Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Blue SuperMoon Eclipse

A very rare astronomical event will take place on 31st January - a Blue Moon

A 'Blue Moon' happens when there are two Full Moons in one calendar month. This occurs approximately five times per century, hence the saying 'once in a blue moon' which means something that doesn't happen very often. There are two Blue Moons this year on 31st January and again on 31st March. However, January's Blue Moon is even rarer as it is also a Super Moon - which means it's almost 15% brighter - and an Eclipsed Moon too! There has not been a Moon like this for over 150 years.

What does all of this mean astrologically? Well, if you have ant planets or points in your natal chart which are positioned between 10° - 13° Aquarius or Leo, if your birthday falls from 30th January to 3rd February, or if your birthday is from 31st July to 4th August, these will be triggered by the Eclipse, bringing an emotional awakening during the next six months. Interestingly, Meghan Markle has her natal Sun at 12° Leo. We assume that we know what she'll be doing during the next six months, but there could be sadness for some reason.

This Lunar Eclipse is in conjunction to Ceres - the planet of food, agriculture, fertility and nurturing. So, the current upsurge in veganism will probably continue. We'll also become even more aware of environmental issues. And because both the Moon and Ceres are female influences, expect the empowerment of women to increase.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Doctor Who - Update: Part 1

On 16th July 2017, the BBC unveiled the actor who will be taking over the role of Doctor Who when the next series begins in 2018. To many people's delight, the new Doctor will be a woman. Despite what some astrologers have said, the unveiling of the actor is not the regeneration of the character. That took place at the end of the special Christmas episode on 25th December at 6:25pm (more on that later). This radical transformation - the first ever female Doctor in the history of the show - is very evident in the Doctor Who chart. 

When Peter Capaldi's Doctor regenerated on Christmas Day into the first ever female Timelord (or Timelady?) played by the immensely talented Jodie Whittaker (more about her later) there was a lot of feminine activity in the Doctor Who chart. The Progressed Moon - at 18° Aquarius throughout December - is conjunct the natal Midheaven. In the Solar Arc chart Venus and Mars are also conjunct the natal Midheaven, Transiting Venus was positioned on a World Point, indicating that this new female Doctor could stir things up on a global level. As Doctor Who is broadcast in many countries around the world, it will be interesting to see the opinions and feedback from international fans of the show. In the Solar Return chart for Doctor Who, the sign of Cancer is on the Ascendant - the ultimate female sign - and it's ruler, the Moon, is conjunct Pluto - the planet of regeneration. 

However, it's the Doctor Who Annual Degree Projection chart which really shows the momentous changes. The Projected Sun conjunct natal Pluto is a powerful planetary combination linked to events that bring about a major change in direction. I think you could say that casting a female actor in the role of the Doctor will do just that.

The Annual Degree Projection Moon is conjunct natal Vesta. The Moon symbolises femininity and the asteroid Vesta is also very feminine, representing the torch bearer, the eternal flame, the sacred fire. So, this influence suggests that the first female Doctor will somehow be a beacon for feminism, a leader, a trailblazer. 

The main influence in the Doctor Who ADP chart which has perhaps triggered the decision to finally make the Doctor a woman is Projected Uranus exactly conjunct the natal Ascendant. When Uranus aspects the Ascendant in a chart, the subject tends to radically alter themselves in some way - particularly their appearance. Uranus also gives the courage to change by adopting an 'I don't care what anyone thinks' attitude. Uranus turns even the most traditional conformist into a rebellious risk-taker. It brings the urge to break with the past, and to become new and different. The Doctor has always been a man - but not anymore!

With the Projected Vertex opposite the Doctor Who natal Moon it's obvious that a woman was to become very important in the show. Known as 'The Gate Of Fate', the Vertex tends to bring unexpected encounters. Combined with the Moon, this encounter was definitely going to be connected to women. Now we know why.

The Projected Midheaven conjunct the natal Sun and the Projected Ascendant conjunct Jupiter, both indicate that the decision to cast a female actor in such a traditionally male role looks set to be a hugely optimistic, positive and successful one. It will completely reboot what is already a cult drama into a new dimension of popularity.