Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle was born as Rachel Meghan Markle on Tuesday 4th August 1981 at 4:46am in Canoga Park, California, USA. Interestingly, she was born on the 81st birthday of Prince Harry's great grandmother, and just six days after his parents' wedding. 

As a Sun sign Leo, Meghan will be at ease associating with royalty as she is confident and dignified in social situations. She has a desire to prove her strengths and abilites. The Sun is situated in sector one of her natal chart bringing natural qualities of leadership and tremendous enthusiasm. She will be very eager to leave her mark on history. The Sun in conjunction with Mercury indicates that she is an independent thinker who forms her own opinions. The Sun in a trine aspect to the Midheaven shows that Meghan has a positive outlook on life, with a powerful urge to be recognised. This planetary influence tends to bring great success.

With her natal Moon in Libra, Meghan will have a powerful need to be in a partnership. Without someone to share her life with, she will feel incomplete - but safe and secure when in a strong relationship. Charming and attractive, she will win hearts with her gentle and refined ways. Harmony, peace, and sharing is very important to her. However, this Moon position can bring a tendency to see flaws in relationships, and although diplomatic with everyone else, winning an argument with those closest to her will be paramount. 

The natal Moon in sector three shows that Meghan is very responsive, communicative, and curious. She may have a talent for imitating others and learning languages. She will often make decisions for emotional or personal reasons, and her feelings could influence her thoughts. Comfortable talking about personal issues and sharing confidences, she will enable others to express their own innermost thoughts. Meghan has good psychological insight.

Meghan's natal Moon is part of a planetary configuration called a Stellium. This occurs when three or more planets are in conjunction with each other. The Moon is in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn, bringing generosity and a warm heart. Sometimes quite opinionated, she has a strong sense of right and wrong, and feeling very passionate about justice and equality, she is keen to help others. She has an innate understanding of human nature and the world around her, and she would make an excellent teacher. This planetary influence indicates a strong attachment to the past, to history, and to cultures of the world. 

Meghan is very sensitive despite her cool exterior. Some hardship or adversity will not be a problem for her, as she will feel invigorated when she's required to overcome challenges, and she is more able than most to keep calm when under pressure. Hardworking and reliable, Meghan could become a loyal and dutiful addition to the monarchy.

With her Ascendant in the sign of Cancer, Meghan will have very strong instincts. She will come across as a caring person and very approachable. With the sign of Capricorn on the Descendant, she will be looking for structure and security in her partner and their relationship. Strength, as well as financial and emotional stability in a partner will be very important to her, and she will be more than willing to give up her personal freedom in order to get it. 

Meghan's natal Mercury in Leo indicates strong-minded opinions which may be expressed with great authority. She is probably very good at communicating with children and young people. With Mercury in a sextile aspect to Jupiter, she has a thirst for knowledge and information. She will have many constructive and creative ideas.

Natal Venus in the sign of Virgo shows that Meghan's standards may be too high in relationships. Her most compatible and successful partnerships will evolve through a practical approach to love based on shared work and mental compatibility. Situated in sector two of her chart, Venus may bring a tendency for indulgent and expensive habits, as well as powerful emotions which could lead to possessiveness. 

With her natal Mars in Cancer, Meghan's actions may be motivated by deeply felt emotions. Repressed anger could be a problem for her and when confrontations arise she might experience a lack of self-control. Mars in sector 12 of her chart could bring a feeling of vulnerability, perhaps with self-destructive thoughts. People with Mars situated in this area of the chart often experience regular nightmares. 

Meghan's natal Mars is in a square aspect to her Moon, Jupiter, Saturn stellium, as well as her Midheaven. Open, direct, strong-willed, and ambitious, she has tremendous courage and a fighting spirit. She is good at making decisions, but sometimes her actions may be too hasty. Meghan has powerful determination and she loves a challenge, but might be prone to conflicts and disputes. 

Natal Uranus is in sector five of the chart and in a trine aspect to Meghan's Ascendant. This shows that she thrives on changing circumstances and loves anything out of the ordinary. She has a heightened need to express her individuality and tends to look for constant excitement. Championing radical causes is something she is - or will become - keen on doing. She has an urge to be seen as different or unconventional. She could have a problem with authority figures and will stubbornly refuse to take advice.


