Sunday, 22 November 2015

Doctor Who

The first episode of British sci-fi drama series 'Doctor Who' was broadcast on Saturday 23rd November 1963 at 5:15pm by the BBC in London. An instant hit with the viewers, it quickly became a national insitution which ran for 26 series before being cancelled in 1989. Then, like the Timelord himself, the drama was resurrected on 26th March 2005, becoming more popular than ever. 

When Doctor Who began, the Sun had just moved into the 'travel and adventure' sign of Sagittarius, and indeed, this is highly appropriate, as the Doctor's adventures include travelling over vast distances (very Sagittarian) both in time and space. Sagittarius also symbolises people from faraway places, and of course, the Doctor is an alien from another planet whose enemies are also aliens. This Sagittarian influence is further enhanced by the fact that this sign contains more planets than any other in the Doctor Who chart. 

The Doctor Who Moon is in the sign of Aquarius - perfect for a futuristic drama! Aquarius represents everything scientific and electronic, and the Doctor's exploits are positively saturated in scientific data and electronic devices. In many ways, the Doctor is actually a scientist. However, Aquarius is also the sign of humanitarianism and philanthropy, and this too is a major theme of each episode. The Doctor is one of life's 'good guys', he literally wants to save the Universe. This Moon sign brings logical thinking, combined with a powerful imagination, and prophetic insight. 

The Doctor Who Ascendant in Gemini is very intriguing. Gemini is a Dual Sign, and so many things connected to the Timelord symbolise this theme of duality. The Doctor himself has two hearts, and he never acts alone, always having a partner by his side. Also, the very first episode was actually broadcast twice, due to rescheduling because of the media coverage surrounding the death of JFK the previous day. This Ascendant imbues the Timelord with eloquent speech and fast thinking. In fact, the Doctor is a lightning-quick communicator who often talks his way out of danger!

There are several mysteries associated with the Doctor. Why is he called 'Doctor', for example? Maybe to make people trust him. One of his key phrases when he rushes to help someone in danger is "I'm the doctor" which immediately puts people at their ease. Incidentally, this phrase is often followed by a question from the other person "Doctor who?" - hence the title of the show - to which the Doctor maintains a dignified silence, or replies "Just the Doctor". But, astrologically, it's interesting to see that most of the planets are situated in sector six of the chart - the sector which rules 'medical practitioners'. One of these planets is Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius. So, this character is knowledgeable, insightful, scientific, and will go to great lengths to save humanity. 

Another conundrum is the regeneration process which takes place when the current actor in the role of The Doctor decides to leave. This is how the regeneration idea came about - a way of guaranteeing the show's continuation even if the main actor is no longer there. The Bond movies also use the same technique. However, could there be more to it? With so much emphasis in the chart being placed in Sagittarius, is it possible that the Doctor is symbolic of a religious saviour? Could the regeneration process he goes through be symbolic of immortality - he is over 900 years old but never dies. Or could it represent reincarnation? Interestingly, the Moon, Saturn and Midheaven of the Doctor Who chart are all situated in sector eight - recycling, regenerating, rising like a pheonix. 

A really interesting area of the Doctor Who chart involves a conjunction between Saturn and the Midheaven, making Saturn the most elevated planet in the chart. Saturn is the planet which rules old age and time - and is often referred to as 'The Lord of Time'. Timelord. People with a strongly placed Saturn in their charts often study science, mathematics and history - three subjects in which the Doctor excels. Also, Saturn rules people who have titles. So, instead of their surname being preceded by Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms, they will have Lord, Lady, Sir, President, Professor...... or Doctor. One other curious thing: Saturn represents authority - and what guise does the TARDIS take - a Police Box. 

There are so many interesting statistics associated with Doctor Who. For example, three of the actors portraying the Timelord have been born under the sign of Aries - Peter Davison, David Tennant, and the current doctor, Peter Capaldi. Fascinatingly, eight of the 12 actors playing the the Doctor have had the names of saints - Patrick, Thomas, Peter (twice) Paul, Christopher, David, Matthew. One third of the actors have had first names beginning with the letter 'P'. They've always been white males - despite the fact that there is constant speculation about when we'll see a non-white actor in the role, or a woman. So, do I foresee a female doctor? Venus (females) is in conjunction with Mars (males) and both are conjunct the Descendant (partners). Therefore, if the Doctor was to be played by a woman, I believe that her assistant would be a man. There is a strong male/female influence in the Doctor Who chart. Time will tell....

Now, after more than 800 episodes, this ground-breaking sci-fi drama just goes from strength to strength. Long may it continue. Happy Birthday, to Britain's favourite philosopher, visionary and hero - Doctor Who!

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Cosmic Clock: Generational Transits

Earlier this year it was announced that Britain's oldest person had died at the astonishingly grand age of 114 years! Ethel Lang was the last person living in the UK who was born during the reign of Queen Victoria. Born on 27th May 1900, Ethel - and others of past generations - are a fascinating astrological study. Every generation has a different planetary signature depending upon the positions of certain major planets during a particular year, decade, or even century. The outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - move so slowly, their influence covers a long period of time and a large group of people. 

