Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes into retrograde motion three times every year, and it began a new phase on 7th June which will continue until 1st July. It doesn't actually move backwards, of course, but gives the appearance of going in reverse from the perspective of our position in the Solar System. However, this optical illusion does bring problems in connection with the affairs ruled by Mercury - or any of the other planets in a retrograde phase.

Mercury retrograde does seem to affect us all in one way or another. This is because, of all the planets, Mercury is the one which is connected to so many of our everyday routines. Phones, computers, transport, talking, reading, writing, etc. It's the planet of communication and commerce. So, when Mercury changes direction things go haywire! Phones malfunction, computers crash, cars (and other vehicles) break down. Exchanging information becomes dodgy too - letters get lost in the mail, or maybe you send the wrong email or text message to the wrong person. Say something, and it's more likely than usual that other people will misinterpret your words, or the meaning behind them. It's equally likely that you will take other people the wrong way too. Be careful what you say, read and write under this Mercury influence. 

So, how can we 'survive' this period without going mad? After all, in the 21st century, when we rely on electronic gadgets more than ever before, a broken phone or a wonky computer tends to spell disaster for most people. Well, to ease the pressure, it's important to realise that Mercury Retrograde can actually be a good influence. It's all about reviewing your situation. 

Imagine that you're driving along a road. This is symbolic of Mercury moving forwards. Now imagine slowing down, stopping, then doing a u-turn and driving back along the same road in the opposite direction. This is the real effect of Mercury retrograde. It's not about going backwards - it's about retracing your journey and taking another look at where you've been. Then, you can reassess your progress and decide whether or not you're actually on the right road.  

In essence, Mercury - or any retrograde planet - is not about beginning anything. It's important not to start anything new under this influence, and particularly with Mercury, don't sign any important contracts or documents. Mercury retrograde is not about doing - it's about re-doing what has already begun. It gives us the opportunity to stop and think about where we're going and what we're doing. A second chance to do the right thing. And that's why it can be a very positive influence.


  1. Fascinating post. I always just thought Mercury R was quite negative but now I understand it's true meaning.

  2. Facebook crashed today! Mercury Retrograde?