Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Relationships: Part 2 - Keeping It In The Family

Modern astrology has the benefit of polls and surveys to back up, or sometimes even debunk, its traditional theories. Some of these are very enlightening, particularly regarding relationships. For example, over 70% of people in a long-term romantic relationship will be with a partner whose Sun sign is the same as one of their parents. My sister is a Gemini. Her husband's father is also a Gemini, so he married a woman who has the same Sun sign as his dad. One of my former partners was a Libran - the same sign as my mother. I'm Aquarius - the same sign as his mother. Since we parted, he has gone on to marry someone else who is also an Aquarian, again the same sign as his mother! 

Astrological connections between family members are a never-ending fascination. By studying the charts of families you can see patterns repeating time and time again. My ex-partner's family are a great example. He - lets call him 'P' - has the Sun in conjunction to Pluto in his natal chart. So does his brother. His mother has the Sun in an opposition aspect to Pluto, and his wife has the Sun in a trine aspect to Pluto. So, Sun Pluto aspects are a family trait. But that's not all..... 'P's mother has her natal Mercury positioned at 23° Capricorn. So does 'P's wife - and also his brother's wife! All the women have Mercury in the same sign at the same degree. Incidentally, my natal Mercury is also situated at 23° Capricorn, so I guess that's why, albeit for only three years, I too, was connected to this family.

Another really interesting area is the correlation between family Moons. My mother is the eldest of five children. She and all of her siblings have their natal Moons in Mutable Signs. There are four Mutable Signs in the Zodiac - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. My mother has her Moon in Virgo, two of her sisters have their Moons in Gemini, and her youngest sister and brother have theirs in Pisces. My father also had his Moon in a Mutable Sign - Sagittarius - and my sister has her Moon in Pisces

But it doesn't end there - my sister's ex-husband also had a Pisces Moon and her second husband has his Moon in Sagittarius as does his brother and both of his parents. With other families, the Moon connection might be different. For example, some family members have their Moons in the same element - Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. Some have their Moons in seemingly random signs, but their Moons will be in aspect to the same planet. I guess, because the Moon actually symbolises 'home' and family', that could explain why it is such a strong linking factor within family groups, bringing harmony and compatibility between the emotions and moods of family members.

Of course, all relationships - family, friends, partners, etc - need strong Synastry components too. For example, my mother's Ascendant is in Leo - and my natal Sun is exactly opposite, in Aquarius. This is called Polarity - more about that in a future article. It's also interesting that the same sign crops up over and over again between family members as a Sun sign, Moon sign or Rising sign. I have recently come across two women who both have Libra Moons. One of them has five children - four of whom are Sun sign Librans. The other has three children - two of whom are Sun sign Librans. The other intriguing connection is that both of these women are also mothers to twins. So, my next area of research is twins - not the twins themselves, but their mothers - and if women with the Moon in Libra are more likely to give birth to twins.*

*Are you a twin, or the mother of twins? If so, what is your Moon sign, and what is your Sun sign? This information would provide a fascinating astrological insight.