Sunday, 5 January 2020

Phillip Schofield: Forecast

British television presenter Phillip Schofield was born on Sunday, 1st April 1962 at 2:00am in Oldham, Lancashire, England.

During the last few months, things have not all been a bed of roses for him as accusations of bullying have been flying around in the media. From what I can see in his chart, this situation is not going away any time soon.

Transiting Jupiter crossed Phillip's natal Ascendant - the most personal point in the chart -  in January 2019 and will remain in sector one of his chart until February 2020. This influence can bring optimism and good fortune but Jupiter also tends to magnify any area of the chart it contacts, and this is what has been happening to Phillip recently as he is being personally scrutinised and criticised. 

During January 2020 transiting Jupiter will be in a square aspect to Phillip's natal Sun. Basically this planetary influence will test his discipline and self-restraint. It will be important that he doesn't take anything for granted during this period, doesn't rely on luck, and knows when to stop. Overconfidence is a danger with this aspect as it encourages ego inflation and excessive pride. He will need to be careful not to act in an overbearing or superior manner, as this will antagonise certain people and might trigger conflict.

Transiting Jupiter will be in a square aspect to Phillip's natal Midheaven from March to November 2020. During this period he may try to achieve something of significance in connection to his work or career. He will not be content to continue along the same path, and his ambition will become more powerful than usual. Feeling capable of greater achievements and willing to work for them, this planetary influence will bring Phillip increased optimism and self-confidence, but he must be careful not to become overconfident. He will have to avoid taking on more than he can handle. 

With transiting Saturn approaching a square aspect to Phillip's natal Midheaven, he'll really be feeling the pressure in his professional life, particularly in connection to his public image. Transiting Saturn will square the Midheaven throughout January 2020 - and again in September and October 2020 - bringing difficult questions concerning his career and home life. Extra burdens on the domestic scene could take their toll on his work. He could also experience loneliness and a lack of emotional support, or he may feel betrayed or rejected by someone he trusts. All of this could lead to a crisis in confidence.

Transiting Neptune began to form a square aspect to Phillip's natal Ascendant in March 2019. Continuing until the end of January 2021, this planetary influence will bring some confusion and possible deception to his important relationships. Perhaps someone - or indeed more than one person - may try to talk him out of his plans. Whether their intentions are good or bad will not be immediately obvious. Being honest and transparent about his own thoughts and feelings will be important because others could easily get the wrong idea. This planetary combination tends to trigger self doubt, guilt, fear, or over-sensitivity. Also, because he might seem indecisive and vague, Phillip could be laid wide open to suspicion,  gossip, scandal, and deceit as others may be tempted to take advantage of his uncharacteristic lack of confidence.

Transiting Neptune has been in an opposition aspect to Phillip's natal Mars since early 2018. This planetary influence won't end until the beginning of March 2020. This planetary influence will have brought obstacles which have made him extremely frustrated, and he may have become disillusioned about his work or confused about where he's going and what he really wants.  He will need to avoid activity that involves anything potentially illegal and to be especially careful when dealing with contracts, agreements and partnerships. Trust and honesty will be important issues during the next few months.

Transiting Pluto began to square his Midheaven from November 2019 and will continue until early January 2022, Phillip's public image, career and status will reach a critical turning point during this period. As a result, he may feel the need to pursue other avenues rather than do what is practical, secure, and established. This long-term planetary influence could dramatically alter his life direction. Upheaval in his domestic environment will compound this effect and he may need to break with the past.


  1. Thanks for this one Sue!

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  3. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of these rumours. Can't wait to read part 2.

  4. OMG!!! Today's news has just made sense of this whole forecast. Sue, you're a genius.

  5. Your predictions, especially in the final paragraph, are spot on.

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  8. The above comments are just a fraction of the ones I've received during the last few hours. For those who don't know, this morning Phillip announced that he is gay. It was clear from his chart that there was some momentous event or decision on the way and now we know what that was. We also now know what a courageous man he is.

    Out of respect for Phillip and his family, I have postponed Part 2 of this forecast and I wish him well for the future.

    Thank you for your comments.