Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Nicola Sturgeon: Forecast - Part 3

The first three months of 2020 will be tough for Nicola. Not only are Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transiting her Midheaven in a quincunx aspect, she also has her Progressed Moon square her Midheaven until the beginning of April. This indicates adverse publicity, loss of popularity and dashed hopes. There could also be upsetting changes within the home or family, as well as lowered vitality, possibly due to the stress and pressure of the circumstances surrounding her during this period. Her emotional situation will not be a good one under which to make career decisions, and any impulsive moves she makes might feel right at the time, but the repercussions will bring disappointment. 

With her Solar Arc Moon in opposition to Pluto throughout 2020 and into 2021, it may be easier than usual for Nicola to become involved in personal power struggles and pointless confrontations. Relationships will change in a fundamental way and there are will be major departures. In some form or other, Nicola will be saying 'goodbye'. This applies to her dealings with the public at large (particularly women) as well as to close personal ties with others. 

Nicola's Solar Arc Uranus will be in a square aspect to her natal Midheaven throughout 2020 and 2021 bringing a very exciting but equally upsetting phase in her career, as she will feel a powerful urge to free herself from restrictions. She will have a great need to express her independence which will become so immediate and urgent that she's likely to make changes, choices, or decisions that will seem extremely radical or shocking to other people. This will, in turn, create conflict with authority figures, colleagues, friends, and even her family, who may view her behaviour as irresponsible or disrespectful. Rebelling against the rules will be highly possible, as under this planetary influence, she won’t care what others think at all. 

Nicola's Solar Arc Ascendant in a square aspect to her natal Pluto throughout 2020 and 2021 will bring incredible intensity and the potential for drama in her interactions with other people. A significant relationship may undergo a major transformation that could change the direction of her life. Close one-to-one partnerships will go through great upheaval. Powerful forces will be at work behind the scenes for Nicola during the next couple of years and this period of time will bring significant challenges to the way her actions impact other people. Her ambition and drive to achieve personal recognition will be very strong which will bring equally strong opposition from others who will feel threatened by her forceful attitude. Charging ahead and being more focused, determined and stubborn than usual, she won’t tolerate interference from anyone, even though they may very well be on her side.

Under this planetary influence, Nicola will become more prone to obsessive behaviour and a lack of moderation, with an all-or-nothing approach to her work. She may be forced to overcome tremendous obstacles in order to achieve her ambitions. Whether or not she's successful will be determined by how she deals with other people, as she may be tempted to use coercive tactics in order to convince them of her sincerity. More frequent power struggles will occur as she asserts herself and she will need to beware of neglecting the bigger issues at stake as she pushes ahead with her own agenda. An increasing sense of personal power and self-confidence could be reflected as a change in her appearance, image, mannerisms, etc. The energy that’s affecting Nicola's personality during this period will also affect her physical body, and it's possible that she might experience problems with her health such as fatigue, allergies, etc.

With her Solar Arc Chiron in an opposition aspect to natal Neptune during 2020 and 2021, Nicola could experience major disillusionment and a sharp encounter with reality. This planetary influence will make it difficult for her to figure out what she really needs and she'll have to sort out her own emotional baggage. Feeling more vulnerable, she may become overwhelmed by her subconscious mind. Situations in which she will need to prove herself will arise and it's possible that she won't be seen in a particularly positive light. 


  1. "She won't care what others think at all". She never does!

  2. Sturgeon is like a runaway train, sooner or later, she'll crash. I'm not surprised you've seen possible illness in her chart, Sue but I am surprised it hasn't already happened given her very stressful lifestyle. Remember she'll be 50 next year so those symptoms could be menopausal.

    1. The menopause could explain her increasingly furious rants.

  3. 'She'll need to prove herself and won't be seen in a positive light'. Yes, and about time too!

  4. A totally loathsome individual.