Ethel's natal chart is very interesting as her generational planets are situated in signs of the zodiac that we astrologers don't see in people's charts today. She was born with both Neptune and Pluto in the sign of Gemini, and Pluto was also in opposition to Uranus. During the mid-sixties Pluto was in conjunction with Uranus, and the babies being born right now are under the influence of Pluto square Uranus. The generations born when these two major planets are in hard aspect to each other have an underlying urge to transform their environment. They initiate rapid change in a big - and possibly traumatic - way, often through social upheaval which indirectly impacts the personal circumstances of individuals. Political and social rebellion, as well as revolutionary scientific ideas are hallmarks of these Uranus Pluto connections. So, won't it be interesting to see what develops from this in the future when today's Uranus square Pluto babies become adults!

There are particular aspects which occur between major planets at certain intervals. For 
example, Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction to each other every 20 years. Uranus and Neptune are in conjunction every 170 years, and so on. Another way in which the major planets influence generations is by the aspects made from a major planet to itself at certain stages in an individual's life. For example, Jupiter moves through the entire zodiac circle every 12 years, so when we reach the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, etc, it will be back where it started in the year we were born. This phenomenon is called the Jupiter Return. With Saturn, we don't experience our First Return phase until we are around the age of 29. As far as Uranus is concerned, we have to live until around the age of 84 for a First Return to take place.

However, it's not only major planet Returns which are relevant as we gradually move through life. The Return is a conjunction made by the planet to itself, but there are other aspects being made too. For example, when you are approximately 21 - 22 years old, you will experience a square aspect from transiting Uranus to your natal Uranus. This planetary influence brings the need to break away from adolescence and become a fully-fledged, independent adult. Maybe this is the origin of the traditional 21st birthday celebration and being given the 'key to the door'. It was a symbol of freedom, becoming a person in your own right, and your parents respecting you as an equal.

However, when transiting Uranus is in opposition to your natal Uranus, it's a different story. This happens around the age of 42 and again the main theme is freedom, doing your own thing, living how you want to live - but this time it can cause untold damage. This is The Mid-life Crisis. Also, around the same age transiting Neptune will be in a square to your natal Neptune. Again, this turns people against responsibility, and reality becomes dimmed by fantasy. Everything we have in our lives somehow seems to be without purpose. Life feels 'unreal' - we don't know who we are anymore. 

A lot of people in their early forties go through some kind of sudden urge to become the person they've always wanted to be. What they have spent years building up - marriage, children, career, and social reputation - is no longer satisfying. They want more excitement, and affairs are often the method they choose to channel their need for thrills. Some won't even want a partner at all and will decide to completely give up on their marriage. Others might stay with their family but ditch their career instead. Of course, once this planetary influence has passed, there may be many regrets.

Once you're in your mid-fifties, you'll move from the rough seas of your early forties, and find yourself drifting in calmer waters. Around the the age of 55, both Uranus and Neptune will be in a positive trine aspect to their natal positions. These planetary influences can also bring the decision to make certain changes in your life - but in a pleasant, harmonious way. You might choose to take early retirement in order to spend more time with your family or on your hobbies. You'll also learn what you need to make your life really fulfilling. Many people who give up their career during their mid-fifties choose instead to do voluntary work. These planetary influences bring tremendous compassion and a sense of philanthropy. Whatever age or stage you're at, astrology will set the scene throughout your cycle of life.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Venus and Jupiter

Today sees the beginning of a very special planetary alignment. Venus in conjunction with Jupiter. Nothing particularly unusual about that, you may think, but because Venus is now about to move into a phase of retrograde motion, there will be not one, not two - but three conjunctions between these planets this year on 1st July, 4th, 5th & 6th August, and the final contact will be on 26th October. On a personal level, if you were born on - or close to - any of these dates, the Venus Jupiter conjunction will affect your chart for the next 12 months after your birthday, bringing love, happiness and prosperity into your life. Also, if your birthday is on, or around, 15th August, 22nd August or 8th September, this wonderful aspect will be in conjunction with your natal Sun - but only for a couple of days. 

So, if your birthday falls on any of these dates, make sure you do something to attract this positive, loving and indulgent planetary energy. It would be a great time to propose - Venus and Jupiter both symbolise marriage. It's also a perfect opportunity to buy something luxurious or extravagant for yourself or someone special. Venus and Jupiter are also connected to fertility - so perhaps, for some of you, this will mark the beginning of something very special indeed.....

In Mundane Astrology (the astrological analysis of world events) Venus represents decision-making, financial matters, diplomatic relations, war and peace. Jupiter represents religion, morality, foreign countries and cultures, and international laws. It does seem that there will be concentrated attempts to ease conflict and regain balance in an out-of-control global situation. However, there are some hard aspects from other planets - including a square from Saturn and a conjunction from Mars - to this otherwise benign and positive planetary influence, and these could bring a breakdown in peace initiatives during August, followed by military action by November. But, having said that, Venus and Jupiter bring tremendous hope, so perhaps there will be a turning point by the end of 2015. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sheridan Smith


Award-winning and multi-talented actress, Sheridan Smith OBE was born on Thursday, 25th June 1981 in Epworth, England. I don't know her time of birth, so this horoscope will be less detailed than normal.            


