Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Harry & Meghan - Update 2020

Harry and Meghan's Composite Chart (both natal charts combined as one) portrays them as a couple who will attain global influence. I never understood this when I first looked at the chart just before they married two years ago, After all, it's Harry's older brother William who is in direct line to the throne and who will, one day, along with his wife Catherine, become the head of the British Royal Family. But with everything that's been happening during the last couple of weeks, it's now becoming very clear what this chart means! There are many hard aspects, particularly squares an oppositions, and this indicates quite a few challenges but also the necessary determination to overcome them. These two will not be content to drift along - going with the flow is not an option.

With Venus, Mars, Juno and the Nodes all situated on World Points, Harry and Meghan could very well become major icons. A square aspect between Mercury and Jupiter hints at over-confidence, poor judgement or indiscretion, so a tell-all TV interview would probably not be a good idea and this planetary aspect also explains why they have taken to suing the media. They also have Saturn in conjunction with Pluto - which is currently being triggered by a square aspect from those same two planets in transit, so a big drama was to be expected. 

As a couple, Harry and Meghan are a very dynamic pair. With their Composite Ascendant in Aries - the sign of new beginnings -  they present a confident and enthusiastic image. They want to do things their way and they want to do them now. Living for the moment and not accepting any real responsibility can be a negative trait of this sign as it tends to be impulsive and spontaneous. Harry and Meghan will have to learn that knowing what they want is not enough, they need to consider the consequences too.

With the composite Sun in a square aspect to Uranus, this relationship is bound to be exciting, stimulating, and sometimes controversial. They are an unconventional couple in lots of ways, and being bound by traditional rules will have made them feel trapped and restless. With this planetary influence they will be determined to free themselves from limiting situations or ideas.

Harry and Meghan's Composite Moon is in the sign of Cancer and in sector four of the chart, so family is important to them both - although right now that's hard to believe since they have both alienated their loved ones. The family they have created themselves seems to be their priority - Archie and any future siblings he may have. This position of the  Moon indicates a very strong need for privacy and in opposition to the Midheaven, a definite clash with their public image, duties, etc. So, in their eyes, their private lives and their professional lives just do not mix. There can be no compromise. This opposition will be triggered by transiting Jupiter and Saturn at the end of this year, so expect big news in December 2020!

With the composite Moon in a square aspect to Saturn and Pluto, the relationship between Harry and Meghan is intensely emotional but a fear of losing one another could be a big issue in this partnership, particularly from Meghan's point of view. They will need to take care not to allow this feeling to undermine the trust and commitment they already have. this planetary combination shows that their relationship started suddenly and also uprooted one or both of them from their past. Obviously that refers to Meghan but now with the move to Canada, it's Harry too.

On a personal level, transiting Jupiter has just crossed Harry's natal Ascendant and will spend the next 12 months in sector one of his chart. This influence will bring more freedom to enjoy new experiences, to travel and explore foreign lands and cultures. So, it's no coincidence that he emigrated at this point in time. New people entering his life will make him feel positive and optimistic. The only problem is that this positive phase will only last until February 2021 - so what will happen after that?

However, the scene is not quite so rosy in Meghan's chart. Transiting Pluto began to oppose her natal Ascendant in March 2019. This is a long-term planetary influence which will continue until December 2022, bringing tremendous pressure, significant challenge and possible changes in her relationships - personal or professional. It's possible that Meghan may be affected by circumstances beyond her control that will cause a crisis in her relationships, or perhaps even bring them to an end. Official contracts and agreements will be very important during the next three years and she will have to beware of unfair tactics or manipulation in any potential business deals. There's a chance that she may have to contend with very assertive opponents, competitors, or rivals who will openly challenge her to the point of becoming involved in legal battles. 

It's clear from Harry and Meghan's Composite Chart that their decision to move to Canada was just the beginning. There's more to come - it's not over....


  1. Very interesting.

  2. Looks like even more controversy on the way with Pluto hitting Meghan's Descendant.

  3. What I find really interesting is that Jupiter has just crossed Harry's Ascendant which is the same influence in Phillip Schofield's chart right now. Within a month of each other they both made life changing and controversial announcments. Not a coincidence.

    1. You're right, it's no coincidence. This influence of Jupiter boosts self-confidence and so therefore the person feels that the time is right to make a bold announcement.

  4. I came here to re-read this as these 2 are back in the news. Can't believe how your analysis gets more accurate as the months roll by! You said back in February "There's more to come - it's not over". You weren't kidding, were you! Makes me wonder what they'd be up to now if their plans hadn't been delayed by the pandemic. God knows what's coming next, but as you say "Expect big news in December" Great work Sue.