Thursday, 23 November 2017

Sir Billy Connolly - The People's Philosopher

Comedian, musician and actor Billy Connolly - and as from 31st October 2017 Sir William Connolly - was born on Tuesday 24th November 1942 at 4:30 am in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

It comes as no surprise that Billy is a Sagittarian as this is very much the sign of optimism and having a positive outlook on life. This is also the sign of philosophy which sums up very accurately his own particular style of comedy. When he hit the big time, comedians stood in front of an audience and reeled off a succession of jokes. Not Billy. He used observational humour to really connect with his audience. This put him ahead of the game professionally, and to this day, new comedy acts still aspire to be like him. Billy's great gift is the ability to laugh at himself and in turn to make us laugh at ourselves too. Through his own experience he can shine a light on the absurdity of life. Sagittarius is the sign of adventure, exploration, and going beyond boundaries. Billy has certainly achieved that.

Billy's natal Sun makes several aspects to other planets in his chart. The Sun in conjunction to Mercury and Venus shows his independent thinking. He is a very intelligent man, mentally alert, talkative, and forthright with his opinions. All done with humour - which is why people actually listen to him - and it's the reason for his popularity. The Sun is in an opposition aspect to Uranus which indicates rebellion and anarchy. This was certainly true in his younger years when he shocked people with his radical views on life as well as his 'colourful' language. This planetary combination brings a tendency to question tradition and authority which is probably why Billy hates politics and does not trust politicians. He has probably always felt like he didn't fit in with the rules and structures of society. Billy has an intense dislike for superficiality and pretentiousness. He speaks with honesty and expects it in return.

With his natal Moon in the sign of Gemini Billy is witty and charming. He is always interesting company, naturally curious and in tune with what's happening in the world. Reading, talking and thinking more than the average person, he is a consummate communicator. With the Moon in sector nine of his chart, Billy is interested in other people, countries, cultures and travelling - all of which enable him to understand and identify with many different types of people. He has a craving for things he has never experienced before and needs to completely immerse himself in the atmosphere and environment of a new place.

People are often surprised that Billy's rising sign is Libra. But think about it...... Everybody seems to like Libra Ascendant people.and even those who don't like Billy's stage performances are always enchanted by him in reality. He is a lovely, charming, pleasant man with an easygoing manner, so much so, that people who don't even know who he is go away singing his praises after they meet him. The Hippy/Flower Power Era, of which Billy was a part, is indicated in astrology by the sign of Libra - in particular Neptune in Libra. This is also in his chart. 

Natal Mercury in the sign of Scorpio indicates that Billy is quite possibly on an eternal quest to get to the truth. Totally fearless when it comes to delving into what nobody else wants to talk, or even think about, he will happily explore. Blessed with exceptional observation skills, he will get to the core of everything. Passionate in his speech, sometimes to the point of lecturing, his judgement is second to none. Billy's intelligence is absolutely instinctive and it would be very hard to win an argument or debate with him. It is impossible to deny that his thinking is really logical and the energy in his performances produces both impassioned speech and much respect. His take on people often has to do with motivations - he has an insatiable interest in what makes people tick.

With his natal Mercury in a positive trine to Jupiter, Billy is excellent at seeing the big picture, drawing conclusions, problem solving, and making accurate assessments. He loves to learn, and is good at absorbing information. He is very at ease conversing with people from all walks of life. Tolerant, generous and optimistic, he always sees the positive side of situations and is very respectful of the traditions and opinions of others.

Billy's natal Venus in Sagittarius brings smiles, laughs, jokes, and an amicable nature. With an open mind, he is attracted to people who share his love of life. He wants people to join in debates and discussions without taking offence. He hates - and is the antithesis of - 'Political Correctness'. Venus in opposition to Uranus shows that he has a strong attraction to anything that is different, and his taste in clothing and art is unusual, original, and unique. Who else could think banana boots were a good idea? In public and in private Billy loves defying convention. 

With his natal Venus in a trine aspect to Pluto, Billy's observational skills are highly tuned. He senses what others are thinking and has a strong feeling of their true motivations. With razor-sharp perception he can quickly size up a person or situation, and deal with them accordingly. He is highly devoted and loyal towards the people he loves. Above all, Billy has the ability and talent to truly connect with everyone through comedy, music, acting, and documentaries.

Happy 75th Birthday to Sir William Connolly CBE - The People's Philosopher.


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