17° Aries. In the chart below, I've split the difference and gone for a 7:30pm starting time. (Your comments on this would be very much appreciated)

The Sun was in Taurus, the sign of music and talent, so perfect for a dance contest. However, Taurus is also the sign of earthy sensuality and earth religions such as witchcraft. The Strictly Sun is in a conjunction to the fixed star Capulus, a combination which brings endurance, determination, and an ability to focus energy. Definitely qualities that are required by the dancers! The Capulus influence also brings the ability to achieve a prominent position in any field of expertise, and indicates success in dealing with the public. So, no prizes for guessing why Strictly Come Dancing has been so popular for the last 14 years!

With both the Moon and Mercury in Aries - and Mercury in a sextile aspect to Venus - it was obvious that the show would be an immediate hit with the viewers. But Mercury is also in a square to Chiron which represents teaching - a vital part of the show - and also symbolises 'forbidden love'. Could this hint at the numerous affairs taking place within the show?

Venus in an opposition aspect to Pluto in the Strictly chart indicates the discovery of hidden talents - which is what this show was designed for - but also upheavals in love, emotional intensity and sexual desire. Of course, Venus also rules music and dancing, and combined with Pluto the whole concept becomes much deeper and more complex with hidden undercurrents of unrequited lust.

Strictly Come Dancing - 'natal' chart
In the Strictly Come Dancing chart Mars is in conjunction with Saturn. This planetary combination really puts the STRICT into STRICTLY! Participating in this show is something of an endurance test, and you really feel the need to prove yourself. There's physical suffering - mostly due to exhaustion and unaccustomed exercise - as well as the risk of potential injury. This show is extremely hard work. Discipline, perseverance, and a strong survival instinct are required to stave off the frustration felt by many of the contestants - and possibly the pro-dancers too. Mars in aspect to Saturn gives strong determination and sustained effort in the pursuit of goals. The creative energy of Mars is positively influenced by Saturn’s strong work ethic. Because this aspect is very authoritative, being judged, standing under a spotlight, and listening to that 'boom, boom, boom' music of the potential dance-off, are all symbolised by this planetary influence.

Mars in a trine aspect to Uranus shows the high physical energy required by both the contestants and professional dancers. This planetary combination indicates an exciting, adventurous experience with the unexpected opportunity for overnight success. This is very true for many of the celebrities who take part in Strictly. Although they are already famous for their own brand of entertainment, they often go on to achieve so much more after the contest has ended. Strictly is a high-octane show whose mass popularity propels even mediocre celebrities into media superstars.

Pluto in an opposition aspect to Lilith is a really big indicator of what could symbolise the 'Strictly Curse'. Pluto represents transformation and within the context of Strictly Come Dancing we see this being manifested as celebrity contestants who have never danced before emerging as confident performers. Many of the female contestants describe the whole experience as a process of liberation, allowing them to freely express their sexuality (symbolised by Lilith) in a positive way. Primitive instincts which are normally suppressed because they are socially undesirable can be released 'safely' through dance. However, when spilling over into real life, they can result in negative behaviour such as compulsions, obsessions, jealousy or secret affairs.

The 'Strictly Curse' has been evident throughout the history of the show, but 'Strictly Come Dancing 2018' has been the most controversial ever - because this time we have video evidence of the 'curse' in action.

More in Part 2....

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Carlos Marin

Classical singer Carlos Marin was born on Sunday 13th October 1968 in Mörfelden-Walldorf near Russelsheim, Germany and raised in Spain. No birth time available.

As a Sun sign Libran, Carlos is very refined and charming with a strong sense of image. He is diplomatic, congenial and very romantic. His Sun is in conjunction with Mercury making him a great communicator - he can speak and sing in several languages. The Sun in an opposition aspect to Saturn indicates ambition, patience and dedication. 

With his natal Moon in its own sign of Cancer, Carlos has great emotional strength and sensitivity. Although he may sometimes be easily wounded by a careless word, he is highly attuned to the feelings and moods of others. Men with a dominant Cancerian influence in their charts possess an innate understanding of women and Carlos is no exception. He loves women - and they love him.....

Mercury in Libra shows that Carlos is good at weighing up options and reaching a balanced decision. He may sometimes compromise his own opinions in order to please other people. He needs a strong mental affinity in close relationships. With natal Mercury in an opposition aspect to Saturn, Carlos is very honest and straightforward. Polite, yes - but very down-to-earth and direct. You will always get the truth from him - no bullshit. This man has incredible integrity and a strong sense of discipline and commitment.

With Venus in Scorpio, Carlos is intensely passionate. Scorpio is the sign of deep emotion and Venus is all about conveying feelings of love. With his powerful singing voice, Carlos embodies this concept perfectly. Venus in conjunction with Neptune indicates that he is highly sensitive, romantic and idealistic. 

