Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Trump, Hillary, USA - The Final Countdown

This has been one of the toughest astrological projects I've ever undertaken, for many reasons. I don't usually do politics or politicians, so I'm out of my comfort zone with all of this. Also, there were so many charts to study in order to find all the relevant information: Trump's natal chart, Hillary's natal chart, the USA natal chart, the Election Day chart, the Inauguration Day chart.  - and all their predictive charts including transits, progressions, etc, as well as comparing each of the charts with all of the others to see how they interact. An added problem was there's no accurate birth time for Hillary. However, here is my interpretation of who may the next President of the United States.


On 8th November 2016 - transiting Mars will be in opposition to Donald Trump's Progressed Midheaven. This indicates frustrated goals, disruptive influences, and a struggle to get what he wants. There may also be setbacks through upsetting other people. There will be many arguments and accusations. Transiting Uranus will be in conjunction to his Solar Return Midheaven. This shows that there could be a sudden twist of fate for Mr Trump on Election Day. An unexpected event which will turn everything upside down. Having said that, the transiting Moon will be trine his natal Sun and also his natal North Node, both of which indicates popularity. 

Hillary Clinton has many astrological connections to the Election Day chart. On 8th November 2016 the transiting Sun will be in conjunction with her natal Venus and in a square aspect to her natal Pluto. This shows a positive outlook and optimistic attitude. As a result of this election, there will be a major change of direction in her life. Promotion to the highest office? Or retiring from politics? The Midheaven in the election Day chart will be conjunct Hillary's natal North Node. This shows an increase in status and events running smoothly in her professional life. There will also be beneficial relationships with superiors and authorities. This transit often coincides with a new professional position or promotion. 


Using Synastry to analyse Donald Trump's connections to the USA, his natal Sun is conjunct the USA natal Mars. This indicates an action-packed and volatile relationship. There is a lot of anger bursting to get out with this planetary influence. Whatever happens on 8th November, there is likely to be a rather fiery response if he doesn't win - and a fiery response even if he does. This connection between the Sun and Mars brings impulsive decisions and a fiercely combative attitude.

Trump's natal Sun is in a square aspect to the USA Neptune. This planetary influence shows that, in some way, Donald Trump is causing America to feel confused about it's own identity. His famous slogan throughout this campaign, 'We'll Make America Great Again' is somehow implying that America is in a downward spiral and needs to be 'rescued' - by Trump, of course. Interestingly, in synastry, an aspect between the Sun and Neptune indicates a tendency towards a saviour-victim mentality. In other words, one side - Trump - is making the other side - USA - believe that it is weak and helpless. He is trying to convince the people that he is the one to save them. He wants to be an anti-establishment hero. 

With his natal Moon in an opposition aspect to Mars in the USA chart, Donald Trump has a tendency to over-react. This is bad enough right now but imagine if he was the President. An over-reaction then could trigger all kinds of problems. Together, DT and the USA would be irritable, intolerant, and short-tempered. This planetary combination indicates explosive conflicts - and not just with other nations. There is a strong indication that the citizens of the US will turn against Trump as the USA natal Mars is also in opposition to his Moon. There is a very real possibility that 'President Trump' could end up being 'at war' with his own nation.

Donald Trump has several strong connections from his natal Venus - conjunct Mercury, sextile Neptune, opposite Pluto, and conjunct the Vertex - to the USA chart. This shows his popularity. The people love and admire Mr Trump. because he symbolises everything that Americans aspire to be - successful, rich, and famous. These positive connections to the USA are the reason he is already mega-wealthy and living the American Dream. But will that qualify him to take on the nation's top job - President of the United States? 

However, most of Donald Trump's connections to the USA chart involve Mars, and one very important aspect is a conjunction from DT's natal North Node to the USA Mars. This indicates a fiery and fated relationship between himself and the population. This association will make a strong impact on both - whether as allies or enemies. It suggests that, together, Mr Trump and the USA could become involved in a dramatic showdown. Whatever happens, it is destined to change the course of their lives, in particular that of Mr Trump. But will this be for better or worse? Either way, Donald Trump has already whipped up a storm and divided the nation. 

While Trump has crossover aspects of the Moon opposite Mars and Mars opposite the Moon with the USA chart, Hillary Clinton, by comparison, also has a crossover to the USA chart. However, hers involves the Sun trine Venus, and Venus trine the Sun. There could not be more of a contrast. Trump's represents over-reaction and aggression. Hillary's represents peace and harmony - and it's also good for financial dealings. 

