Thursday, 31 August 2017

Diana: The People's Princess - Part 2

In 1981, the year when Diana became engaged to - and married - Prince Charles, there was a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. In ancient times the cycle of these two planets was used to predict events of great importance, particularly those associated with rulers and royalty. Because this conjunction occurred in Libra, love and relationships were the centre of attention and took on a particularly important role in the public psyche. None more so than the wedding of HRH Charles Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction was positioned in sector 10 of Diana's natal chart indicating a rise to great prominence over the next 20 years. On 24th February 1981 this conjunction was in a square aspect to Diana's natal Sun when her engagement was officially announced and the whole world knew that she was about to become the wife of a future king.

In 1981 transiting Pluto was in conjunction to Diana's natal Midheaven indicating a dramatic change in the direction of her life and the subsequent fame and fortune this brought. This planetary influence also showed that her family would be affected by the events in her professional or public life. Her Solar Arc Sun was in opposition to her natal Saturn, indicating a change in status. This was when she became the Princess of Wales. Solar Arc Jupiter in a positive trine aspect to her natal Midheaven showed that the marriage would make Diana extremely popular with the public. Solar Arc Neptune in a trine to Juno indicates the fairytale atmosphere of this marriage. 

The Solar Arc Ascendant in a trine to Pluto indicated the wealth and power she would be exposed to which would influence her personal image. And the Solar Arc Midheaven opposite Ceres showed her commitment to her country. Interestingly, Saturn and Pluto are both in hard aspect to Lilith - an indication of the 'other woman' involved in the marriage?

During the wedding month, Diana's Progressed Moon was in a happy and positive trine aspect to her natal Sun, as well as another 'fairytale' influence - Moon conjunct Neptune. Progressed Juno was conveniently positioned on a World Point showing that this marriage was a global phenomenon. It was, and would continue to be, of great interest to millions of people across the world.

For the year 1981, Diana's Solar Return Ascendant was conjunct her natal Neptune giving her a fantasy like outlook, while her Solar Return Midheaven was conjunct her natal Uranus indicating major changes to her domestic environment, family, career, and public image. Uranus also symbolises glamour and this was certainly a big factor in Diana's life.

In Diana's Annual Degree Projection chart the Sun was conjunct her natal Midheaven. This represented her growing prestige and public recognition. The Sun in a trine aspect to her natal Moon symbolised a process of inner change which would gradually turn outwards, and we witnessed this as she became more confident and sophisticated as the years passed.
The ADP Ascendant in a square aspect to her natal Mercury indicated unhappy changes of residence and domestic conflict. It also indicates slander and libel - and of course many dishonest things were said and written about her in the media. On the positive side, there would be increased opportunities for travel and communication with the wider public.

The Projected Midheaven for 1981 was in a square aspect to Diana's natal Neptune. When Neptune is prominent in a chart, it often means that a situation is shrouded in mystery or deception. Although by marrying Prince Charles and becoming the Princess Of Wales, Diana was realising a long-cherished dream, and capturing the popular imagination, she was also making a huge personal sacrifice for what she thought was to be her ideal life. In the long-term, the dream was shattered, she was surrounded by scandal and dishonesty, and her fairytale marriage was exposed as a sham. In many ways, looking back at the wedding with the benefit of hindsight, it was the beginning of the end for Diana, and no-one could have realised just what would unfold over the coming years.....

Friday, 25 August 2017

Diana: The People's Princess - Part 1

On Sunday 31st August 1997 millions of people around the world were left in a state of shock and emotional devastation. The reason? The sudden and untimely death of a beautiful, compassionate, and charismatic young woman called Diana. Now, 20 years later, here is my analysis of The People's Princess.

Diana Frances Spencer (she did not become Lady Diana until the age of 13) was born on Saturday, 1st July 1961 at 7:45pm in Sandringham, England, UK. 

Diana's natal Sun was in the sign of Cancer making her sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. Naturally caring and protective, she wanted to reach out to people and help wherever, whenever, and in any way she could. On a personal level, her family - particularly her children - were the love of her life. The Sun was situated in sector seven of her chart making her diplomatic, idealistic and romantic. This position of the Sun also showed that being in a partnership would enhance her individuality, and when she got married, this was indeed the case as she blossomed from a shy teenager into a sophisticated young woman. Among other things, this position of the Sun indicated that the person she married would be very dignified, and that professional progress and personal success would come about through that relationship.

