Tuesday, 20 June 2017

David Morrissey - Part 2

Before reading David's Forecast, please read this excerpt from my article 'Drama and Destiny':

"Actors spend a large amount of their time 'being' someone else, and when they do, whatever is happening in their astrological charts is 'lived out' or expressed through the character they are playing during that period.  In other words, the planetary energies taking place in an actor's chart are manifested in the form of dramatic art. So, for example, if I was doing a forecast for an actor and the planetary influences suggested that they would be involved in a dangerous situation, then it's highly likely that the 'dangerous situation' would appear on TV, film, or stage as part of the story. Of course, it's also possible that the danger could come directly into the actor's life from an actual source - falling scenery on stage, or an exploding spotlight, for example. This is a very curious situation that I'd never expected to encounter. Everyone experiences their current chart activity in various areas of life, including work, but for people whose career actually involves becoming another person, it seems as if they are living half of their existence in a parallel universe."

In David's Annual Degree Projection chart Mercury will be in a square aspect to his natal Nodes for the 12 months from his birthday on 21st June 2017. This influence frequently indicates issues connected to vehicles, transport or just generally moving around. Communications and agreements might take on added importance, as well as serious discussions and negotiations. Before issuing a statement, writing something important, or signing papers of any kind, it will be vital that he think things over first. Extra scrutiny and attention to detail will help to prevent potential misunderstandings. 

With his Annual Degree Projection Mars in an opposition aspect to natal Pluto, David's sense of determination will be very strong during the next 12 months, but circumstances, or the actions of other people might seem to test his patience more than usual. Fully focused on what he's doing, he won’t tolerate any interference. Powerful reactions are indicated by this planetary effect and he may feel pushed and driven by inner compulsions. This situation may trigger frustrations that he's been holding in for a while, and they could now rise to the surface with great intensity. Projects that were started about a year ago, will be severely challenged by other people, and as a result, he could be caught in power struggles. David's physical energy will be high but he should avoid driving himself too hard by overworking and burning himself out.

David's Annual Degree Projection Jupiter will be in a positive trine aspect to his natal Mercury for the next 12 months. This planetary influence is all about communication, information, and social interaction. It will bring good news and positive thinking. This will increase his open-mindedness and bring a thirst for knowledge. He may become interested in religion, law, languages, foreign cultures, or philosophy. Helping out charities or human rights organisations is highly likely. Making friends will be easy and mutually beneficial friendships could prove to be very useful in the future. Public speaking will be part of David's life over the next 12 months and people will be keen to listen to his point of view. He will also become involved in writing and publishing.

At the beginning of April 2016 transiting Neptune began to form an opposition aspect to David's natal Pluto. Lasting until the beginning of February 2018, this planetary influence could bring a period of confusion and self-doubt about his career. Situations could arise that may threaten his material security in some way. He will need to be very careful when involved in negotiations or contracts, as there will be an element of secrecy or deception connected to them in some way. This planetary influence will bring a major transformation in his personal life. It could also involve hidden situations being revealed. Circumstances could bring him into contact with intense issues which will have a lasting impact. 

In January 2017 transiting Saturn began to form an opposition aspect to David's natal Mercury. This planetary influence will continue until the end of October 2017 and during this time his ideas and plans may run into serious resistance from others. This may result in the ending of relationships with those who oppose him, or in the breakdown of communication between him and someone else. He will have to use considerable willpower to withstand the challenge of negative feedback - but he will also need to become more flexible in his thinking. Being too rigid will only make the situation worse and may lead to his confidence being undermined. 

At the end of May 2017 until the end of January 2019 transiting Uranus will be in a sextile aspect to his natal Venus bringing a boost to his social life. During this period he will have opportunities for various encounters with others, and he will form new friendships with people who are very different from his old friends. Some of these may begin under out-of-the-ordinary circumstances. He may also become involved in unusual social activities, doing things for entertainment that he wouldn't normally do. This planetary combination will push him to break out of his normal life routine and see the potential for a whole range of new experiences.

David's Solar Arc Pluto is in a trine aspect to his natal North Node from now until 2019. Deep and powerful psychological issues are indicated by this planetary influence which may be associated with the domestic environment. There could be transformations, renovation, or some sort of reorganisation taking place within the home or family. With his Solar Arc Vertex in an opposition aspect to his natal Pluto, situations, circumstances, and people that are no longer relevant will be eliminated from David's life. 


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  3. It's phenomenal what you've done in David's horoscopes without knowing his time of birth. Imagine what you could have written with that extra piece of info!

    1. Exactly, Sam! That's why the birth time is so vital to the analysis of a chart. Without it, the horoscope info is only about 50% of what it could have been.

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