Trump's Mars connections to the USA are all negative - but Hillary Clinton's are positive and progressive. Her natal Mars is in a sextile aspect to the USA Saturn, and her natal Saturn is sextile the USA Mars - another crossover! Her Mars is also in a trine aspect to the USA Ascendant. These influences show a practical, organised and disciplined partnership between Hillary and the nation. Together, they will initiate decisive actions calculated to bring tangible results. Where Trump would bring conflict, Hillary would bring compromise. This would be a hard-working, dynamic leadership.


In the USA Solar Return chart for the year in which a new president is elected, the sign on the Ascendant tends to symbolise the background of the new president, or the type of person they are. For example, when President John F Kennedy took office, the sign on the USA Solar Return Ascendant was in Cancer. This sign represents close families - especially those whose cultural background is very strict or religious. This year [4th July 2016 - 4th July 2017], the Solar Return Ascendant is in Sagittarius - the sign which represents lawyers. Hillary Clinton is, by profession, a lawyer. 

In the Annual Degree Projection chart for the USA this year [4th July 2016 - 4th July 2017] every planet, asteroid, and point in the chart has rotated though 180 degrees. So, in effect, the whole chart is the opposite way round. Does this mean that the president will be the opposite of what America is used to - i.e. a woman? The Projected Moon is conjunct the fixed star Regulus - the Royal Star. Centuries ago, when all world leaders were descended from royalty, this star would symbolise kings. In modern times we are also ruled by presidents and prime ministers, so Regulus indicates all world leaders. With the Moon in conjunction to this star, does this suggest a female leader? Another intriguing clue is Projected Pluto conjunct the Vertex. Pluto rules Scorpio - Hillary's Sun sign.

These two candidates are both so close to winning the election, it's almost impossible to predict which one will become the next president. However, the chart information does tend to slightly favour one in particular, and since my fellow astrologers agree with this, I'm going to stick my neck out and say....... Hillary Clinton.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

King Richard III

Richard Plantagenet was born on 2nd October 1452 at 9:02am in Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire, England. He was the 12th of 13 children and the youngest son born to Richard, Duke of York and his wife Cecily. At the age of eight, he became Duke of Gloucester, and in 1483 he ascended to the throne as King Richard III. I had always been vaguely aware of the myth and legend surrounding Richard III and his place in history which was tainted by stories that were not necessarily true, of his involvement in the alleged murders of his two young nephews. However, the story of Richard's life - and death - became headline news in 2012 when archaeologists were granted permission to excavate a car park in the city of Leicester. What they found there became the basis of one of the most astonishing discoveries of the 21st century. The remains of King Richard III.

When Richard was born in the 15th century, there was a different calendar system in use - the Julian Calendar. It would take too long to explain, but gradually over the following centuries, countries all over Europe changed to a new, updated, more astronomically accurate method of measuring the passing days and months. This was called the Gregorian Calendar and is still the calendar system we use in the 21st century. When calculating a birth chart for someone born during the period of the Julian Calendar, there are a few complications and controversies involved. This was something I'd never encountered before, as I hadn't done a horoscope for anyone born in the Julian period. Some astrologers use the Julian date as a basis for the birth chart, while others convert the date into Gregorian. Also, the astrologers who convert to Gregorian sometimes completely adjust the date too. However, after a few months of research, I finally decided that the best and most accurate method is the unadjusted Gregorian date. So, here is my astrological profile of King Richard III.

Richard was born with the Sun in the sign of Libra, making him very congenial and diplomatic. Very idealistic too, and at times, lacking in self-confidence. The Sun in sector 12 indicates that he worked behind the scenes and gained recognition through service to others. He had powerful secret enemies. The Sun was in a trine aspect to the Moon when Richard was born and this shows a contented nature and good relations with those closest to him. This aspect between the Sun and Moon adds strength to the other positive influences in his chart. It indicates a strong mind and body (yes, he had a disability, but he dealt with it admirably) and an ability to take the ups and downs of life in his stride. This planetary influence gave Richard a powerful resilience to bounce back from any personal difficulty.

The Sun in a wide-orb conjunction to Mercury in his natal chart imbued Richard with an independent mind. Mentally alert and talkative, he had no trouble communicating his opinions. Rational and intelligent, he found the exchange of ideas to be very stimulating. The Sun in a sextile aspect to Pluto shows that his dealings with others could often be very intense and powerful external forces obstructed his path throughout his life. This planetary influence would have given Richard tremendous creative potential. 

