Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Uranus in Taurus - Part 2

Taurus is an Earth sign and is therefore connected to the physical geology of Planet Earth. The effect of Uranus will bring sudden shocks and during the next seven years we can expect more geological, ecological, meteorological, and geomagnetic occurrences. Uranus tends to turn things around to the opposite position. In the context of the Earth, could this indicate polar shift? Recent scientific reports claim that the North and South Poles are on the move. Although this would be a process lasting thousands of years, could we begin to feel its effects now? Taurus is all about stability but Uranus is all about instability so anything is possible when these two forces combine.

Respect for Planet Earth will become even stronger from now until 2025. Innovative ways of cleaning up the ecosystem and new agricultural methods are likely to be developed. Getting closer to nature and working the land will become popular again. This is going to be an important decade for the environment and our relationship to it. We have been destroying our planet for far too long. Uranus in Taurus will turn that on its head and we will discover new ways to live in harmony with the natural world.

One of the main concepts of Uranus in Taurus is turning ideas into reality and during the next seven years there will be many inventive ways of resolving practical issues. Stubborn persistence and extreme impatience towards working for positive change will be evident. Breaking with conventional values and a willingness to adopt an off-beat lifestyle will be the key to freedom. We, the human race, are now very aware of what has gone wrong in society, and in the environment. We now need to discover how to get out of this mess we have created. Now, with Uranus in Taurus, we have a new opportunity to radically alter our attitudes. If something hasn't worked in the past - reject it, find alternatives. 

Until recently, anything to do with computers tended to be confined to certain electronic devices and a phenomenon called Virtual Reality. It has all been very abstract. Uranus in Taurus will change that by making computer technology much more practical. Virtual reality will become physical reality - particularly through the advancement and use of Artificial Intelligence.  Although A.I. will really take off in a big way after 2025 when Uranus moves into the sign of Gemini, the next seven years will prepare the ground for what is coming next.....

Another manifestation of technology becoming more physical will be in the realm of medicine. The fusion of artificial intelligence with biology will begin to develop even further with implants and microchips inside the human body to re-engineer from within. Sending microscopic robots - nanobots - into the body to analyse, repair or deliver medication will become much more common. Not only will bionic limbs be used more efficiently, but new bionic inventions will appear which will enable other parts of the body to be replaced too. However, with the 'get back to basics' of Taurus and the 'look to the future' of Uranus, old traditional methods will also make a return. This is vitally important as modern medicine has become highly flawed as many of the wonderful treatments and cures of the last 100 years are proving to be the cause of new, potentially incurable diseases. Superbugs are a case in point and one of our primary goals from now on will be finding a way to beat infection without antibiotics. Going back to nature will be one such route, as will taking alternative medicine and New Age ideas more seriously.

The world of finance will undergo major changes as Uranus transits Taurus. There will be a revolution in how we pay - is a cashless society on the way with money only existing in digital form? Or will we resurrect an old but very effective system called barter? This involves goods or services being directly exchanged for other goods or services without using money. Either way, renouncing the accepted value of money is likely as we will break away from our current materialistic attitudes. 

On a personal level, fixed, old beliefs about the body, and the perception of beauty will change. It's a little known fact, but Uranus is the planet of glamour and fashion trends, so when it changes signs, its influence on style takes on a new twist. In Taurus, the emphasis will be on sensuality. So, sexy make-up, neck decorations like jewellery, ties and scarves, and clothes made from natural - but ethical - materials like wool and cotton will be in vogue. 

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, you could begin to feel considerable unrest and inner tension during this transit of Uranus as it conjuncts your natal Sun. A sudden impulse to change course and improve your circumstances. A desire for greater personal freedom will be a very powerful force. Your behaviour may become more erratic as your current lifestyle will seem stifling and monotonous. Becoming who you really are will be very important.