On the day Sheridan was born the Sun was in the sign of Cancer, so she is definitely in touch with her feelings and emotions. Instinctive, sentimental but with a tough exterior, this is one shrewd lady! Sometimes she may be too sensitive but she will do anything to protect those she loves. She has very strong family ties and places great value on her childhood memories. The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury in her natal chart, giving her an independent mind. She is mentally alert and very talkative with a fantastic sense of humour. The Sun in a square aspect to both Jupiter and Saturn gives Sheridan high expectations. She is a very reliable and honest person who has great optimism, patience and dedication.

Sheridan's Moon is in the sign of Aries. The Moon in this position brings fiery emotions, hasty reactions and perhaps a short-fused temper, but her anger will just as quickly burn out. With a sense of heightened perception, she will have the unique ability to tune in to her immediate surroundings and be able to detect the emotional 'atmosphere'. She is very intolerant of people who try to interfere with her life or invade her privacy. Strong-willed and direct, Sheridan has tremendous courage and a fighting spirit, but she is also very kind and warm-hearted.
Mercury and Mars in Gemini makes Sheridan a fun person to be with. Articulate and witty, she has a logical, versatile mind. If you need advice or someone to cheer you up, she is the perfect choice. She is good at problem-solving and has razor-sharp perception. Sometimes she may be too impulsive and say things she shouldn't. Mercury in opposition to Neptune in her natal chart indicates that she has a rich imagination and is very creative. However, I get the feeling that she occasionally struggles with unnecessary worry and a lack of self-belief.
With her natal Venus in the sign of Cancer, Sheridan is compassion personified. Her home is definitely where her heart is and domestic harmony is vitally important to her as it's where she feels most secure and content. It's possible that she has an interest in history and ancestry. Venus in a trine aspect to Uranus emphasises her creative talents and gives her tremendous charisma. Romantic, and naturally affectionate, she has many friends. However, Venus in a square aspect to Pluto in Sheridan's natal chart suggests a tumultuous love life with many emotional upheavals. This planetary combination indicates that she is someone who is deeply passionate and devoted in relationships.


A major planetary influence involving transiting Pluto in a quincunx aspect to Sheridan's natal Mars began to emerge in Spring 2013. This will continue until the end of 2016 and while this aspect is in effect, she may feel compelled to compete over everything, and it will feel as if there is always someone who has something that she wants. This planetary effect can bring strange compulsive emotions and behaviour. Negative thoughts could become overwhelming as powerful feelings take over rational thought perhaps involving aggression and jealousy. There will be changes and separations too.
In her Solar Arc chart, Sheridan's Mercury is in conjunction with the natal North Node indicating issues surrounding communications and agreements throughout 2015 and 2016. There will also be an increase in news connected with her personal life. Important discussions and negotiations are likely to take place, possibly in relation to young people or children.

Solar Arc Venus is in a square aspect to Sheridan's natal Uranus until 2017. With this planetary influence she'll change her mind about a lot of things. She may find herself being drawn to a completely different type of relationship that will inspire her in some way. It's also possible that she will feel the need to become part of an unconventional group of people. This may put strain on existing relationships as changes in her outlook will come as a complete surprise to those who know her. If she is unattached she will meet a person with an electric personality totally different from what she's used to. It's also possible that Sheridan will become professionally associated with some kind of international organisation, maybe as an ambassador.

Solar Arc Jupiter in Sheridan's chart is in a trine aspect to her natal Sun making 2015 a great year for expanding her projects and furthering her goals. This planetary influence will give her more confidence in her abilities and also added optimism. Luck will be on her side and she will seem to be in the right place at the right time. If she is involved in any legal matters, they will likely be successful. Sheridan will find herself exploring new places, meeting interesting people and having educational or enlightening experiences.

Progressed Mercury in a square aspect to natal Pluto until July 2016 will make Sheridan more conscious of the power of words - written or spoken - to heal or to wound. I get a feeling that she may be writing soon - perhaps an autobiography - and she might be grappling with the problem of how to tell the truth without upsetting people or committing an act of libel. There is great potential for a piece of writing that is both insightful and moving. Even if there isn't some kind of literary project on the go, this planetary influence is often associated with getting involved in some sort of in-depth study, research or investigation.

In Sheridan's Annual Degree Projection chart Venus will be in conjunction with natal Neptune for the next 12 months. Under this planetary influence, she could find herself giving comfort to other people. She may crave a break away from work and look for an escape from responsibilities and demands. If possible, she would much rather be in a romantic setting with someone special. During the next 12 months, her perceptions about people will generally be accurate, but a tendency to see them through rose-tinted glasses might cause her to be a bit gullible and trust too easily. She should give some time to consider someone's motives before making any final judgements or decisions. Feeling generous, compassionate and very idealistic, it's possible that she might initiate a charitable venture and use money to help other people.

