Monday, 23 April 2018

The Royal Baby: A Brother For George & Charlotte

HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge gave birth this morning to her third child - a son. The new prince was born at 11:01am in Paddington, England, UK.

With his natal Sun in the sign of Taurus, the newest member of the Cambridge family will be determined and stubborn, he will know what he wants and won't allow anyone to push him around. The Sun is situated in sector 10 of the natal chart showing that, later in life, he will want to be taken seriously in his profession. This position of the Sun in a natal chart often indicates a powerful parent or an ambitious mother. In this case, definitely true.

The Sun is in a square aspect to the Moon in the new prince's chart which shows that he may find it difficult to adapt to change. The Sun in a trine aspect to Saturn indicates reliability and dedication. The prince's natal Sun is in a conjunction with Uranus which will bring an original and unorthodox outlook on life. Personal freedom and independence will be important to him, and he could become a royal rebel.

With his natal Moon in the sign of Leo, the prince will be loyal and affectionate. This is the sign of drama and performance, so he will not have a problem being 'on show' in the public spotlight. The Moon in sector one of the natal chart will bring an ability to tune into his immediate surroundings and therefore be sensitive to the mood of the people.

The Moon is in a trine aspect to Mercury imbuing the price with excellent self-expression and a wonderful sense of humour. Perceptive, with a talent for languages, the prince will be very talkative and have exceptional communication skills. The Moon in conjunction with the North Node shows that the need for home, family and emotional security will be very strong.

The new prince's Ascendant is in Cancer and this indicates that he will be very sensitive, caring and compassionate. He will have strong bonds with women - particularly female family members. A square aspect from Uranus to his Ascendant will bring a love of anything unusual.

Mercury in Aries indicates that the prince will have a quick, decisive mind, and be full of highly intuitive ideas. Mercury in sector nine of the natal chart shows a love of travel and foreign cultures, as well as an attraction to interests which broaden the mind, such as religion, philosophy and politics. Natal Venus in the sign of Taurus will bring artistic and musical talents. Venus in sector 11 of the chart shows many friends. 

Natal Mars in Capricorn will make the prince influential and assertive but he may clash with people in authority. Mars in sector six of the chart shows tremendous self-discipline and a love of physical activity. Mars in a sextile aspect to both Jupiter and Neptune indicates high energy levels and great willpower. The prince will have a positive and enterprising attitude. He'll be charitable, compassionate and will initiate many inspirational projects. With his natal Mars in conjunction to Pluto, the prince will show great courage and be a tireless worker who will achieve great success.


  1. Thanks Sue. Much appreciated.

  2. Seems like he'll be a real 'Prince Charming!