With Venus in a sextile aspect to Jupiter, he is sociable, graceful, charming and popular and knows how to handle people in any situation. He has an eye for quality and a taste for luxury. With his dynamic, dramatic and passionate performances, it's clear to see - and feel - the strong Venus in Scorpio influence of his birth chart. Venus in a positive sextile aspect to Pluto emphasises this and gives him a magnetic personality which exudes a very sensual nature. 

Mars in the sign of Virgo indicates that Carlos is precise and methodical. Obsessed with detail, he picks up on every little thing. He's not afraid of hard work, possibly to the point of over-exertion, and is very self-critical. Constantly learning more ways to enhance his skills, he is forever seeking perfection.

With Jupiter also in Virgo, Carlos seeks technical excellence in his profession and is exceptionally dutiful towards his work. He understands the relationship between a healthy mind and body and therefore is very strict in regard to his lifestyle - he doesn't smoke and is probably careful about what he eats and drinks. Jupiter in conjunction to Pluto will bring him tremendous confidence and major accomplishments. He has an incredibly strong need to make it big in the world, and a desire to succeed at the highest level. Setbacks or failures do not worry him as he sees opportunity in every challenge. This aspect has the potential to make Carlos a very powerful figure. He will make a big difference in the world and enhance the lives of many people. 

Monday, 1 October 2018

Jodie Whittaker

Actress Jodie Whittaker was born on Thursday, 17th June 1982 in Huddersfield, England. No birth time is available, so unfortunately, it's not possible to analyse the Moon or the Ascendant in her natal chart.

As a Sun Sign Gemini, Jodie is bright and very talkative - a born communicator. Mentally agile and inquisitive, she will enjoy acquiring knowledge and learning new things. The Sun is in an opposition aspect to Neptune in her natal chart, and this planetary combination is frequently found in the charts of people who are in the entertainment industry as it brings strong creative potential and artistic talent. In a trine aspect to Jupiter and Pluto, she will have a benevolent and easy-going personality. Jodie may find that good luck comes to her through the crises in her life.

With Mercury in the sign of Gemini, Jodie has a logical and versatile mind which is capable of processing a lot of information quickly and thoroughly. Articulate and witty, she needs constant mental stimulation. Mercury in a trine aspect to Mars shows that she is a skilled speaker and has lots of common sense. Determined and courageous, she has no problem making decisions - even if she knows her choices might not be popular. Mercury in an opposition aspect to Uranus indicates that Jodie may be highly strung and prone to nervous tension. She has a great memory and is also astute, single-minded and forward looking. This woman knows what she wants!

Venus in the sign of Taurus indicates that Jodie has tremendous talents - possibly more than she realises. Obviously she's an amazing actress, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is also a great singer, musician or artist. 

With her natal Mars in Libra, Jodie will know how to compromise and she is excellent at conflict management. Mars in a sextile aspect to Uranus shows that she may need to channel impulsive urges in a positive and constructive way. This planetary influence also gives her an adventurous outlook which inspires other people. Although strongly independent with a fighting spirit, she works well in groups and takes the lead.

Risk taking is not a problem for Jodie and she should always trust her instincts. With a strong desire for excitement, her high energy levels and spontaneity may sometimes unnerve the people around her. She is very independent and needs a certain amount of freedom in relationships as well as in her career. She makes a positive impression on others and she is the one that can get things moving with her initiative and motivation. When people meet celebrities with Mars sextile Uranus they will often mention their presence or aura that fills the room.

Saturn in Libra shows that Jodie works hard to maintain the important relationships in her life and may be overly critical if others do not reciprocate. In a square aspect to her natal Nodes, Saturn could bring a sense of deep guilt - often in connection to family history. Perhaps because of something which has been passed down through her family for many years.  


The actors who portray the Timelord always have powerful connections to the Doctor Who natal chart - and Jodie is no exception. Her natal Sun is in aspect to the DW Moon, Venus and Mars, but the most important is a conjunction to the Doctor Who Ascendant which will enhance the popularity of both her and the show itself.. They will both be in the spotlight like never before and this astrological influence will bring a total reboot for Doctor Who.

Jodie's natal Uranus in conjunction to the Doctor Who natal Sun indicates that having her on board the Tardis will change the course of the show's direction and improve its image. This aspect will bring an air of excitement and originality. There could be unusual twists and turns during Jodie's time in the Tardis because whether she is aware of it or not, she has come into this role to challenge everyone to accept a nontraditional or unconventional style of Timelord. In turn, this experience will trigger Jodie's need to explore her own individuality. Many, many ups and downs are in store both for the character, the series -  and Jodie herself. Get ready for a wild ride!

Jodie's Neptune conjunct the Doctor Who Descendant shows that casting her as the new Doctor is an inspired decision. However, there is also a hint of misunderstandings and a betrayal of trust. What this will mean, I'm not sure. Time will tell..... 

One of the most exciting aspects between the charts is the conjunction of Jodie's North Node to the Doctor Who North Node which indicates that she and Doctor Who share the same path of destiny. Whatever happens next, this was meant to be.....