Richard's Moon is in the sign of Aquarius. Many iconic figures have been born with the Moon in this sign: John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Muhammad Ali, Angela Merkel, Pope Francis..... The list is endless. Famous people born with this Moon sign are held in very high esteem by the public. They have the ability to influence the masses and are very humanitarian in their outlook. They will fight for other people's rights and campaign for equality. Not only that, but they are still hero-worshipped years, decades, and even centuries after their death. However, on top of all that, there is also often controversy surrounding their lives. Very idealistic and progressive, people with this Moon sign often grow up feeling different in some way, the odd-one-out. Although they are sociable, their inner sense of loneliness makes them feel —that they don’t quite fit in—.

Richard's Moon is in sector three of his natal chart and this suggests that he was someone who was very communicative, curious, and may have had a talent for languages. He could have been prone to rationalising his emotions rather than attempting to deal with them, or he may have expressed himself in an excessively emotional manner - probably both. It's possible that he was quite nervous and restless, and also very sensitive to other people's opinions. The Moon is in an opposition aspect to Pluto and this indicates that Richard's mother would have had a very powerful influence in his life. It also shows the sort of forces which shaped his outlook  and destiny: jealousy, violence, obsession, emotional blackmail, and family crises.

In Richard's natal chart the Ascendant is in the sign of Scorpio. This gave him a deeply instinctual and passionate nature, as well as an inner strength of will which could have been used for regeneration - of himself, other people, or society. Powerful in a quiet and understated sort of way, he was a force to be reckoned with. He knew instinctively who to trust, who his allies were - as well as his enemies. Richard was born to be a leader and a pioneer. He was both a fierce competitor and a warrior. Scorpio is the sign of intense feelings and deep emotions. Extreme issues are associated with this sign, such as: wealth, power and death, and all three featured prominently in his life. People with Scorpio Ascendants display intense reactions and they provoke powerful reactions in other people too. 

With both the Moon and Pluto square to his Ascendant, Richard had many emotional upheavals within his family and many upsetting changes in his personal life. Interestingly, the Moon, Pluto, and the Scorpio Ascendant all symbolise death - or matters connected to death. In fact, death was - and still is - a major theme surrounding the legend of Richard III. His one and only child, Edward, died at a young age, and his wife, Anne died soon after. This meant that when Richard himself died only five months later, he left no heirs, thus ending the Plantagenet dynasty. 

With his natal Mercury in Libra and sector 12, Richard had a sharp, active mind, capable of weighing up all the options and reaching balanced decisions, as well as a very fertile imagination. Mercury in an opposition aspect to Mars suggests he could have been irritable, critical, and somewhat sarcastic at times. Although argumentative and outspoken, he was a skilled communicator. With Mercury conjunct Saturn, Richard was a deep and logical thinker. He was reliable and honest and did not suffer fools gladly.

In Richard's birth chat, Venus is in the sign of Scorpio. This shows that he was a highly passionate man with a great capacity for self-sacrifice. His feelings in all of his relationships - including his marriage - would have been 'all or nothing'. He was very loyal and would have been devastated by any form of betrayal. Venus is sector one shows that he was very refined, harmonious, charming, and has now been discovered, very handsome. Venus in a square aspect to Jupiter indicates a love of luxury.

Mars in the sign of Aries and sector six indicates that Richard had tremendous courage and determination. He also had an aggressive streak and was very competitive. It's important to remember that, in the 15th century, kings didn't just sit on a throne and hand out orders to their armies. The king himself was a warrior who had to lead his troops into battle. So, Richard would have needed to be tough. He was enthusiastic, sometimes impulsive, but also very focused. He was a man who took control of his own destiny. Mars in an opposition aspect to Saturn indicates Richard's disability - he had scoliosis. This condition causes the spine to bend and twist, pushing other parts of the body out of alignment, and gradually compressing the internal organs. He would have been in constant pain. This planetary combination also shows a fear of being cowardly, but Richard was no coward. He experienced life as a fight for survival, and he fought until the end.

Intriguingly, Richard's natal chart has Neptune, Chiron, and the Nodes all positioned on World Points. He also had his Midheaven in the royal sign of Leo, conjunct the regal star, Regulus. He was destined to be a king, destined to rule, and destined to make his mark upon history.