Her natal Sun in conjunction to Mercury brought Diana an independent mind and the need to express her thoughts and opinions. She loved meeting people and not just talking to them, but listening too. Forming a good mental rapport with people and exchanging ideas was very stimulating for her. Her insight and perception were razor-sharp. Diana's natal Sun in a sextile aspect to Pluto made it easy and natural for her to find and pursue things which interested her. Many people with this aspect feel they have a special calling, vocation or destiny, and Diana probably felt this too - first as the mother of a future king, and then later as a humanitarian ambassador. She had an eagerness to experience more than just an ordinary life, and was quite ambitious. 

With the Sun in a trine aspect to Neptune in her natal chart, Diana had a dreamy, inspired, and sensitive side. An appreciation for music and the arts is represented by this planetary combination  and of course Diana loved dancing, especially ballet. Naturally compassionate, she was sensitive to those who were suffering. She had an attraction to spirituality and metaphysical subjects, and it's a well-known fact that Diana regularly consulted psychics and astrologers. 

With her natal Moon in Aquarius, Diana became an icon of style, beauty and glamour, and had her life continued, she would have been an icon of humanitarian work too. Many famous people have this planetary influence in their charts as it tends to produce someone who is 'different' in some way. Out of the ordinary, charismatic and unique, Diana was a trailblazer. She was very sociable and extremely sensitive to the opinions of others. Yet at times she could be impulsive, rebellious and unconventional. Intuition, empathy and a sense of humanity came naturally to her. 

The Moon in sector three of her natal chart shows that Diana was very responsive, communicative, and curious. This position of the Moon suggests a talent for imitating others and being able to communicate on an emotional level. Her decisions would often have been made from a 'gut feeling' or instinctive standpoint. Intuition and sensitivity influenced her thoughts a great deal and this made her comfortable when talking about feelings and sharing confidences, which in turn enabled others to express their own. Diana had tremendous psychological insight.

With her natal Moon in an opposition aspect to Uranus with both squared by Venus and thus forming a planetary configuration called a T-square, she will have tended to be emotionally impulsive. Her early upbringing may have been unusual and unstable. As a result, her desire to be cared for and her need for emotional independence brought inner psychological conflict. This configuration symbolises Diana's quest for motherhood and also her sudden rise to fame and popularity. The Moon trine her natal Midheaven gave her an instinct for what the public wants, a powerful link with family tradition (her own family as well as the royals) and an innate sense of history. Above all, this planetary influence brought the urge to nurture.

Diana's Ascendant was in the sign of Sagittarius at the time of her birth. Sagittarius is one of the four Dual signs (also called Mutable Signs) and they tend to bring a double life of some sort. Sagittarius symbolises travel, profound subjects, and philosophical thoughts. With this sign on her Ascendant, Diana was drawn to social and moral issues. She led by example - who could forget the groundbreaking scenes of her shaking hands with AIDS patients. At that time, this was a huge deal and totally unprecedented. She took the initiative and inspired others with her faith in people from all walks of life.

With her natal Venus in the sign of Taurus, Diana was imbued with beauty and charm. She was passionate and loyal in love, a touch possessive, and had very powerful emotions. In sector six of her natal chart, Venus is a wonderful planetery placement for finding happiness through work and the daily routine. Diana loved her royal duties, particularly after the breakdown of her marriage when she received love and appreciation from the public that was no longer present in her private life. Also as the planet of attraction, Venus in the sixth sector indicates work involving beauty and you could almost say that Diana's beauty became part of her work. Venus in a trine aspect to Saturn in Diana's natal chart shows her strong sense of duty and commitment as well as her traditional views of love and marriage. 

Diana's natal Mars was in conjunction to Pluto - a planetary combination that produces explosive or destructive energy. On the positive side, it shows great courage and remarkable achievements against all the odds. It's easy to say that Diana had a wonderful life - wealth, beauty, fame, etc - but she was virtually abandoned just three years into her marriage. Her husband, whom she adored and wanted to spend the rest of her life with, resumed his affair with his former girlfriend. Diana's in-laws shunned her, and even her own family didn't want to know. On top of that, she had to attend official functions with her husband, smile and pretend that everything was normal. So, she showed tremendous resilience and courage by 'going public' about everything which had happened, and exposing the truth about the British Royal Family.

It is my firm opinion that this particular planetary aspect in Diana's birth chart was a major - although not the only - astrological factor in her death. When she died, Pluto had moved by transit to form a square aspect to her natal Mars, triggering the effect of the natal Mars Pluto conjunction. Another astrologer told me many years ago that astrology charts often reveal literal information and to look for symbolism. The symbolism here is 'violent death'. It's important to remember that violence is not always a deliberate act perpetrated by another person. It is physical damage to the body by great force. Which is exactly what occurred during the car crash in Paris.

