Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Venus In Aquarius

After an unusually long trek through Capricorn, Venus enters the sign of Aquarius tonight. It's true that some signs bring out the best in certain planets, and although being in Capricorn brought out admirable qualities like 'commitment', the sparkling glamour of Aquarius is a wonderful place to be when you're the planet of love and beauty!

So, until 5th April, prepare to find love in unexpected places, at unexpected times and with unexpected people! Are all your friends strictly platonic, or is there a special someone lurking within your social circle? And don't be surprised if the person you're in love with now seems to cool off a bit - that's Venus in Aquarius too. The contradictory side of Aquarius brings electrifying attraction to friendship and turns lovers into friends.

Anyone born under the sign of Aquarius will benefit greatly from this planetary influence. You could have some very pleasant encounters and your positive mood will affect the people you meet. This period is the perfect time to attend parties and social gatherings. Socially and romantically, you'll be on fire!

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