  1. Hi Sue, T here. Never knew MM & I share things natally! Where is my prince?! Lmao.

    She's very charming, smart, sexy & hot so I can see why he fell for her but she just comes off as.. FAKE. Idk why I've got this feeling since day 1. Interesting you said "Wants financial compatability the most & will be willing to give up her personal freedom for it." EXACTLY what I've felt about her since years now. I used to watch Suits so I followed the cast offscreen too & she always struck me as SUPER social-climbing!! There is an Indian actress who is very famous, Infact she is attending this wedding since she is close friends with MM, Priyanka Chopra, and MM is a far less successful version of her- Super socia clinging & uses charm & wit & a fake feminist attitude to get there- I do love PC though but I say it like I see it.

    What sealed it for me is when this lady lied on camera saying how she never knew who Pr. Harry was. WTF?!?? She never knew the most photographed & famous bachelor in the world?!?? And then came the truth that she was "obsessed by the BRF since she was a little girl & used to have video parties here she played all their videos." Lmaooo. This was her ultimate dream though, and I can appreciate someone going in for it, without any thought.

    1. Yes, it does seem strange that someone who has been obsessed with this family for most of her life would claim not to have known who Prince Harry was! Princess Diana's son for goodness sake! Good luck to her though.

  2. She seems very ambitious. But then, I guess anyone who chooses to marry a royal must be.

    1. Yes, they all are - except for Diana who was an innocent teenager with a crush on Prince Charles, and as a result, she was exploited by The Family.

  3. Having a problem with authority figures could be her downfall as people who join the 'Royal Firm' really do have to abide by the rules and follow a strict code of conduct, even down to what clothes they wear. This woman has lived a free and independent life. I'm not sure she'll cope with the restrictions that are about to be placed upon her.

    Nice work, Sue.

  4. Yes Sue, it's super duper weird. Her entire conduct around them is & I totally agree with the poster- She's highly ambitious!! Always has been. Did you see the letter her half-brother wrote? Am sure he's jealous & all that but there is a lot of truth to it too. Harry seems to love her genuinely, she's in love with the fact that she managed to snare THE most eligible bachelor in the world. Her birth chart does indicate her marrying into a very high-profile marriage, I think it's the aspect between Saturn-Moon & Jupiter.

    There's also the matter of how arbitrarily she ended her first marriage- Apparently her husband was completely blind-sidedness because he never saw it coming!!l She cleaned him out of $3-5 Million!

    1. Ambitious - and ruthless too if that's what she did to her ex-husband. I haven't been reading all the articles written by her family because I wanted to keep my head clear for analysing her chart. It does seem that her relatives aren't her biggest fans though....

    2. They hate her. But it's also understandable because they all struggle with life & money & now she will be part of one of THE MOST, if not THE most elite family in the world. It's like standing in a dirty Skye & then being put on a diamond throne on the TOP of Mt. Everest!!! But she's exactly as shallow, nasty & ruthless as she's been described. She's charming etc but she's a total fake.

  5. Thanks for the profile, amazing as always! Her relatives on her dad's side of the family were never close to her (mainly because they were grown adults when she was a kid), so I wouldn't believe anything they say.

    Meghan seems like a nice person. Ambitious, sure. But we could easily say the same thing about Kate and the rest of the Middleton family.

  6. Hi Sue, hope you’re doing alright! This has nothing to do with your article, but I really need to ask for your help. I’m currently a junior in high school, and next year I’ll be, of course, a senior, and you know, the time to choose the right career to persuade has come. The thing is that I don’t know what I will study in uni, because I don’t want to study anything. I want to become an actress, a successful one. But my parents won’t let me and I’m currently going though a very frustrating time in my life where I dont have much of a choice whether what to do with it. I just can’t imagine myself being anything else than an actress. I’m planning next year when I FINALLY graduate from high school to take a ‘sabbatical’ year and move to Vancouver (I’m Mexican btw), and there try to persue an acting career of course without my parents consent. I do think I can find success because I think I’m really good at English (it’s my favorite class in school, and the easiest for me) and you know that’s primarly something that is required to succeed in Hollywood. But I’m afraid that things won’t go the way I want them to. I’m scared that the only roles I’ll get will be like a maid or something like that just because I’m Latina. That’s my biggest nightmare. I don’t wanna play those kind of roles. I want to play serious ones. But well, going back to the real purpose of this message, I wonder if you could please please please take a look at my natal chart and see if I can make it as an actress and have real talent for acting and performing or if I should just forget about this dream that literally keeps me going every single day.

    If you don’t want to do it, it’s alright, I understand you have way more things to do.

    Take care!

    Camila x.

    1. Hi, Camila,

      I would love to help you, but since 2017, I no longer do private chart readings. The advice I give on the blog is for people who know what their own chart looks like. I don't do a full analysis anymore.

      My parents did not approve of what I do either, so I know how it feels not to have family support or back-up. All I can advise you to do is follow your dream. Good luck :-)