Projected Venus in a sextile aspect to natal Pluto shows that Sheridan's interactions with other people will have more passion and intensity than usual, and she'll enjoy some very in-depth conversations. She'll be more concerned with being honest and real in her communications and will want to avoid superficial discussions. Again, she could establish a financial partnership or receive support for a particular venture. Sheridan will be very creative during the next 12 months and her projects will have more impact through intense subject matter or dramatic presentation. 


Thursday, 11 June 2015

House Of The Rising Sun

In October 2014 I published an article entitled 'War Of The Worlds: Astrology versus Astronomy' about the way in which astronomers are constantly deriding astrologers and mocking astrology. A few months ago, I came across a piece written by a famous astrologer who, like myself and many others, is a fully-trained professional astrologer. However, unlike some of us, she's a big advocate of Sun Sign horoscopes. As you'll see from this blog, I promote Real Astrology. So, in this article, I'll be writing about how astrologers can be 'at war' with each other....

Unless we have a family member or a close friend who is a practising astrologer, most of us have our first encounter with horoscopes through the media - internet, magazines, newspapers, etc. For most people it's just a fun activity, but for some, it fires our curiosity and enthusiasm for learning more about how astrology really works.That's how it was for me many years ago. When I was a teenager, I became curious about astrology after reading a weekly Sun Sign horoscope page in a well-known women's magazine. I was lucky, because the horoscopes were written by a professional astrologer - and not just some random journalist (which used to be a common practice). But the best bit was that she also had a section devoted to real astrology at the bottom of the page. In it, she explained how astrology worked and what it was all about. This information was like gold-dust for me and I used to save everything she wrote. Although it took a few years before I finally decided to actually study astrology, the small but tantalising pieces of astrological insight provided by this amazing astrologer were what really planted the seed of inspiration in my mind. The Sun Sign horoscopes on their own probably would not have had the same effect. 

In her article, the astrologer who advocates Sun Sign Astrology argues that Sun Sign horoscopes are just as important as real astrology. I disagree. Although this branch of astrology has made the subject popular with the general public, it has also diminished it. Sun Sign horoscopes are a poor imitation of the real thing and give people totally the wrong idea about what astrology is. Imagine going into a top Italian restaurant and being served spaghetti hoops from a can. You would want - and expect - genuine, Italian cuisine expertly cooked by a professional chef, wouldn't you? This is the difference between Sun Sign astrology and Real Astrology - one is cheap, instant and doesn't take much effort to produce.The other is personally prepared just for you. Is a can of spaghetti hoops an accurate representation of Italian cuisine? No. Neither is Sun Sign astrology an accurate representation of Real Astrology.

So why do professional astrologers write Sun Sign horoscopes if it gives astrology a bad name? Well, the Sun Sign astrologer hits the nail on the head when she tells us how much she earns every year. £70,000. Yes - seventy thousand pounds. And that is what she gets from the various magazines she writes horoscopes for. Ten times what she earns from doing real horoscopes for individual private clients. This is the reason why some astrologers have sold astrology down the river - to make a fast buck. Easy money. As I've said in this blog before, I only charge for face-to-face personal astrology readings. Any private horoscopes I do for people online are free. I hope this never happens, but maybe one day I will also be tempted into doing simple Sun Sign horoscopes for a large financial reward. For now, however, I will continue to practise and promote Real Astrology.

Friday, 5 June 2015

New Beginnings

I like to keep my private life separate from my work so I don't really talk about anything non-professional on the blog. However, what I'm about to say has astrological connections, so I thought I'd share something very personal. 

On 27th June 2015, my Progressed Moon will finally leave sector 12 of my chart after more than two years, and cross my Ascendant. This will put an end to a very difficult period in my life, and bring new optimism and opportunities.

The Progressed Moon positioned in sector 12 is difficult for everyone and I would have gone through a hard time anyway. But the effect was compounded by the fact that I had been through so much in the months leading up to it, including a potentially fatal illness and the end of a relationship with a man who I thought was 'The One'. 

When the Progressed Moon enters sector 12, it's the astrological equivalent of being thrown into a prison cell and having the door slammed and locked behind you. I felt trapped, lonely, and depressed. The first six months were the worst. I knew I was 'in a bad place' emotionally and psychologically, and I also knew it was up to me to sort myself out. I set up this blog in July 2013 to distract my mind and get back into being an astrologer. I remember the exact day I began to feel normal again - 28th August 2013. For the first time in more than six months, I suddenly realised that I'd survived a whole day without having a single thought about my ex-boyfriend. That was a turning point. I began taking an interest in life again. 

Sector 12 is an area of the chart that deals with confinement - physical, emotional or psychological. So, when your Progressed Moon (which rules emotions) spends time in this area, it feels as if you can't move forward. But, after a few months you start to experience what once seemed like a 'prison' as being more like a sanctuary. Somewhere you can retreat to and re-assess your life before a new cycle begins when the Progressed Moon leaves the 12th, conjuncts your Ascendant, and allows you to forge ahead with a new and positive attitude. 

