Monday, 12 November 2018

The Strictly Curse - Part 2

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 began on Saturday, 22nd September at 6:15pm in Elstree, London, England. 

The chart for this particular series of Strictly is bursting with information, but one of the most noticeable things is that there are four planets on World Points. Not only that, those four planets are also in T-Square configurations - so lots of stress caused by more public exposure than usual. This became evident just 15 days into the competition when one of the celebrity contestants, comedian Seann Walsh, was caught on video passionately kissing his professional dance partner, Katya Jones. He had a long-term partner at the time and she is married to a fellow Strictly professional.  Not surprisingly, there was instant media meltdown.

In the Strictly 2018 chart, Mars is in conjunction to Lilith which symbolises female seduction and empowerment. This planetary combination also shows confrontation over a sexual matter, and a strong negative reaction from the public - particularly as both Mars and Lilith are also conjunct the South Node and in a square aspect to Venus and Uranus. Being held accountable for wrongdoing and issues surrounding insubordination are also represented by this planetary influence. So a very potent mix of passion, lust, overwhelming sexual energy - as well as rash behaviour and unforeseen circumstances. The Strictly Curse has just gone into overdrive!

Comparing the Strictly Come Dancing 2018 chart to the original 2004 chart provides some very interesting connections. With the Ascendant of this year's chart in an exact conjunction to Uranus in the original Strictly chart there was no doubt that this series would be erratic, unpredictable and potentially explosive. Disruptive influences and acts of rebellion will bring sudden upsets to the status quo. With the Strictly 2018 Midheaven conjunct the Strictly 2004 Pluto, it shows a secret will be made public. There will be controversy and the need to retain control over the show's reputation. 

The Strictly Come Dancing 2018 chart
With the Strictly 2018 Pluto in a square aspect to the Strictly 2004 Eris, this year's series could not have failed to produce upheaval! Eris is the troublemaker, the whistleblower, the gatecrasher, and combined with Pluto, it's no surprise that something which has, until now, only existed as a rumour, myth, or secret, would be exposed for everyone to see. That something is the Strictly Curse.

The Solar Arc Moon changed signs this year for the very first time since the show began. When this happens, it always symbolises a significant shift in the affairs (no pun intended) connected to the planet involved. Moving from Aries to Taurus, the Moon will bring a change in the format of the show from now on - and we have seen this in 2018 already when a new dance routine called 'Couple's Choice' was introduced. But of course that wasn't the only change in the history of Strictly. This year, for the first time ever, the Strictly Curse was caught on camera! Added to that, transiting Uranus has been conjuncting the Solar Arc Moon bringing emotional turmoil for everyone involved.

There's a very powerful opposition between Solar Arc Pluto and natal Mars in this year's Strictly chart. This is usually a planetary combination associated with aggression and violence, so I'm not sure what this suggests in the context of the show. We're only halfway through the series though, so perhaps the Seann and Katya liaison will not be the only controversy to hit the show in 2018?

This opposition between Pluto and Mars also warns about potential clashes of ego. The energies of this planetary combination can be very ruthless and there is the chance that someone - or more than one person - in this year's competition may push themselves so hard to get ahead that they'll suffer a serious health problem or injury. There are many big egos in Strictly 2018 and it's possible that this will stir up trouble. There will definitely be a lot of tension in the air, and one person in particular might be on a power trip. Ambition and the drive to succeed are incredibly strong this year, and some people will go to any lengths to achieve their goals.....

Coming in Part 3 - Sean and Katya.....