As a rule, I hardly ever include Fixed Stars in someone's chart unless that person is very high-profile. In Diana's natal chart the North Node was conjunct the 'Royal Star' Regulus. This indicated that she would be connected in some significant way to royalty - it was in her destiny. Another Fixed Star which made an impact in Diana's natal chart was Spica in a conjunction to her natal Midheaven. It brought success, fame, wealth, and unexpected honours. This star has the nickname 'Queen of Heaven' but also 'The Lonely One'. I think both of these are highly appropriate descriptions of the woman we all came to admire and adore as the unique, dedicated, inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful Princess Diana.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse taking place on Monday 21 August 2017 will be seen across the USA, but this eclipse hits a degree of the zodiac - 28° Leo - which will make it a global event as he late degrees of Leo are present in the charts of many countries and leaders. Eclipses occur regularly around three or four times a year, but they appear in cycles and this particular one happens approximately every 18.5 years. It was last seen on 11th August 1999.

This Solar Eclipse pattern also occurred in 1945 when America was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbour; in 1963 when President John F Kennedy was assassinated; and in 1981 - the year of an attempted assassination on President Ronald Reagan. This Solar Eclipse will be in a conjunction to President Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant. This could bring anger, arguments, and aggression - at the very least he'll probably be accident-prone and very stressed. This Solar Eclipse could also be in opposition to the USA Moon (depending upon the actual start time of the USA). If that's the case, there will be a huge amount of social unrest during the months after the eclipse.

Do eclipses influence the birth chart of individuals? Yes, they do. Any planet or point in your natal chart which is being aspected - especially a conjunction or opposition - by the eclipse will be influenced for the next 12 months. You should expect major changes depending upon which planet or point is triggered. For example, if the eclipse connects to the Sun in your natal chart, your physical vitality, creativity, or anything to do with children could become an important issue. This year's Solar Eclipse will be in opposition to my natal Moon. That means I can expect some dramatic situations concerning my family, home, and emotional life. An eclipse brings a turning point usually involving some sort of cover-up or exposure.

Eclipses often coincide with happy events or experiences, but because the energy of an eclipse symbolises a sense of drama, or being at a crossroads in our lives, it tends to have a shadow side, so there is always a hidden element or some unexpected consequence. In ancient times, and throughout history, eclipses were symbols of fear and dread. They were thought to be portents of doom, in much the same way as comets were. A Solar Eclipse actually looks like a giant eye glaring down on everyone, so it's understandable that ancient civilisations believed it to be the 'Evil Eye' - particularly as many people became blind after seeing an eclipse of the Sun. Of course we now understand that the Sun's radiation can destroy the retina, causing a loss of sight, and that's why, in modern times, we are warned to use protection when looking at a Solar Eclipse. As for Lunar Eclipses, they take on a red hue which can look like a face covered in blood - hence the nickname 'Blood Moon'. 

People also believed that certain misfortunes would occur in the months after an eclipse: war, drought, famine, etc. Interestingly, it has been discovered that eclipses do make earthquakes more likely in the geographical locations within the eclipse shadow. There is actually a scientific reason for this. The Earth's crust is actually not as solid as it's name suggests. Relatively speaking, it is quite thin and 'floats' on the surface of a layer called the Mantle which is mainly composed of magma - molten rock. When the combined gravitational force of the Sun and Moon takes place during an eclipse, it actually pulls the crust upwards and makes it bulge by more than 50 cm (20 inches). It doesn't sound much but this pulling and stretching can weaken the structure of the crust allowing molten magma to seep through at certain points making those areas more susceptible to seismic eruptions.

In the 'old days' eclipses were believed to have a detrimental effect upon people of high status and in positions of power and authority - especially kings and queens. In modern times, this came to include not just royalty, but prime ministers, presidents and religious leaders too - anyone at the top of the social pyramid. Particularly in the case of members of the British Royal Family, many important events happen on, or around, an eclipse. For example, The Prince Of Wales was born two days before a Lunar Eclipse. He married Lady Diana Spencer on 29th July 1981 - two days before a Solar Eclipse. His elder son, Prince William was born on a Solar Eclipse. On 31st August 1997, Diana, Princess Of Wales died two days before a Solar Eclipse and this year's eclipse is about to make some powerful connections to her chart, so prepare for a revelation. 

Remember that you don't have to see an eclipse for it to have an effect on your life, but if you can see it, take precautions and wear protective eclipse goggles. In 2015, there was a Solar Eclipse visible across the UK. I saw it and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. Happy Eclipse Gazing! 🌕🌑