That moment is now almost here and I have so many plans for the future. So, on Saturday, 27th June 2015 I will be celebrating my freedom. The prison door is about to be unlocked and I'm ready for a fresh start. Here's to New Beginnings!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Aneurin Barnard - Part Three


Saturn in the Solar Arc chart is in a positive trine aspect to both the Sun and Mercury in Aneurin's natal chart for the next two years. This period of time will bring opportunities to advance in his career, but he’ll need to work hard and stay focused on his goals. His responsible attitude and appreciation for discipline and organization in his work will help him to gain more experience. It's highly likely that Aneurin will be recognized for his mature and professional attitude. This planetary influence will bring mental clarity and stability bringing greater confidence in his abilities. He'll be logical, accurate and precise when performing. Advice from someone older will help him to gain insight, knowledge, and to perfect his skills.

The South Node in Aneurin's Solar Arc chart will be conjunct his natal Pluto during 2015/2016. He will experience new strength in confronting and overcoming limitations. He will be able to come to terms with difficult situations once and for all. The next two years could be a time of reckoning with deep and powerful psychological issues. On the domestic front, there could be transformations or some kind of reorganization taking place within the home or family. Circumstances might be fairly chaotic. The ending of some significant issue is likely under this planetary influence.                       

Solar Arc Chiron in an opposition aspect to Aneurin's natal Sun may bring circumstances that bring self-doubt and make him question his own thoughts and feelings. Chiron symbolises courage and bravery. During this period, he may have to face some painful issues especially in connection to his father, or another, possibly older, male. Feeling insecure may be a problem and he may also need to deal with his own wounded pride. This planetary influence could bring people into his life who are very willing to offer him advice. But he'll have to be careful about who and what he trusts. Under this planetary aspect, Aneurin might encounter those who doubt his character, making him feel as if he's being forced into a situation where he has to prove himself. This could be either professionally or a personal level. He will have to stand up for himself by not taking the bait, just being who he is and preserving his self-respect. 

In the Annual Degree Projection chart, the Sun is in an opposition aspect to Aneurin's natal Jupiter for the next 12 months. With this planetary combination, he could overdo things, spending too much energy and enthusiasm on projects that are not worth the effort. This aspect brings a tendency to waste opportunities, time, or resources. As long as Aneurin doesn't get carried away and over-reach himself, he might find that he receives a much-needed ego boost. It's possible that he might consider plans for a significant journey under the influence of this planetary aspect. The Sun is also in conjunction with his natal South Node which may indicate that major circumstances or obstacles could occur, making progress difficult, and Aneurin is likely to be thwarted in some way by the actions of other people.  

Projected Mars is in an opposition aspect to Aneurin's natal Sun and Mercury from now until May 2016. This planetary influence will bring either a time of triumph or defeat. He may feel a sense of competitiveness, as if he should be doing something but he won't know exactly what that is. The result of this frustration could mean conflicts, arguments and impulsive behaviour. There is a danger of getting into arguments at home or at work with this aspect. He should careful while driving, as this planetary aspect can trigger a tendency to speed or become involved in a road rage incident. The Mars Mercury combination is high-risk and confrontational.

Annual Degree Projection Pluto is in a square aspect to Neptune in Aneurin's natal chart until May 2016. This planetary influence will have a strong effect on the subtle areas of his life. His sensitivity may intensify and he might attract extreme situations. Upheaval can sometimes occur - although more on an internal level, but external circumstances could provide the trigger. This may include coming to terms with personal fears, as this aspect can reveal vulnerabilities. He may have to face a few misconceptions as well as finding the root of some particular anxieties. Doubts might become stronger during the next 12 months, and he may struggle to fight his way through a mass of contradictions. He will have to contend with people who might attempt to coerce him in some way. Generally, this planetary effect will bring contemplation rather than action, but Aneurin may be forced to reflect on major questions that could significantly reshape the way he thinks. A very eventful year lies ahead.                 

Aneurin Barnard - Part Two

At the beginning of April 2015 transiting Pluto began to form a positive trine aspect to Mercury in Aneurin's natal chart. This is a long-term planetary influence which will continue until November 2018. During this period, he will have increased, focused concentration and powers of persuasion. He will also have great insight and an ability to explore deeply any information that interests him. This will be an excellent time to begin a research project, write, or even undertake some form of education or in-depth study. Aneurin may experience a relentless and unstoppable quest for information and truth under the effect of this planetary aspect. Whatever areas he pursues will be done with great intensity. What Aneurin discovers during the next three years could have a strong effect upon him. Choices that he makes during this period will be based on deep research and investigation. Once he has made up his mind, he will be very likely to stick with his decisions.

