Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Under The Moon Of Love

It will be Valentine's Day on Friday. Whether you have someone special to share it with or you're still 'looking' for a potential partner, this could be a very auspicious date.

The reason for this is that, this year, there will be a Full Moon on 14th February. Each sign of the zodiac experiences one Full Moon per year (on rare occasions two) and this one lands in the sign of Leo - the most romantic, sensual and generous of all. So, expect luxurious gifts and big, showy expressions of love. Leo is also the sign that symbolises jewellery, and with Venus now in Capricorn (commitment) and Mars in Libra (marriage) I wouldn't be surprised if this Valentine's Day results in more proposals than usual....

The last time a Full Moon occurred on Valentine's Day was in 1968 - so make the most of this romantic cosmic alignment!

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