Thursday, 7 March 2019

Kate and Meghan - Part 2

In their Composite Chart, Kate and Meghan have the Sun conjunct Pluto. With this powerful planetary influence these two women have the ability to influence the public and bring tremendous change within the Royal Family. However, unless they can adopt a more mature attitude, none of that will happen and they will continue to indulge in petty power games.

With the Composite Sun in opposition to Mercury, Kate and Meghan could find that they have a stimulating mental rapport with many common interests. Differences of opinion are likely, but if they are prepared to discuss them, this need not be a problem. But to be honest, this planetary influence is just a glimmer of hope in an otherwise gloomy chart. 

The Composite Moon is conjunct Mars which has the potential to trigger highly-strung reactions and explosive conflicts. Both Kate and Meghan are strong-willed and direct with fiery emotions. When they are together, it will be very difficult for them to control their tempers as their feelings will tend to be blown out of all proportion. 

In a square aspect to Venus and Uranus, the Composite Moon could bring struggles to express feelings and this will cause misunderstandings between Kate and Meghan. They may find it very difficult to be in each others company. 

With Composite Mercury in a square aspect to the Ascendant there will be debates and disagreements. They may be hypercritical of each other, especially when talking to others. Rudeness and back-stabbing could be a problem. This planetary influence is very fickle - one day the duchesses will tolerate each other, the next day they won't. 

Composite Mars in a square aspect to Uranus indicates tension and arguments with a stubborn refusal to compromise. This planetary combination is potentially very explosive. The more these two can stay away from each other the better.

Composite Saturn is in an opposition aspect to Eris. This planetary influence tends to bring great frustration or feelings of abandonment. If the duchesses decide to attempt working together again at some point in the future, they'll be required to control their instincts and fears, and show some dedicated responsibility and effort. If these two are to represent the monarchy, building it for the future, then they will have invest in some self-control and emotional management.

There's no doubt that the two duchesses want things to work out. The problem is that they haven't yet realised that their own personal ambitions no longer matter. They are part of a PR machine - The British Monarchy. Everyone in the Royal Family must work together to enhance and promote the public image. Kate and Meghan need to realise that what happens to them will not always be their choice. - they just have to be willing to make an effort.

With Composite Pluto in an opposition aspect to the Midheaven both Kate and Meghan will have a somewhat ruthless attitude towards each other. Constant power struggles will be inevitable and there will be many upheavals. These two duchesses will dramatically alter each other's life direction and will either gain authority and influence or suffer a calamitous fall from power. Time will tell......


  1. Two overindulged, spoiled brats.

  2. These two will be the downfall of the British monarchy.

  3. Michelle Adamson8 March 2019 at 17:24

    As the song says "There may be trouble ahead....".

  4. I'm not a fan of either of these women, but it will be interesting to watch everything unravel as time goes by.