At the end of April 2015 transiting Uranus began to form a conjunction to Aneurin's natal Venus. This planetary influence will last until the end of March 2016 making him eager for more freedom and excitement. New people will suddenly appear in his life during this period of time, and he could develop a friendship with someone who is a little eccentric and unusual, or someone who will introduce him to new ideas and possibilities. If he's single during this phase, he may find someone who is very different from anyone he has ever met before. Whatever his status, this planetary combination will bring sudden changes and unpredictable situations which, depending upon his frame of mind, will either be viewed as exhilarating or unsettling. Someone that he already knows might do something crazy or out of character and he will see them in a new light. The effect of this planetary aspect will give Aneurin an appreciation of what is new and unconventional. Unexpected events, erratic emotions and a possibly reckless attitude will be likely and this will affect his professional relationships, especially with women. His financial situation will also fluctuate. However, his creativity will be highly stimulated and he'll be more inclined to try something completely out of the ordinary in his work. 

At the end of May 2015 transiting Uranus will form a very positive trine aspect to Saturn in Aneurin's natal chart. Continuing until the beginning of February 2017, this planetary influence will allow him to understand and respect his limitations and work with them so that they are no longer so restricting. His approach to life will be very methodical, but under this aspect he will search for ways to constructively create changes, taking a very definite course of action to achieve what he wants. This will be a good time to advance in his profession. Hard work, discipline, innovation and originality will produce excellent results. For this reason, this planetary combination could bring him greater power, status and respect. 

In the Solar Arc chart Mercury will be in a sextile aspect to Aneurin's natal Jupiter until 2017. This will bring the opportunity to expand his mind through travel or study. He'll have lots of big plans under this influence, as well as the ability make them a reality. This is a positive planetary aspect for attending - successfully - to any legal matters, and also great for business deals. Many offers and opportunities will come his way. He will be full of constructive ideas, feel very optimistic, and will expand his horizons. However, there could be some confusion because of too much information or exaggerated claims which could cause conflict. Carelessness may lead to misunderstandings, so he will need to pay attention to details and be cautious when entering into negotiations or contracts. Exaggeration can be a problem with this planetary combination, so he should also try not to promise more than he can deliver.   

During the same period - 2015 to 2017 - Solar Arc Venus will be in conjunction with Aneurin's natal Sun. This planetary influence will bring increased popularity, and rosy prospects. This is a feel-good combination - it symbolises art, beauty, pleasure and all the good things in life. His powers of attraction will be very high. Finding love or getting married is often indicated by this planetary aspect. This is one of the planetary combinations that indicates the beginning of a major relationship. It often coincides with a period when a person meets their true love, or the one they will eventually marry. Whatever happens, he will be making choices that will improve his life and lead to greater success and happiness.

Aneurin Barnard - Part One


Award-winning actor and singer, Aneurin Barnard was born on Friday, 8th May 1987 in Ogwr, Mid Glamorgan, Wales. I don't have his time of birth, so his horoscope will be less than 50% complete.                    
Born with the Sun in the sign of Taurus, and the Moon in Virgo, Aneurin is hard-working, down to earth and modest. Determined, patient and perhaps a bit stubborn, he knows what he wants and has probably always been aware of his innate talents. Although he needs to be emotionally fulfilled by his work, he could have a tendency to allow his head to rule his heart. In his early years, he may have been shy and perhaps this led him to keep his feelings hidden, but his natural creativity will allow him to express himself emotionally through acting and singing. Aneurin is honest, trustworthy, warm-hearted and kind.
The Sun in conjunction with Mercury in Aneurin's natal chart shows him to be very intelligent and he enjoys meeting people and discussing various subjects. A good conversation means a lot to him as he has a great need to share his ideas and opinions. However, sometimes he may not listen to other people's views as much as he should. Having said that, he has great skill in commanding attention. Communication comes easy for him, and he expresses himself well. This planetary influence - as well as having the Sun in Taurus and Mars in Gemini - imbues Aneurin with excellent vocal ability. This is evident in his work as an actor - he is extremely proficient at enhancing his performance by using different accents - and also in his beautiful singing voice.
With Venus in the sign of Aries, Aneurin is liked because he is genuine, not because he has to rely on fake charm - although he is naturally charming - and superficial behaviour. He is socially dynamic, refined, and needs harmonious surroundings. Sometimes he will be over-accommodating for the sake of peace. He has a competitive instinct, especially in matters of love, and can be prone to impulsive attractions. Venus is in a sextile aspect to Mars and shows that he gets on well with others and has many friends who love him because he makes everyone feel good about themselves, treating them with respect and affection. Aneurin hates any kind of conflict - peace, love, harmony and friendship are vitally important to him..
Venus in conjunction with Jupiter indicates that Aneurin is a genuinely warm, generous and affectionate young man. He is faithful to his friends and loved ones, and is an inspiration to many people. This planetary aspect suggests an abundance of wealth, so he will definitely enjoy comfort and all the good things in life - if not now, then in his later years. Love, kindness and understanding are all indicated by this planetary combination. Aneurin would be excellent in public relations, working with young people or as a counsellor. His warm personality will make him popular with almost everybody and they will respect and respond to his honesty. If there's one thing that Aneurin hates it's insincerity.
A trine between Venus and Saturn in Aneurin's natal chart reveals that he may be reserved about showing his affections until he's sure a person is worthwhile. Once committed, he will be totally loyal and loving, and he is more willing than most people to dedicate his time and energy to a relationship. Being in a large group of people could make him feel intimidated - he will be at his best in a one-to-one situation. This aspect shows that he has good judgement about people. It's no surprise that he is such a talented actor and singer, as Venus trine Saturn indicates a love of - and success in - music, writing, poetry, painting, and almost any of the arts. 

Mars in the sign of Gemini gives Aneurin superior communication skills. This planetary position is often found in the charts of journalists, reporters, and broadcasters. This is the hallmark of dynamic dialogue and is a powerful indication of acting ability. It shows that he has a charming voice that people can listen to for hours. I feel that he may be attracted to languages, and of course he is already bilingual, speaking both his native Welsh as well as English. He's a natural storyteller - acting is a form of storytelling and is the reason he's such a brilliant actor. I definitely see great writing talent in Aneurin's chart. He is young in mind, body and spirit and probably has a great affinity with children.


Mars is in an opposition aspect to Saturn in Aneurin's natal chart. This is really interesting for many reasons - particularly as it is also present in the birth chart of King Richard III, whom Aneurin so beautifully portrayed in the TV drama 'The White Queen'. I have come across this phenomenon frequently when studying the charts of actors. Particularly if the role they play involves the portrayal of a real person, the actor's chart resonates with that person's own chart. In Richard's chart, Mars is in a Fire Sign opposite Saturn in an Air Sign - in Aneurin's chart Mars is in an Air Sign opposite Saturn in a Fire Sign. A mirror image of the same elements with exactly the same planetary aspect. Not only that - Richard's Saturn is located at 20 degrees, and so is Aneurin's!
So what does this mean? With Richard III this planetary influence symbolised his disability - scoliosis, curvature of the spine. Medically, Saturn rules anything to do with bones. But this planetary aspect also gave him great courage, endurance and the ability to deal with the harsh realities of life. Obviously, I don't know Aneurin's medical history, but psychologically this planetary influence provides stamina and determination. Emotionally, there could be repressed anger, and a person with this aspect can feel weighed down by some kind of responsibility. Mars in aspect to Saturn can sometimes be an indication of holding in emotions and feelings of resentment from the past. Usually something in childhood that caused them to feel vulnerable or frightened. If this is true for Aneurin, then it's possible he may still occasionally experience a feeling of inferiority, but his past experiences will also give him great strength of character.                  


Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Royal Baby - A Daughter For William & Kate

The newest addition to the British Royal Family was born on Saturday, 2nd May 2015 at 08:34am in London, England . Her Sun is in the sign of Taurus, the Moon in Libra, and the Ascendant in Cancer.

With the Sun in the sign of Taurus, Prince George's sister will be calm, patient and determined. Even-tempered but occasionally inflexible and stubborn, the new princess will be a hard-working member of the Royal Family. However, she may have to strive to develop a unique sense of her own self-worth. Positioned in sector 11 of the natal chart, the Sun here will give the princess a very gregarious and sociable nature. She will be very independent, individualistic and have a strong attraction to humanitarian issues. The Sun in a square aspect to Jupiter will bring an easy-going personality. The new princess will be optimistic, generous and have an excellent sense of humour - a proper little ray of sunshine! With the Sun in a trine aspect to Pluto, there will be tremendous creative potential and she will attain some notable achievements during her life. She will be very influential.

The Moon is in the sign of Libra in the birth chart of the new princess. This will give her a love of beauty and elegance, and the kind of social ease and gracefulness that we have seen in her mother Kate, as well as in her late grandmother, Diana. The Moon in sector four of the natal chart will imbue the princess with great emotional strength and sensitivity. She will feel a strong sense of belonging within the family framework - excellent for a member of the Royal Family. She will gain pleasure from her royal status and duties but will value her privacy and view her home as a sanctuary in which to retreat from the public gaze. The Moon in a positive trine aspect to Venus will ensure that the princess is diplomatic and a keen supporter of not only her family but also various charities, organisations and good causes. In an opposition to Uranus and in a square aspect to Pluto, the Moon shows that the princess will have a unique personality which will bring her mass popularity.

At the moment of her birth, the sign of Cancer was rising on the Eastern Horizon. This is the princess' natal Ascendant. She will be kind, caring and compassionate. It's always intriguing how certain astrological patterns occur frequently within families, throughout the generations. The princess' Cancer Ascendant resonates with her mother's Moon, father's Sun and Moon, grandfather's Sun, and her grandmother Diana's Sun. Her Rising Sign is also polarised to her brother George's Moon sign - Capricorn - and is in the same element (Water) as his Scorpio Ascendant. So many strong astrological family connections. 

Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini in the princess' natal chart. This is an amazing planetary position and emphasises everything to do with communication and intellect. She will have a constant need for mental stimulation, and will be extremely intelligent, witty and articulate. Mercury in sector 11 of the birth chart shows that she will be very astute and perceptive. Enthusiastic and outspoken, the princess will be full of original ideas and opinions. Mercury is opposite Saturn in the natal chart indicating that she will be a deeply thoughtful person, reliable, and honest. Mercury in a square aspect to the Midheaven shows that the princess will have a very professional attitude towards her duties, being in tune with the public. However, she may, in later life, be indecisive about which career path to take.

Venus in Gemini reveals that the princess will be very charming, with a love of words, and a sparkling personality. She will endear and enchant everyone who meets her with her instinctive ease of communication and the ability to listen. She will be loved by everyone. Venus is sector 12 indicates a love of - and possibly a talent for - art, music, drama and photography. She will love fashion and be very image-conscious. She will have a rich imagination and be highly idealistic and romantic.

Mars is in the sign of Taurus in the princess' birth chart bringing deep reserves of energy and an enormous capacity for hard work. She will show a strong sense of business initiative and a passionate interest in 'green' issues - conservation, the environment, etc. Perhaps, like her grandfather, Charles, a love of gardening too. Mars in sector 11 will give the princess an ability to undertake projects with great confidence and enthusiasm. She will have a powerful need to contribute to the betterment of society and humanity as a whole. 

The newest member of the Cambridge family will be a force to be reckoned with. A very dynamic, beautiful, young lady who is very likely to become the next 'People's Princess'.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Equinox Eclipse

Spring - if you're in the Northern Hemisphere - will officially begin this year on Friday 20th March. On the same day, there will be a Solar Eclipse. Eclipses occur regularly around three or four times a year, but this one is exciting for anyone living in the UK, as I do, because we will actually be able to see it without having to take a trip halfway around the world. The last time a Solar Eclipse was visible from Britain was on 11th August 1999. I had the enormous pleasure of viewing it and so, almost 16 years later, I'm looking forward to this one with great anticipation. 

Well, that's the astronomer in me satisfied, but what does it mean astrologically? Do eclipses influence the birth chart? Yes, they do. Any planet or point in your natal chart which is being conjuncted or opposed by the eclipse will be influenced for the next six months. If the eclipse actually connects with a planet or point in your chart on, or within five days of, your birthday, then you'll be affected by it for a whole year, and you should expect major changes depending upon which sector of your chart the eclipse falls in. If an eclipse falls within 5ยบ of a planet or important point in your chart, and aspects it by conjunction or opposition, it will be of special significance. For example, if the eclipse connects to the Sun in your natal chart, your physical vitality, creativity, or anything to do with children could become an important issue. An eclipse brings a turning point.

In ancient times, and throughout history, eclipses were symbols of fear and dread. They were thought to be portents of doom, in much the same way as comets were. A Solar Eclipse actually looks like a giant eye glaring down on everyone, so it's understandable that ancient civilisations believed it to be the 'Evil Eye' - particularly as many people became blind after seeing an eclipse of the Sun. Of course we now understand that the Sun's radiation can destroy the retina, causing a loss of sight, and that's why, in modern times, we are warned to use protection when looking at a Solar Eclipse. As for Lunar Eclipses, they take on a red hue which can look like a face covered in blood - hence the nickname 'Blood Moon'. 

People also believed that certain misfortunes would occur in the months after an eclipse: war, drought, famine, etc. Interestingly, it has been discovered that eclipses do make earthquakes more likely in the geographical locations within the eclipse shadow. There is actually a scientific reason for this. The Earth's crust is actually not as solid as it's name suggests. Relatively speaking, it is quite thin and 'floats' on the surface of a layer called the Mantle  which is mainly composed of magma - molten rock. When the combined gravitational force of the Sun and Moon takes place during an eclipse, it actually pulls the crust upwards and makes it bulge by more than 50cm. It doesn't sound much but this pulling and stretching can weaken the structure of the crust allowing molten magma to seep through at certain points making those areas more susceptible to seismic eruptions.

In the 'old days' eclipses were believed to have a detrimental effect upon people of high status and in positions of power and authority - especially kings and queens. In modern times, this came to include not just royalty, but prime ministers, presidents and religious leaders too - anyone at the top of the social pyramid. Particularly in the case of members of the British Royal Family, many important events happen on, or around, an eclipse. For example, The Prince Of Wales was born two days before a Lunar Eclipse, he married Lady Diana Spencer on 29th July 1981 - two days before a Solar Eclipse, his elder son, Prince William was born on a Solar Eclipse. On 31st August 1997, Diana, Princess Of Wales died two days before a Solar Eclipse. This year we have an extremely interesting royal event taking place two days after the eclipse. On Sunday 22nd March, we will witness the funeral procession of Richard III, a former King of England who died more than 500 years ago whose remains were discovered in 2012 under a car park in Leicester. Nothing like this has ever been seen before and is expected to be a momentous occasion. 

A Solar Eclipse, the Spring Equinox and a unique historical event - next weekend promises to be something quite out of the ordinary!